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The hardest part of this is leaving you, But I’ll prove myself to you, I’ll carry on even though I‘m broken.

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“Well yeah I know [/that/], but still, you’ve only known me for a couple of days, don’t cha think giving someone your own blood is [/kinda/] weird?” Gerard asked. “Oh yeah, and totally ...

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Chapter 19: The hardest part of this is leaving you, But I’ll prove myself to you, I’ll carry on even though I‘m broken.

Frank’s point of view

I swear I have never ran so hard in my life; Gee and Mikey’s dad’s office was located on the second floor; the ward where Gee was, was located on the top floor-the emergency ward. So after running down two soccer pitch length corridors, getting lost twice and running up two flights of stairs-going up the wrong end of the hallway before doubling back and doing it all over again except at the other end- and running along another two soccer length corridors, I all but fell through the door to the room-and face planted it on the floor.
“What the fuck Frank?!” Gerard screeched, his heart monitor going haywire for a few seconds.
“I match!” I screeched brightly, shooting up, “ImatchthesametypeasGerard!SoImgonnagiveablooddonationsothatwayGerardcangetoffthefreakingmachineandgetbetter!Amexactlythesametype!Howfuckingawesomeisthat!?”
Ray-who I hadn’t realized I had ran past in my excitement-looked over the doorway utterly shocked while Mikey stared at me as if I was a nut case that escaped the mental ward located downstairs as his brother stared at me in complete confusion.
“Match…what?” he asked blankly, “That was the only word I got out of all that.” he admitted looking at Mikey and throwing a bandaged arm up in exasperation. Mikey just shrugged doing a loopy sign near his head.
Ray looked at me with raised eyebrows, making a gesture for me to elaborate. I blinked then slapped myself, “Fuck I forgot!” I yelped, “Why do I forget the important things? What’s next? My exams? Hell my ma’s thirty fifth birthday? Hell next thing you know, I’ll be forgetting my own freaking funeral which is just-”
“Frank, do us a favour and shut the fuck up.” Mikey dead panned, “You’re being a rambling retard again.”
“Oh, yeah so I am.” I realized.
“See what caffeine, nicotine and sleep deprivation does to ya?” Ray muttered.
“Shut it.” I said sharply.
“All I’m saying.” he muttered, trying hard not to grin.
“Uh huh, whatever you say you overgrown power puff transsexual.” I said dismissively; Ray spluttered and Mikey and Gerard snorted in laughter, “Anyway, like I said, I match.” I said proudly, folding my arms, pleased with myself.
“Yeah and like I said before, match what?” Gerard asked sounding exasperated.
“Uh your blood type maybe?” I suggested, “You know, nothing important.”
It was quiet as they took this in while I grinned. Then…
“You what!?” they all yelped.
Not exactly the reaction I was looking for to be honest.
“What?” I asked, “What’s so bad about that?”
“Why didn’t you tell us you dork!?” Mikey exclaimed, looking more exasperated then shocked now, while Ray looked at me as if I was from another planet.
“Hey didn’t you listen to my RR rant?” I asked.
“RR?” Ray asked slowly looking at me in disbelief.
“Rambling retard rant duh.” I said as if it was obvious, “I said I forgot to tell you guys, remember?”
“You forgot!”
“Yeah like I said, I always forget the important things, including my own funeral probably.” I shrugged as if it was no big deal.
“Wait, wait let me get this straight.” Mikey said holding his hands up, eyes shut, “You. Match Gerard’s blood type?”
“Uh huh.” I said.
Exactly the same?”
“Sounds like that.
“And you’re gonna give a blood donation?”
“To give to Gerard?”
“Yes.” I said exasperated, “Is the interrogation done now Officer four eyes?”
Mikey frowned at me, as Gerard looked at me in disbelief, “Why?” he asked hoarsely.
I looked at him as if he was stupid, “Dude, have the painkillers they gave you knocked out the last of your brain cells or what? What cha mean why? I’m pretty sure I told you that you were my best friend and that I love you. Ain’t that reason enough?” I asked.
It was quiet and Ray and Mikey were looking at me in amazement, “You’d do that? For Gee?” Mikes croaked out.
“Well yeah.” I shrugged, blushing, as I looked down at my feet which were scuffing the floor, “I mean, I’ve already signed the forms and it was my idea to suggest to your dad cause he was struggling so.” I shrugged again.
“You don’t have to Frank.” Gerard muttered.
“I know I don’t have todumbass.” I said rolling my eyes, hands on my hips, “I do have my own free will ya know. This ain’t exactly the 16th Century.”
“Well yeah I know that, but still, you’ve only known me for a couple of days, don’t cha think giving someone your own blood is kinda weird?” Gerard asked.
“Oh yeah, and totally falling in love with you within five days of meeting you istotally normal.” I scoffed, “Yeah compared to that giving blood is totally not cool on the second date, ya know what am saying?”
“He’s got a point.” Ray pointed out grinning.
“Well okay, maybe not the best thing to say, but still, you don’t have to do this all cause you love me and am lying in a hospital bed.” Gerard stated, throwing a hand up in exasperation.
I looked at him and he looked at me, “If you weren’t half dying right now I’d so come over there and kick your ass.” I said frowning as I pointed at him.
“{/What?!/] what did I do?” Gerard yelped as Mikey and Ray glanced at one another and laughed.
“You’re being an idiot again.” I whined, actually stomping my foot, “God Gerard! Get it through here!” I pointed at my own head, “I’m doing it because I love you, you total dweeb! And ya think am gonna say that to you, you saying you love me back and then dying on me? Uh uh, ain’t gonna happen you twat bag! I match your blood, you need it, I’m here right now, you’re lying half dying, I love you, you love me, I wanna be with you, you said you wanna be with me, so you dying will make that plan a bit hard to deliver, so I’m giving you my blood to prevent that complication from happening! I don’t see what the problem is. Everyone in this room and your dad, your mom, your co workers love ya Gee and if you dyed on us all because you think me giving you a blood donation is asking too much of me, and I said ‘okay, fine you don’t want it, you don’t get it.’ then the chances are, my funeral will probably be on the same day of yours. So stop throwing a shit gasket, take the blood donation and keep living cause Mikey still wants his brother around, Ray wants his best friend still alive, your parents still wanna see their son grow up, an your co workers will still wanna see you around and I wanna spend my life with you, so grow a set, get a back bone, stop being stubborn and fucking deal with the fact that the person you just met five days go and who’s fallen for you pretty quickly, oh so coincidently matches okay! So stop being a total dork!”
I huffed as Mikey and Ray looked at me in amazement and Gerard stared at me. Then I noticed something…
“Gee? Are, are you crying?” I asked shocked; Ray and Mikey whipped round to stare at Gerard who was wiping his eyes.
“Course am not.” he sniffed, “Why would I be crying?”
“Oh, it’s just that your eyes seem a little…” I trailed off, making a random hand gesture.
“Course am fucking crying you dork!” he said suddenly, “God!”
“Why?” I asked completely bewildered
“Uh…cause you just said you’re willing to give me a blood donation to save my life and love me, amongst other things maybe?” he suggested, now choking up, “What else do you expect ,me to react?”
“Didn’t know you were the crying type to be honest.” I muttered, “Come on Gee. Please don’t cry! I hate it when people cry, cause then I start crying, and I hate crying!” I admitted, already feeling the tears build up, “And I’ve already cried enough to put girls who are pregnant and having there hormones play up to shame!”
Mikey laughed quietly ad I glanced at him , “Oh for crying out loud what is this? A fucking crying room! God!” I exclaimed, tears running down my face.
“Can’t help it.” Mikey whined slightly, wiping his eyes, “Aww you guys are so sweet!”
“Ray I swear to God, if you start ripping some tears out on me man I will fucking jump out that window.” I said seriously, pointing at the window as Ray sniffed.
“Am not, just, just got something in my eye, is all.” he sniffed again.
“Great, even the overgrown puffball is shedding tears.” I huffed, though my voice came out more like a croak then anything as I looked up at the ceiling, refusing to let my tears be seen.
It was quiet, except from the occasional sniff and a choked sob and I could feel myself weakening, “Alright fuck it.” I declared throwing my hands up in defeat, “Fucking group hug fuckers!”
I demanded as I plopped myself down on Gerard’s bed beside him and Mikey, “Hey, you walking hose pipe, get your ass over here!” I demanded at Ray, pointing at the spare spot beside Mikey.
Ray looked at us for a few seconds then made his way over and the three of us instant crushed him in a hug. Well I say we crushed him, but once he hugged us back it was the other way around.
“Fuck Ray, do you work out using go karts or something?” I choked out, feeling all the wind in my lungs being forced out.
“Sorry.” Ray said hastily, “Forgot you guys are built like paper.”
“Take that back.” we all said in unison.
Ray laughed and just hugged us tighter as we wrapped our arms around each other-Gerard in particular seeing as how he was the one in the middle
“Ow guys! Um, as much as I love this really corny and cliché moment that you get in stupid action movies were a group of people all hug and say we’re gonna get through this, we can do this, etc cetera but uh, you’re kinda aggravating my injuries that just so happen to be over my upper body.” Gerard said his voice getting higher and breaking.
“Shit!” we cussed, instantly letting go.
“Sorry Gee!” Ray said meekly.
“Yeah kinda forgot.” I admitted, rubbing the back of my neck sheepishly; Mikey heard me and sighed, rolling his eyes, before slapping the back of my head, “Ow!” I yelped, looking at him sharply, “What the hell was that for four eyes!?”
“What? It might help you to actually remember things.” Mikey said innocently as he shrugged.

Gerard’s point of view.

I had to admit, I was nervous. If the blood donation didn’t work, I was screwed; plain and simple. I was touched Frankie was the one donating; it meant a lot to me and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for him. He was currently lying down in a hospital bed due to his reaction of getting blood taken. He had passed out after feeling light headed and my dad had advised him to rest. Now I was waiting on the blood being transferred to a blood bag and to get hooked up. Hopefully if it worked, I could get off the life support if I showed signs of the blood bag working. If my skin got a bit more colour (I was paler than usual), I didn’t feel sick, wasn’t as tired, and my vision wasn’t blurry, were just a few signs of it working. If I did the opposite, well the blood donation would be doing more bad then good and it would mean I would be hooked back up to the life support as it would mean my body didn’t agree to the blood transfusion.

Hopefully it would be the positive signs that would show.

“You’re gonna be fine Gee.” Bert said reassuringly, Lyn-Z nodding furiously at his side.
I smiled softly; Bert, Lyn-Z, Steven and Gracie had arrived at the same time after hearing from my mom I was in hospital and about the events of last night. Turns out the school had called to find out why I wasn’t in , and my mom had called my work place to say I wouldn’t be able to make it to work for the rest of the week due to ‘personal health problems caused by a social mishap’ Gotta love how my mom puts things.
“When’s the bag getting hooked up?” Gracie asked as she squeezed my hand reassuringly.
“Three hours.” I said softly, “I’ve got to drink plenty of water so my body’s hydrated enough to let the blood flow fast and give it a better chance to work.” I explained, sipping a cup of water as I did so, “So far though, I’ve been struggling.” I admitted grimly.
Steven patted me comfortingly on my non dislocated shoulder , “You’ll manage; just think. The sooner you can keep water down, the sooner you can get this blood transfusion, the sooner you recover and the sooner you can be back at work annoying the shit outta me.” he grinned.
“Steven!” Lyn-Z said reproachfully slapping him on the shoulder as the rest of us laughed, “You’re supposed to be comforting him! Not telling him he’s annoying!”
“What! That is me comforting him! Trust me! The guy will take that as a compliment!” Steven replied defensively, rubbing his shoulder.
“He’s got a point Lynz.” I grinned, managing to swallow my water this time though a very tiny amount.
“Boys.” she sighed, resigned, “You’re all the same.”
“I plead the fifth!” Mikey called from outside the hallway, making us laugh.
“Shut it four eyes! Or I’ll come out there and put you in a hospital bed!” Lyn Z yelled back sharply.
“Shutting up!”
I grinned and, thinking I could manage it, took a swallow of water, only to abruptly choke and take a coughing fit. Bert quickly patted me on the back, “Fuck.” I cussed, furious with myself, wiping the water from my mouth.
“Hey don’t get pissed at yourself Gee.” Gracie said soothingly, “Just take your time, you’ve not drank anything in eighteen hours, you’re body’s gonna knock it back naturally, but after awhile it will get used to it.”
“I know but it’s…frustrating.” I admitted, “It’s a lot worse then last time.”
Ray who hadn’t said anything much since the others arrived, smiled sadly at me and I smiled back slightly.
Mikey came back into the room, pocketing his cell, “Bob says he’s on his way up. He’s in Kearny just now, so should be here in about three hours.” he grinned.
“God, Mikey I’m only in hospital, not in the morgue getting prepared for my funeral.” I groaned.
It was quiet and I bit my lip, realizing that wasn’t the best thing to say in this situation. I was practically on my death bed right now. My life depending on my body accepting Frank’s blood or-if it didn’t- my body to be strong enough to fight the internal injuries long enough for another donation to be found . If none of the above happened, I was a goner. And that scared me. I wasn’t ready to go just yet. Sure I’ve fucked up a lot in my eighteen years of living my life; sinking into a depression, self harmed and contemplated suicide a couple of times, close enough that I actually wrote a suicide note, and drank myself into a numb dreamless sleep to forget my problems a good handful of times, but I do love my life as hard as that sounds to believe. I’ve got some amazing people in my life; great friends, a loving family, and now I’ve got a loving, caring boyfriend.
I’m doing well in school-in Art, music, drama and English, -the rest am pretty much failing at but I only want to do well in those four anyways- and I got a good paying job. I’m on track to getting where I want to go in my life; My art teacher says I could actually get a scholarship for Art School in New York depending on the rest of my Art projects this term, and my music teacher says I could cut out to be an awesome singer and my Drama teacher says I could be a great performer due to my past performances in his class. Hell my year head said I’ve practically got scholarships lined up for when I leave school and got a good few options.

So yeah, God if you have any mercy and you do exist, please let this work and not take my life. I actually like living for a change. I maybe obsessed with death and all, but not enough where I want to find out what its like to actually die. I actually want to do something with my life, and take these opportunities I’m being given and make my dream career come true. Plus, I do want to be there for my younger brother and watch him grow up and be an amazing guy, and (I don’t know how you wanna take this; me either thinking into the future or taking the piss outta my brother take your pick old man) be there at his wedding to my best friend thanks. I want to actually be there for my friends through their hardest times and good times, and also be there for my boyfriend and show him how much I actually care for him and how much I appreciate him coming into my life. So yeah, if you could let me live a lot longer, you know until I at least hit sixty, that would be greatly appreciated.

That just shows you how scared I am; I pretty much just prayed to someone I don’t even know who exists. I’m not even fucking religious and don’t even go to church on Sundays or even take R.E class (Because I successfully got kicked out cause I disagreed on the Bibles’ view of homosexuality last year) but hey, they do say that, if you haven’t got anything else to help you through a hard time in your life, pray right? Well that’s what am doing, so damn it God, you better fucking listen cause I need all the hope I can get right now.

“Gerard.” I was snapped out my thoughts by Ray who was looking at me in amazement, “Are, are you actually praying?

I looked up and noticed I had actually bowed my head and clasped my bandaged hands together subconsciously and accidentally said my thoughts my out loud. I blushed scarlet, as everyone in the room looked at me in disbelief, “Well yeah.” I said defensively, “What’s up with that? Never seen a so called gothic vampire pray before? God, I’ m about to go through a blood transfusion -and an operation afterwards if it works and am pretty much scared fucking shitless in case it doesn‘t- so yeah am mother fucking praying. Unintentionally I admit, but yeah I am so sue my ass .” I threw my arms up in exasperation before folding them again and slouched in my bed, arms folded as I pouted slightly.
It was quiet, then all of a sudden, everyone started laughing..
“What!” I yelped, “I don’t see what’s so funny! Oh my God, you guys are so bad! What’s so funny about me actually praying!?”
“Nothing just.” Mikey choked out, “ Just, it’s you!” he threw his hand up, obviously lost for words as he started laughing again.
“And what is that supposed to mean?” I asked indignantly.
“Well like you said..” Gracie giggled insanely, “You’re a-and I quote you here- ‘A so called gothic vampire.’” she air quoted the words before laughing like crazy.
“Yeah so, what’s your point?” I said sharply as I whipped round to glare at her , “I don’t get the connection here.” I admitted, slightly ticked off.
“Well aren’t like vampires Satan’s’ creation and hate anything remotely religious?” Ray laughed.
I blinked then realized, “Oh really funny you guys seriously.” I said sarcastically though I couldn’t help but laugh.
“What’s funny?” we turned round to see Frankie at the doorway, yawning widely and stretching, “What’s the joke? Did I miss the punch line?”
“Apparently these guys think it’s absolutely hilarious that I actually prayed.” I said rolling my eyes, gesturing to the others who were still laughing before I slouched in my bed, folding my arms. “Cause I said I was a so called gothic vampire and vampires are Satan’s creation and hate anything remotely religious, hence why they’re acting as if that is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard.” I huffed.
My boyfriend stared at me for a few seconds and I looked at him, obviously wanting him to defend me. I mean come on, I’m the invalid one here, someone should defend my ass and he’s my boyfriend so he’s inclined to. Instead, you know what that son of a bitch that I love so much did? he burst out laughing.
“Frank!” I whined as everyone else started laughing again.
“What?” he asked laughing, holding his hands out, “You have to admit, it’s funny.”
“Ah fuck he’s burning!” Bert yelled suddenly, making me jump as he pointed at me in mock horror making everyone laugh harder, “Quick! Grab an extinguisher, he’s on fire! He did something religious!”
“Oh real funny guys!” I said sarcastically though I started laughing myself, “Really old that is. The whole vampire thing? It’s getting old, seriously.”

Mikey’s point of view

Bob arrived just after six, not long after Gerard had started going through the process of the blood transfusion. Due to the process, Gerard had started to get rather tired and, under medical supervision, fallen asleep. We decided to let Gerard rest and come back tomorrow to see if it had worked and how Gerard was coping. Until then, we were advised to leave and give him some space. Bob had spoken to Gerard briefly before kindly letting Frank and Gerard have a quiet moment to themselves before he fell asleep and we left his bedside for the night.
We were currently pile in in Ray’s Chevy ; me, riding shotgun and the others in the back and Radio head was playing quietly from the radio. Everyone was rather reluctant to go home for the night so we were driving rather aimlessly around Newark. No one was really speaking, too lost in their own thoughts.
I was the first to break the silence, “How bout, seeing as how no one’s wanting to go home, we crash at mine and Gee’s place, you know, watch a couple of movies or something. Then we can go visit him together in the morning.” I suggested.
“Your parents be alright with that?” Bob asked raising an eyebrow.
I nodded, “Yeah they’ll understand.” I smiled slightly.
“You do realize your parents will have to understand that they’ll have an extra what seven teenagers in the house right?” Gracie asked grinning slightly, revealing two very pointed white teeth. Fuck and I thought Gee had vamp teeth.
I shrugged, “Ray practically classes our place as a second home, and so does Bob when he comes up to this part and Frank’s pretty much living there on a permanent basis, only been in his new home twice.” I grinned at Frank who stuck his tongue out at me., “Besides, the chances are, we’ll be upstairs in the attic anyway-which is soundproof may I add-,so mom will hardly realize we’re even there.”
“Wait, so you aren’t even gonna ask?” Bert asked sounding close to laughter.
“She’ll be at work anyway.” I said defensively, “ Dad called her up and told her to go in and he’ll keep her updated and she said she will, so we’ve got the place to ourselves. And when she comes home? Like I said, we’ll be in the attic so she won’t even realize we’re there. She’ll think it will be only me and these two dorks in my room.” Frank blew a raspberry at me at the dork comment while Ray decided to ignore it.
“Alright if you say so Mikes.” he grinned, “But if you do get into trouble for hosting your own rock club, don’t look at us to defend your ass. It’s your idea not ours.”
“Fine.” I grinned, lighting up a cigarette and passing my pack around. May as well share. I got the feeling we’re gonna need to keep an eye on our cigarette supply for the night. And no one is heading out to the petrol station late in Jersey on my watch.
“God you can tell you’re Gerard’s brother.” Lyn-Z sighed though she grinned as she exhaled, “Sort of crazy assed idea he would come out with.”
“Exactly, where do you think I get my creativity from?” I smirked before switching the radio over to a station currently blasting out Green Day before taking
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