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Stupid Social Awkwardness.

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Hey guys!

so here's my day.


We watched this really cheesy YouTube video about homophones.

Lesson 1:ICT.

It went okay.
I was so slow at the task.
Gerard kept singing to me in my mind.

Lesson 2:Geography.

We did an assessment thing on immigration.


I completed my My Chem drawing.
It's the members of MCR (minus Bob.) in the Revenge era.
I used the Helena video.
I didn't know what colour Mikey and Ray's ties were,so Mikey had the same colour tie as Gerard,and Ray had the same colour tie as Frankie.

Lesson 3:English.

I was really socially awkward.
I had to work with this dude.
Here's what happened.

1 minute into work: Gerard:Sadie,talk to him.

2 minutes into work: Gerard:God damnit! fucking talk!

3 minutes into work: Gerard: Good,you're talking to him.

for the rest of the task,I shut up.

Yeah,now you see how socially awks I am.
If I was working with one of you guys though,I'd be talking (about mcr fics..)


Ate alone.Again.
Gerard was singing in my ear,oh how I love him!

I found Asking Alexandra bag girl again!
Didn't talk to her though.

Lesson 4:PE.

We did trampolining.
I was an utter fail at seat drops.
People laughed at me.Fucking Peasants.

Lesson 5:Science.

It was cool,more awesome talk.
I like my science table.

After School.

I headed up to ASDA to get my Kerrang! magasine.
My mum walked up the road with me,taking the dog for a walk.
We walked past the infant school,and some kid hit my dog on the nose with a balloon!
My mum shouted at him,and the kid's mum started arguing with her.
She was a proper cow,by the way.

Anyways,I got a new MCR poster.
A danger day's Gerard poster was in Kerrang! magasine.


So,that was my day.
Now,to update the fic 'My Love Story II'

xo Sadie
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