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I wish..

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Things I wish would happen.. But never do. Or ever will.

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Sometimes I wish for a lot of things to happen.
A lot.
I'll tell you them,just to pass the time.

1)I wish all of MCR were my teachers.

That'd be the best fucking day of my life.
I'd be doing this in every lesson they teach.

Art-Gerard Way as the teacher.

Me:(walks into class,and sees Gerard standing there)
(I run out da class from ultimate shock)
Rest of class:Da fuq?

PE:Frankie Iero as the teacher.

Me:(Walks into the hall for PE choises or whatever the fuck is happening)

(Frankie Iero walks in)

Me:(slient scream then runs out the hall.)

PE group:WTF?

As you can see,it'll be the same for all the time.

2)I wish I could see MCR live.Just Once.Before I'm 15.

I've planned it all out too.
I'll spend the rest of my birthday/Xmas money for the ticket.
(Note:My parents can't come for 2 reasons.

a)they're old.well,my mum is anyway.
b)Gerard could go all orgasm mode,and I will fucking scream.and my mum/stepdad will be like O.o)

Also,I'll get my mum to drop me at the venue like half an hour before the show.and I'll find a group,a nice one.

Look at me,planning ahead.

I've planned to go to their next London show,since it's unlikely they'd perform in Portsmouth.

3)I wish MCR would perform in Portsmouth.

It'd be good if they performed here.

a)It'd be easier to attend the show.


b) I'd be actually leaving the house more.

final wish is..

I wish all my Ficwaddle friends went to my school.

I mean,we all LOVE My Chem.
We all LOVE fics.
and we are all BEST friends.

yeah,I'll make a few of these things happen.

(cough) MCR perform in Portsmouth (cough)
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