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Not All Heroes Wear Capes, And Being Yourself, Makes You Extraordinary.

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“You’re a superhero right? And heroes never die in the movies, so you won’t either.”

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Chapter 18: Not All Heroes Wear Capes, And Being Yourself, Makes You Extraordinary.

Gerard’s point of View

Frank didn’t reply to me, but I could see that , by the brightness in his eyes, he felt the same way I did, that small smile, proved he loved me just as much as I loved him, the way he held my hand tightly, told me he would be with me no matter what, and the kiss? It proved he was one hundred percent sure of everything that he wanted with me.
Despite the fact I was in hospital, lying in a hospital bed, bandages covering the beating I had been put through and the chances of me getting out of here alive pretty slim, I felt the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I told Frank what I wanted to say since I first met him, and to top it off, he felt the same. I just wished it was in different circumstances and not because I was fighting for my life.
“I love you too Gee.” he muttered wiping away a few tears and smiling, “I mean that seriously.”
I smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips, making him go scarlet and giggle, “I could get used to that.” he muttered.
“You better, you haven’t got a choice.” I grinned, “Cause the minute it’s proven I’m healthy and alive and can get unhooked from this fucking machine I will-” I cut off, noticing my arm and how the machine was hooked up to me.
“Um Frankie?” I asked, my voice breaking.
“Yeah?” he asked looking at me.
“What the hell is in my arm?” I all but squeaked.
Frank looked at my arm and looked at me with a nervous grin, “Um yeah, uh funny story about that babe, um about that…” he trailed off rubbing the back of his neck with one hand and pointing at my arm with the other.

Ray’s point of view.


Me and Mikey flinched as we heard the unmistakable scream of Mikey’s brother from his room a couple of doors down from the ward.
“Oh dear.” Mikey winced.
“Think he noticed the needles?” I asked flinching slightly.
“Ohhh.” we winced looking down the ward then at each other.
“Oh yeah, I would think so.” Mikey confirmed, “Well at least we know he’s awake.” he added in brightly, “That’s good right?”
“Right, yeah, awake and throwing a diva fit, despite being in a coma for like twelve hours, he hasn’t changed much which is always good.” I muttered as I followed Mikey down the ward, “Yeah, just remind me; if this happens again and he’s got needles in his arms, knock him out again cause that scream fucking hurt.”
Mikey just laughed and shook his head.
“What? Be less painful for him, and less painful on my eardrums, be like killing two birds with one stone.” I said defensively.
Mikey just giggled, “C’mon, let’s see how Frank’s coping with him.” he laughed.
“Fine, but if he starts screaming again…”
“I give you permission to knock him out.” Mikey finished smiling slightly.
“Thank You.”

Mikey’s point of view.

Me and Ray went into Gerard’s room to see him awake alright. Awake and freaking out as Frank tried his best to stop laughing -though he was failing pretty badly.
“See you’re awake bro.” I grinned, as I sat down on a chair.
“Yeah I’m awake and these fuckers are still in my god damn arm! Why are they there in the first place?!” he pretty much screeched.
Ray glanced at me and I gave him a look. He sighed and slumped in Frank’s vacant chair. Frank was sitting beside Gerard, still laughing.
“It ain’t funny Frankie! You know I hate needles! Why’d you let ‘em do that!?”
“What was I supposed to do? “ Frankie choked out.
“Oh I don‘t know let‘s think! Uh tell ‘em that I’ve got a fear of needles maybe?” Gerard suggested sarcastically, trying to hide his arm underneath the covers but then he realized he could still feel the needles and squeaked out loud making Frank snigger as Gerard glared, now trying to hide his arm behind his pillow.
“Gerard what the hell are you trying to do?” I asked in exasperation as Gerard switched his glare to Frank, who grinned innocently, and flicked him on the forehead making Frankie yelp.
“Keeping this mutilated thing as far away from me as I possibly can.” he muttered glaring at his arm as Frank rubbed his head and pouted at Gerard who stuck his tongue out at him.
“Dude, the only way you can do that, is probably by amputating your god damn arm and throwing it out the window.” Ray dead panned, looking at my brother in exasperation as he gestured at the window.
“Don’t give him any ideas.” I muttered into his ear as Frank said something about how Gerard flicking him was actually pretty mean, “Given his state he will probably do that if he get‘s the chance.”
“Good point.” Ray agreed.
We both turned round just to catch Gerard blowing a raspberry at Frank who was now sitting there pouting, arms crossed.
“Aren’t you guys mature.” I muttered sarcastically.
“Well at least not much has changed between you guys.” Ray grinned, “Ya know given the situation and all, and given Frank has only known you for not even a week yet and probably seen enough drama in your life to put him off drama shows for a lifetime, I’m pretty surprised you’re still friends and he hasn’t ran off shouting mental nutcase.”
“Um yeah about that…” Gerard suddenly sounded nervous as he rubbed the back of his neck.
“What is it? I asked sharply.
“Promise you won’t freak and try to castrate me?” Frankie asked squeakily.
“This can’t be good.” Ray sighed.
“It is good! If you’re okay with it that is, but if you’re not then it isn’t but if you do then there’s nothing to worry about so-”
“Gerard quit rambling will ya and spit it out.” I sighed, rubbing my forehead in exasperation.
Both Frank and Gerard glanced at one another. Obviously whatever it is, it was a last minute thing.
“Okay then…” Gerard muttered, “Um me and Frank, we’re um…maybe.. Um are kind of, not sure yet, but pretty confident in this, possibly um dating.” Gerard meeped the last word looking at me nervously-while Frank looked up at the ceiling twiddling his fingers together and whistling innocently.
I and Ray’s jaws pretty much dropped in shock as Frankie then had a look of realization on his face, “Oh I thought you were just gonna tell em’ we kissed.” he said sounding sheepish, “Are we dating?”
Ray bit back a laugh as I slapped myself, muttering profanities-including dumb as fuck fucktards when it comes to basic dating- under my breath.
Gerard looked confused for a minute then, “Oh yeah I forgot to ask you to be my boyfriend didn‘t I?” he realized somehow managing to click his fingers despite them being bandage up.
“Yeah you kind of left that part out.” Frankie grinned.
“Oh yeah, just forget the key part of a relationship.” I muttered, “Only a minor detail, doesn’t matter.”
Ray let out a snort of laughter as Gerard and Frank glared at me, “What?” I yelped indignantly, “Why are y’all looking at me as if I’m the bad guy here! Hell I wasn’t the one who forgot to ask someone out!”
“Ya know, if I wasn’t hooked up to this machine and bandaged to the nines, I would so come over there and strangle you.” Gerard said darkly as he frowned.
“Yeah well, you are hooked up to a machine, and bandaged to the nines so you can’t come over here and strangle me so you just have to man up and take it.” I grinned.
“Frank.” Gerard said in an oddly calm voice, his eyes closed as he flexed his wrist.
“Yeah.” Frank looked over at him.
“Remind me, when I get out of this hell hole, to murder my brother will ya?”
“Will do.”
“But I, but Frank!” I whined.
“What? Just said I would remind him.” Frank shrugged trying to look innocent.
I was about to reply, but the door opened and ,mine and Gerard’s Dad walked in.
“Ah I see you’re awake now Gerard?” he asked looking over at Gerard amused.
“Yep, awake and throwing typical diva fits. As per usual.” I muttered earning a pointed glare from Gerard.
“So how long have you been awake?”
“Uh about ….twenty five minutes, maybe half an hour or so.” Gerard shrugged, “Not a hundred percent sure.”
“Okay.” our dad wrote something down on his clipboard, “Any pain?”
“Not really…just a sort of dull ache.”
“Any pacific places?”
“Uh yeah, my head, neck, my ribs and my arm kind of aches a fair bit.” Gerard admitted reducibly, glancing at each of us in turn sort of wearily.
“Okay,.” Dad jotted it down, “Any feelings of dizziness? Blurry vision, maybe fading in and out of consciousness?”
I heard Frank let out a small squeak and I swallowed nervously. Ray put a comforting arm around my shoulders and gave them a squeeze while Gerard gripped Franks hand and squeezed it, smiling softly at him before saying, “Well I’ve had pretty short spells of dizziness and blurry vision, usually when the ache in my head get’s a bit sharper but not losing consciousness.”
“Okay, that’s a good sign, you obviously don’t have a concussion anymore which is good.”
“Will I still need a blood bag hooked up?” Gerard asked looking squeamish.
Dad looked at Gerard sadly , “Yeah you will son, you lost a fair amount, which explains the dizziness. I’m going to be up front and honest with you, so I’ll tell you this. If it wasn’t for you being hooked up to that machine, the chances are, you wouldn’t be here talking right now.”
I could feel fresh tears welling up and Ray rubbed my shoulders while Frank had his eyes closed, gripping Gerard’s hand tighter. Gerard on the other hand didn’t look shocked, though I could tell in his eyes he was scared.
“Is, is it that serious?” Gerard asked.
“Afraid so.”
Gerard let out a heavy breath and looked down at his knees, a hand running through his hair, “That’s, that’s pretty heavy stuff.” he muttered.
“Best we can do, is take this one step at a time, and be hopeful you’ll recover.”
“Ye, yeah, I will.” Gerard nodded.
Dad smiled sadly and I could tell that he was torn right now.
“Frank, can I speak to you for a second?”
Frank looked up and Gerard glanced at him confused. Frank just smiled and squeezed his hand before kissing him lightly on the cheek and following my Dad outside.
“Wonder what that’s about. “ Ray muttered.
Me and Gerard glanced at each other both wondering the same thing. I quickly went over and took Frank’s vacant spot and Gerard quickly wrapped me in a tight hug, my head curled up to his chest as I let out the tears I had kept bottled up.
“Hey, hey Mikes, I’m gonna be fine okay?” he whispered.
“Hey Gee, you guys want a minute?” Ray asked softly.
“Um yeah if you don’t mind.”
Ray nodded and hugged us both, kissing me softly on the head before leaving the room.

Frank’s point of view

I stared at Donald in complete shock. I couldn’t believe it. It just couldn’t happen. It had to be a mistake like seriously, it just couldn’t happen. I felt a wave of shock go through me like electricity and I tried to speak but the words weren’t coming out. Once I managed to get control of my tongue and form proper words, my voice sounded more like a croak.
“I,I match?” I asked hoarsely
“Yes, you do, you and Gerard have the exact same blood type, as unbelievable as it seems.” Donald said checking his papers again, “And there seems to be no blood problems, so you are a perfect match to be a donor. Once you sign a few documents, you are perfectly eligible to donate if you still wish.”
“Yeah, yeah of course!” I exclaimed, feeling excitement build up; I couldn’t believe it! I fucking matched! , “What documents do I need to sign?”
Donald smiled at me and passed me two letters; one explained the procedure and what would happen and the other was giving consent to my blood being used as a donation to the patient who needed it, in this case Gerard. I signed them and passed them over.
“Frank, I honestly can’t thank you enough seriously.” Donald said gratefully.
I smiled slightly though I was blushing. I always blush when someone thanks me even if it was something small like giving them directions.
“No problem.” I muttered, “He’s my best friend after all.”
Donald smiled at me then told me he would get a nurse to get me from Gerard’s room in twenty minutes to take my blood. So in the meanwhile, I could go and tell the guys the news.
I couldn’t wait to tell them. Not only would it be a huge worry off their shoulders, but also a chance for Gerard to recover and get off the life support. And the fact that I could do that just for having the same blood and donating, was probably the best thing, next to actually kissing the guy.

Gerard’s point of view

“I’m scared Gee.” Mikey admitted.
“ I know Mikes, if I’m honest, I’m scared too.” I admitted, tucking his hair behind his ear.
“You are?”
“Yeah course I am.” I laughed slightly, “Why wouldn’t I be?”
Mikey muttered something I couldn’t hear as his face turned pink.
“Mikes, I did not make a word of that.” I stated flatly.
“Promise you won’t laugh?” he asked.
“Cross my heart .” I didn’t think it would be tactical to add in the rest, given the situation.
Mikey smiled softly, looking down at his hand which was entangled with mine, occasionally making my fingers move and flex, “I, I never really pictured you as one being scared.” he muttered, “Sounds weird, but I guess I always seen you as some sort of superhero, ya know like Batman or something. Brave and stood up for yourself, took no shit.” he chuckled, “Not got a care in the world and I thought no one could touch you. That you were always strong and no one could get to you. That you would keep on fighting and never give up on what you wanted to do.” Mikey bit his lip, “ Ya know when I was a kid in elementary school, we had to do a speech in front of the whole entire class about who we looked up to and who we would wanna be like when we got older.” he admitted sitting up a bit more, “Everyone else was talking about superheroes or celebrities, being what between nine and eleven at the time? So when it came to my turn, the dorky, four eyed video game and comic book freak eleven year old at the time, everyone expected me to come out with some sort of comic book hero or something.” Mikey frowned slightly, “But I didn’t.” he looked at me, “Wanna know who I picked?”
“Tell me.” I muttered.
“Chose you of course.” he shrugged, “Then when I was asked why I looked up to and wanted to be like my thirteen year old brother I told them. That you were really good at drawing and doing mini comic books, that you always made me laugh and always played the stupid imaginary games that I came up with, that you always made drawings of my favourite things , that you stood up for me whenever I got picked on. And I also said that you were really strong, and it wasn’t because you could lift me over your shoulder.” I bit back a laugh, “But I don’t know, you just seemed really strong and just didn’t let things get to you. I said that you were always there for me, whether it was for a hug, a shoulder to cry on, to make me laugh, a piece of advise or even just for me to go on a rant cause I got homework.” I laughed and Mikey grinned, “I said that it was because of you I got into music and comics and I always wanted to be like you, but you told me I was to be myself and never change the way I was. You taught me it was okay to be different, to be into different things, to have my say on certain things and not be afraid to let myself be heard, you taught me to be confident in myself.
You also made me feel safe and secure. Hell I thought I could do anything because I knew that you would be there to either laugh with me or help me out. I guess if someone asked me, to draw what you would look like in a cartoon or something, it would definitely be like superhero.” He nodded, “Yeah, definitely a superhero.”
I hugged him tightly, “Thanks Mikes.” I muttered, feeling tears in my eyes, “That means a lot seriously.”
“Hey I’m just being honest.” Mikey muttered smiling weakly, “I still look up to you Gee, and as corny and cliché’ as it sounds, you’re still my superhero.”
I ruffled his hair and he laughed,. I hugged him again and we sat like that for a few minutes.
“Gee.” he muttered.
“Yeah bro.”
“You’ll be fine.” he said, “You’re a superhero right? And heroes never die in the movies, so you won’t either.” he smiled at me.
I smiled back, “I promise Mikes, I won’t leave you. I won’t leave you, our parents, our family, or our friends. I’m gonna keep fighting Mikes.”
“Well duh, heroes always fight back.” Mikey grinned
I laughed, “Yeah they do.” I muttered as he cuddled up to me, “And I do too.” I muttered again as I looked outside the window.
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