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Chapter 8

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Saddish chapter. :(

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A/N:Hey.Here's the 8th chapter.Quite a sad one.Please grab some tissues before reading.I will not be responsible for your tears,you will.

xo Sadie

Chapter 8.
Sadie's POV.

I was playing with Helena downstairs when Gee came and sat by me,wrapping an arm around me.
"Good evening,my love."He smiled,kissing my neck softly."How are you?"
"Wonderful,my dear."I replied.
We always loved to play Medival,spices things up a bit.
"Excellent."He whispered,kissing me again.
I put Helena down on the floor and climbed on top of Gee,kissing him further.
I felt the smile appear on his lips as he carried me upstairs.

~~~~(Time lapse -- 30 mins)~~~~

"Holy fu--"
"You like that?"Gee grinned as he thrusted into me again.
"What do you think? Of course I do!"I groaned.
"Yeah,all that time in the hospital was well spent.I'm back in the game."He smiled.
I could feel him about to come inside me.
"Fu-uck."He groaned softly as he came.
"You done?"
"Yeah."He breathed as he released again quickly and pulled himself out of me.


Abbey's POV.

I was sat in class the next day when the PA announced an important message.

"Abbey Way,You need to go home.It's about your mother."

Shit,what now?

I grabbed my bag and ran out the class,toward the junior high.
I went to Ellie's art class.
"Ellie.We gotta go.Something's up with Mom."I say,tugging her out the room.
"Oh shi--I mean damn."She shouted and grabbed her stuff as we ran out the school.

"Mom!"I call out as me and Ellie ran inside,to be greeted by Dad's sad face.
"Where's Mom?"Ellie asked,sitting next to Dad.
"Dad,are you okay?"I ask shakily,sitting on the other side of him and putting an arm around him as his tears fell.
"G-girls.Your mom,is d-d-d.."
"Dead?"I sigh,realising what he was trying to say.
He nodded meakly,and hugged us tightly.
"What happened dad?"

~~~~~(Flashback-Sadie's POV)~~~~

I was just coming out of Walmart,with Helena in the buggy.
I was heading home,when three hooded figures popped out of an alley,with a knife.
"Where d'ya think you're going'?"One asked.
I didn't answer,I just walked ahead.
The two other hoodies caught up to me,and held the knife to my neck.
"I said."The first male hissed."Where d'ya think you're going?"
"H-home."I stutter.
"No,you're not,missy.Get her in the alley.We're gonna have a little,fun."He smiled,and the two guys dragged me into the alley.
"What about my d-daughter?"
"Joey! take the kid away!"The first male shouted as he tore off my jeans..

~~~~(end of flashback)~~~~

"Dad.I'm so sorry.I-I"
"It's okay,Abbey.It's not your fault."Dad sighed as he headed out the room.
"Mommy's dead?"Ellie asked with tears in her eyes.
"Yeah.She's dead."I say and run off to my room,angrily.
I will get my revenge,I know who did this.
Lucy's older brother,Patrick.

A/N:Ooh! Cliffhanger! and yes,sadness.

Why do people always die in my fics?!

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xox Sadie.
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