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58. The End of Enemies

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Chapter 58. The End of Enemies

Third person POV(narrator)
The weeks have passed and Frank and Emma's wedding plans have thrived into success bringing the wedding day closer and closer to the new couple.
It's only down to picking the Brides wedding dress... Someone is still very undecisive.
But not only is the bride going through life changing decisions..

Victoria's POV
I hesitated for a minute. I paced around my room for a while and once I felt it was the right time to do it, I headed downstairs.
But a phone call interrupted my actions.
I ran back upstairs and picked up Emma's call.
"Vicky, are you coming?"
"I am.. Just give me some time."
"Is everything okay?"
"Yeah it's just.. Well I'll explain when I get there."
"Well alright, we're all waiting. Do you need a ride or is Mr. Mystery Date bringing you?"
I laugh, "he'll take me."
"Alright. See you."
"Ba-bye." I hang up and pace around my room again.
Harry and I live happily under the same roof, as a loving couple. Everything has been smoother since we told Edith about our relationship.
But I knew sooner or later I'd have to tell the others about this.
Yeah, the girls will be okay. Maybe even the guys but.. Would it click? Would we all become friends? Or would I have to balance my time between my boyfriend and my friends. I sure hope that's not the case. It'll make my life hell.
I pace, bite my nails and my lip. I pinch myself for guts and walk downstairs.
As I do, I notice Harry doing his routine of stretching once again.
"Harry?" I call when I step down the last step.
"What's up." He breathily moans looking up from reaching down to his toes.
"Uhh, are you busy later?"
"No. Why?"
"Well Emma wants me to go with her to pick her bridal dress and she's waiting for me.."
"Just you?" He stands up straight and shakes his shirt filling the air with his cologne.
"Well no, everyone else is there too. All the girls are going with Emma and the guys are doing something else but I was wondering if you'd like to go."
"Ohh.." He hesitates for a minute, "go with you.. With the girls?"
"No.. With the guys. I thought if we told them about us today and you bonded with them, it would be a good idea."
"I guess that sounds okay but.. I dont know.."
"Oh c'mon Harry, please?"
"We do need to tell them sooner or later.. Fine, I guess I'll go."
"Oh thank you." I smile and kiss his cheek.


I hold Harry's hand in a tight grip as we wait for someone to open the door. When Emma opens the door, she doesn't greet me with a hello but an awkward stare. She closes the door behind her and starts:
"Edith is here with Gerard." She whispers to me.
"It's okay, uhh.. We told her already."
"She knows..?"
"yeah.." I smile to her and him, "we're a couple now." Harry also smiles and kisses my cheek. Emma squeals and hugs us both.
"Oh god, that's just so beautiful! I'm so happy for you two! What did Edith say?"
"She was a little pissed because we misinterpreted her reactions. But otherwise she said she was happy for us."
"I told you you should have just said something! That's good anyway." She giggles, "well, let's go inside." When she opens the door, we hear a loud ruckus created by Gerard and Ray arm wrestling.
"Me next me next!" Frank yells when Gerard loses.
"Hey guys." Emma calls. No one hears.
"Guys!" She yells again and everyone looks. And they give us the same awkward stare.
"Vicky has something to tell all of us."
"Hey everyone.." I greet with my face turning hot by the second and the grip on my hand starts to throb from all the pressure.
"You guys have met Harry already but I would like to introduce him again. Everyone, meet Harry, my boyfriend." I trail off just a bit. They stay silent. And then all the guys turn to look at Edith then back at me.
"What?.." Mikey says scratching his head through his beanie.
"Weren't you with.."
"Yes, yes I was but.." Harry answers.
"Awkward.." Frank says drinking his beer.
"I think this will be less awkward if I explain things to you guys.." Edith stands and walks over to us with a smile.
"Yes, Harry is my ex. Yes, he and Gerard hated each other. But let's not forget that Vicky is also Gerard's ex and I use to hate her. In fact, all of us did. So I would like to ask if we could please have some acknowledgement that Harry is a human-being with feelings who's trying to get accepted by all of us. Revenge always sounds good but it's not always the right thing to do. I hope we can all forgive him and leave it all behind and start fresh. Besides, Harry is a free man with feelings and so is Vicky. They have the right to date if they want to." Edith smiles tall and proud coming in between Harry and I patting our shoulders. After a few seconds of silence, they all start to clap. Gerard stands and grabs Edith bringing her into a kiss.
"That was an amazing speech sugar."
"Thank you." She scrunches her nose and smiles.
"And I'd like to add on something too. I hope all you can do as I. I have forgiven Harry and he's forgiven me and we're cool with each other. So from now on Harry, you can hang out with all of us whenever you'd like." Gerard smiles and takes Harry's hand in a strong shake. Then, Ray--The most resented of all--stands.
"Welcome to the Fuck-ups" he extends his arms and shakes hands with him.
"So, we're all good now?" Gerard says.
"I guess so. It's nice hanging out with you again Harry." Frank goes over to him and gives him a hug.
"Is it wrong to feel awkward?" Harry whispers to me when all the others make another conversation.
"It's okay. I think I would feel awkward too." I squeeze his arm and giggle.
"Alright, let's go girls." Emma yells and we follow after her.
"I'm going to text you." Harry exclaims to me as I exit the door. He clings to my arm one last time and kisses my cheek.
"It's going to be okay." I wink and leave with Emma.

Harry's POV
So the girls left. Without Vicky, I feel like the smallest kid within the group. They all sit with their beers. Then Gerard calls me over to sit next to him.
"So Harry.." He pats my shoulder with a mischievous smile. Then Frank sits on my other side invading my space.
"Frank, you're making him uncomfortable." Mikey exclaims and smacks Frank. So then Frank scoots over a bit.
"Listen Harry, I'm sorry for not accepting you." Ray says being the only reasonable one right now.
"It's okay, I wasn't quite the good guy either." I giggle nervously.
"Let's start fresh?"
"First tell us.." Frank drinks his beer with a questioning look and scoots closer again, "how did you and Vicky get together?"
"Yeah, I didn't even know you guys talked." Ray adds.
"Well we've just been really good friends since the wedding."
"Let me ask you one thing.." Mikey joins, "weren't you in love with Edith?" I look over at Gerard who has a neutral expression with a spark of anticipation to hear more.
"Well I was.. I thought actually."
"You thought?" Then Gerard asks.
"Yeah. As I got closer to Vicky, I realized a lot about the way I felt for Edith. I realized I never felt the same way for Edith as I felt for Vicky so I knew there was a great difference between the two."
"So you love Vicky?" Ray says.
"I guess so. She keeps me sane and I keep her sane."
"That's good." Gerard smiles and pats my back.
"Oh god, I'm so rude. Do you want a beer?" Frank says.
"Sure." I laugh and he fetches me a beer.
The questions kept rushing in and getting in more depth. But as time flew out of our hands, We all started becoming closer and closer.

Emma's POV
"Emma hurry!" I hear Jade say.
"Wait up, mom help me with the zipper!" I call from outside the dressing room. She steps in and as soon as she lays eyes on me, her eyes widen with joy.
"Oh Emma, this is the one. This one."
"You think so?" She pulls up the zipper and I observe the dress in the mirror. This one isn't long but reaches my knees and its very simple. The simplest of them all. It is sleeveless. It has a long V- neck reaching a little above my belly button but has a white lace covering up my flesh. It has a pink ribbon on the waist and the skirt is rather puffy with lace over it.
"Emma, you look beautiful in it." My mom softly whimpers.
"Okay, let's show the other girls." I open up the curtain and when they take a look at me, they gasp. Including the tailor lady.
"Wow.." Jade clasps her hands together.
"It's the simplest of them all.." Vicky starts.
"But the most fitting to your personality. I'm sure Frank will love it." Edith finishes the phrase standing and giving me a hug.
"Aww thank you."
"You're welcome."
"So this one you guys?" I turn back around looking at myself in the mirror.
"This one is perfect sweetie." My mom hugs me.
"Okay. I'd have to say that's an excellent choice." The tailor lady says.
"Thank you."
"Now you can change back into your cloths and hang it up and we'll have it for you at the register."
"Alright thank you." I step back in the dressing room by myself. My mom enters again and leaves with the dress when I'm out of it.
And right when I'm fully naked, Edith steps in.
"What the hell?" I exclaim covering my boobs.
"Sorry but I just want to say I'm so proud for you!" She hugs me.
"Thanks but, mind if I slip on my shirt first!" I slightly push her off and she giggles.
"God your wedding is going to be perfect."
"Thank you." I giggle, "when is Gerard proposing to you huh? Everyone is waiting for that."
She sighs, "not anytime soon."
"What? You're kidding right?"
"No. Yes, we're happily together but with the circumstances, I don't think I'm ready to create a family."
"What do you mean?" We both step out once I'm fully dressed.
"Well he can't propose now because I'll be gone on tour for a while and creating a family is not even a topic I'd like to discuss right now. My career keeps me way too busy."
"Aww Edith.. I'm sure you guys will have a great family no matter the circumstances. Maybe you can take a break sometime."
"Yeah but not now. Dancing is my passion and priority."
"I understand." I smile and she does too but not so happily.
"I'm leaving soon." She starts again.
"For what?"
"My tour. And sooner then expected. I'll only be here for your wedding and I'm gone."
"Oh god, for how long?"
"Quite sometime. Maybe 6 to 7 months."
"Oh no Edith.."
"I know, see what I'm trying to say with creating a family? I can't do it. Not now."
"Oh Eddie.. I understand. Does Gerard know?"
"Is he okay?"
"Yes but we're both hurting. We're trying to spend as much time together now."
"Oh man. That's just so sad."
"I know."
"Emma Emma!" My mother calls.
"We'll talk later okay?"
"Sure." We both smile to each other and approach my mom.


After my payment for my dress and the rest of the payment for the bridesmaids, all of us girls plus Edith's mom and my mom went to each lunch together. It was nice to have just a ladies night with my mom and Ms. Lynn. Never have been happier to spend lunch with all the women of the family.
And when we went back to my house, we found the place trashed with beer and chips.
"Yeah!!" The guys yelled as they watched the football game on TV. When they noticed all of us girls, they all greeted us with a lame Hey.
"Oh Edith I missed you." Gerard jumps off his seat and jumps to Edith. He kisses her with a big wet drunken kiss.
Frank, probably as drunk as the others, comes towards me with a huge grin on his face.
"Emma, come here." He whispers in my ear. I lean closer and he whispers, "I love you."
"I love you too Frankie." And I kiss him. Although his breaths stinks of beer, it's still a very loving kiss.
"Hey man, I'm leaving." Harry slurs to Gerard who lays down on Edith's lap as she watches the game.
"Alright, see ya buddy." They fist punch and Vicky drags him out of the house. Vicky says goodbye to all of us and exits my home. Frank and I join the others on the couch.
"What in the world happened?" Jade asks as she joins Mikey. She drinks her coke and sits on Mikey's lap.
"I'll tell you what happened." Mikey starts taking his glasses off and cleaning them.
"Harry is fun." He answers.
"Yes, now can we stop screaming?" Ray says as he massages his temples.
"Who's screaming baby?" Christa laughs and teases him.
"We watched the game. And.. And Frank.. Ha ha Frank." Mikey laughs, "Frank took his stash out."
"Stash?" I look at Frank who's almost passed out on the floor.
"Stash." Mikey laughs again. Gerard, who I thought was sleeping, holds out a bag with tiny bits of green stuff in it.
"Frank!" I smack his head. He shakes his head awake.
"What did I say about smoking that in the house?!"
"You said.. You said not to do it."
"That's right. Then why did you do it?"
"I'll tell you why." Gerard sits up. He looks around and then finds Edith.
"Hey baby" he laughs and kisses Edith's hand. Edith giggles and smiles.
"Gerard!" I stomp hitting Frank's calf on accident.
"What? Oh yeah, because.. Because I thought it would be funny if we gave Harry some."
"Hey hey, he acts really stupid." Ray starts to laugh.
"Oh my god, boys are ridiculous." I laugh.


Later, after the boys took a nap and woke, I made them Mikey's recipe for a hangover and they drank it. And as soon as the headache left their bodies, Gerard, Mikey, and Ray left with their girlfriends leaving my home to my almost sober future husband.
He laid sprawled across the couch watching cartoons with red puffy eyes. I sat at the kitchen table drinking my evening tea observing him almost falling asleep. He closes his eyes for 2 seconds, falling asleep and waking up again due to twitching in his sleep. I giggle to myself as a smile spreads across his sleepy face.
"Why don't you go to bed Frank?" I stand taking my empty mug to the sink and walk over to him.
"I dont know.." He yawns and sits up. When I sit next to him, I pass my fingers through his shaggy hair and kiss his lips. When I let go, I smile and caress his cheek. He looks deep in my eyes blankly and leans in for another kiss.
He slowly starts to increase the tension, entering his tongue in my mouth and placing a hand on my thigh. I gasp a little, when I feel his hand move up my thigh.
"Shh.. It's okay, you're safe." He whispers. I nod and let him hover over me. I lay on the couch slowly as he wraps an arm around my waist. He touches my back with his cold hand sending shivers through my spine. I arch my back towards his torso giving him more freedom as I am too, starting to feel hot.
His touch on my skin, has been the most satisfying than before. Everything is so gentle and smooth and with care.. Making me feel safe and giving him more freedom. As he kisses down my neck line, he spreads my legs. He grabs my thighs and wraps them around his torso and his aroused member lays on top of mine. Never have I felt his member aroused and feel aroused just by feeling it on top of mine. He pulls my shirt over my head slowly. He stares at my breasts in awe. Yeah, he's seen them before but never have I seen this face expression of lust over me. He looks back up at me from them with a may I? expression. I nod and he takes my bra off slowly. When my breasts are revealed before him, he takes one in his hand, softly squeezing whilst kissing my lips. I bite his lip as his touch on my breasts starts to tingle me more. Taking this as encouragement, he squeezes more, lets go of my lips and taking one of my breasts in his mouth. He sucks and bites at my nipple. My breathing starts to quicken and I can feel his member even more. I grab his head and push it on me even more. He lets go, licking his lips and looking at me with a sweet expression.
"How do you feel?" He asks.
"I feel great." I smile. He smiles, and kisses me again. He starts to kiss down my torso and when he reaches the hem of my jeans, I tense up and he pauses.
"Is it okay..?" He whispers.
I think about it. I don't say anything but slowly sit up.
"Not yet. Lets wait till our wedding night." I whisper back. He looks at me in the eyes, then at my lips.
"Whatever you're comfortable with marshmallow." He smiles and kisses me.
"Thank you for understanding."
"You're welcome. You're amazing. You're so beautiful babe. I love you." He giggles a little and hugs me tight.
"Oh Frank, I'm glad I've waited this long. I can't be happier to be with you and to know that you're the only man I'll ever sleep with. And thank you so much for waiting."
"Oh babe, I love you enough to wait for you for an eternity. What's better than to have a special night on our wedding day?"
"Wow Frank.. I love you."
"Love you too marshmallow." We kiss again and stand. I put my shirt back on and we both head inside the bedroom where we lay hugging each other all night.
He instantly falls asleep but I stay up thinking about tonight and how safe I felt in his arms. How every kiss and touch felt so real and gentle, with love.
There couldn't be anyone better than Frank Iero in this world. Becoming Mrs. Iero has got to be a gift sent from heaven.

**hey guys, updates are going to be delayed and unexpected from now on just cuz I've become really busy and I'm not able to write everyday. Sorry for the wait. This isn't my best chapter but hope it's worth the wait.
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