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-Everyone’s a passenger tonight, you can fight it all you want but every secret that you keep causes a seizure to dim our lights

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Where’s Gee? Thought he was-crazy as it sounds-coming in today? Or did your mom put in a strait jacket and lock him up against his will in his basement?”

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Chapter 20-Everyone’s a passenger tonight, you can fight it all you want but every secret that you keep causes a seizure to dim our lights.

Frank’s point of view
I bolted upright, cold sweat coating my body like a second skin and my breathing shallow while my heart pounded madly against my rib cage. I ran a hand through my bed hair, looking around the room at my friends who were lying around the room, still sleeping. I looked round beside me and saw Mikey was sprawled out beside me, Ray beside him, an arm around his boyfriends’ waist. Mikey had his head on my legs. I let out a sigh of relief and ran a hand through his hair, causing him to shift slightly and mutter under his breath before yawning. Ray snuggled up closer to him and I smiled slightly before slumping back on to the pillows, wishing Gerard was lying here beside me.
“It was just a nightmare Frank.” I muttered feverishly “Just a bad dream. You’re safe, Mikey’s safe, Ray’s safe and they’re both here and Gerard is safe in hospital.” I muttered trying to convince myself as I rubbed my eyes wearily; I had hardly slept last night; constantly tossing and turning, all sorts of thoughts running through my head and I only fell asleep when Mikey saw I was still awake and wiped the tears I hadn’t noticed that had fell from my face and lay beside me in his bed , arms wrapped around me and whispering that everything was fine. I drifted into an uneasy sleep, my dreams plagued by nightmares.; the nightmares being about the ones that I had grown close to and loved in a pretty short amount of time.
“Mmm, Frankie? You alright?” I looked down to see Mikey, looking up at me, yawning as he rubbed his eyes, the other hand on Ray’s arm.
“Uh yeah I’m fine.” I said, shakily.
“Liar.” he stated bluntly, reaching across me for my glasses that were on his bedside table.
I mumbled incoherently under my breath, my arms folded as he put on his glasses, sitting up slightly to do so, by leaning his elbow on my knee, “Okay I’m not gonna lie and say I know what you said cause I don’t, so speak up.” he said hand now under his chin, “And be honest.” he added in bluntly.
I looked at him stubbornly, and he stared straight back at me, obviously not backing down. Resigned I slumped slightly and sighed, “I said I’m okay but…” I trailed off.
“But you’re not.” Mikey finished for me in a knowing fashion; I looked at him then nodded causing him to sigh. He rubbed his eyes underneath his glasses before looking at me, “Wanna talk about it?” he asked, looking at me sympathetically.
I shrugged, “Frank.” he said sternly.
“Dude, you sound like my mom.” I said exasperated.
Mikey rolled his eyes, “And you sound like a five year old.” he muttered, “Look, just tell me what’s wrong.” he sighed, looking up at me.
“It’s nothing.” I muttered, refusing to meet his gaze.
Mikey tutted, “It’s obviously something if it’s getting to you.” he said quietly obviously not wanting to wake the others up, “And I hate it when one of my friends say it’s ‘nothing’.” he air quoted the word, “When it’s obviously something.” he shrugged, throwing a hand up slightly in exasperation.
I bit down on my lip ring, “You sure you want to listen to me?” I asked quietly.
“Course I do.” he shrugged, “Wouldn’t ask if I wouldn’t want to listen now would I?” he asked looking at me imploringly.
I refused to meet his gaze still, preferring to look at my tattooed hands instead. I heard Mikey sigh and felt his fingers underneath my chin as he forced me to look up, “Hey.” he whispered, “You can trust me alright? Whatever it is, I wanna know about it okay? Don’t care if it’s stupid, childish, minor or plain crazy, it’s getting to you and that gets to me, so talk to me. Please?” he asked, looking at me pleadingly.
I looked at him and I could see the worry in his eyes. I swallowed, feeling tears well up in my own..
“Hey hey, it’s okay Frankie, it’s okay.” Mikey said soothingly brushing the side of my face comfortingly, “What’s wrong?” he asked.
“I’m scared Mikey.” I admitted quietly, tears running down my face, “I’m scared.”
“Aww honey.” Mikey quickly wrapped his arms around me and I buried my head into the crook of his neck, feeling a strange sense of comfort from his body heat and the scent of coffee, passion fruit and weirdly enough cinnamon, “He’s gonna be fine, I promise.” he whispered in my ear and I could smell coffee, cigarette smoke and a faint trace of peppermint from his breath, “You have another nightmare?” he asked quietly.
I nodded and he held me even more tightly to his skinny body and I could feel his lips press against the back of my neck, his hand rubbing my back soothingly, “It’s okay honey, I’m here okay? So’s Ray and we’ll see Gerard in a couple of hours alright? Nothing bad has happened.”
I nodded once again and wrapped my own arms around Mikey’s waist, tears still falling; the nightmare was so realistic it wasn’t even funny. The fire, the jeering laughter, the pain on their faces…it seemed so vivid.
Mikey continued to hug me tightly and whisper soothingly in my ear, occasionally kissing the back of my neck in an affectionate manner as I cried silently into the crook of his neck.
After what felt like hours-though it was more likely to be a few minutes-I stopped crying and Mikey looked at me, wiping the few tears that were still falling as I wiped my nose with the back of my hand.
“You want to go downstairs? Grab a coffee and a cig?” he asked me.
I nodded, “Alright.” Mikey said, quietly moving so he wouldn’t disturb his boyfriend, “Let’s go.”
I smiled slightly at his rather bright voice as I got out. Suddenly I blushed furiously, realizing he was only in his boxers.
Mikey noticed and smiled apologetically, “Sorry but the heat got to me last night but didn’t want to leave you so.” he shrugged obviously embarrassed.
“S’okay.” I muttered, rather shocked at how, well hot he looked. Don’t get me wrong; I love Gerard, totally in love with the guy but I can’t deny his brother definitely takes after him. I always thought Mikey was hot in a sort of cute dorky way, what with the glasses and really thin frame but I was surprised. His figure was toned and he had slight muscle definition on his arms and biceps and his stomach was flat, his hips rather hollow, while his legs were well, long. They seemed to go on forever and were slim and toned though I could tell he had awkward knees by the way his knee caps turned inwards slightly. His skin was slightly pale and I could see -with a tinge of sadness and anger- that it was flawed slightly with scars and fading bruises. I quickly stopped myself from gaping at him, thinking it would make him uncomfortable to see his brothers’ boyfriend (not to mention his best friend) staring at him in complete awe and shock.
Mikey grabbed his favourite Anthrax shirt from the floor and passed it over to me as he shoved on his Ramones shirt, “You can put that on if you want, can’t have you walking around in the same clothes three days in a row can we?” he muttered, going pink slightly, “Sorry if it smells of cigarettes,.”
“It’s okay.” I muttered gratefully, rather touched at his affection, “Thanks.”
“Don’t mention it.” Mikey muttered still rather pink as he shoved on a pair of slightly baggy blue denim jeans before passing me a pair of slightly baggy black ones, “You can put them on. They might be a bit big though cause of the height difference.”
I smiled slightly as I took off Gerard’s hoody (Yeah I know cliché’ wearing your boyfriends’ hoody to bed so sue me) and my clothes, before pulling on Mikey’s. The shirt was slightly big on me but it was comfortable all the same.
“ Would give you a change of boxers but I don’t know if you’re comfortable with that or…” he trailed off blushing furiously as he rubbed the back of his neck.
“It’s okay, only if you feel comfortable.” I muttered.
Mikey smiled softly at me before going to his cupboard, “I’m sure I’ve got a clean pair in here.” he muttered distractedly, tossing out random shirts and jeans; I laughed quietly as a Joy Division shirt landed on Steven’s face, though he continued to snore.
“Ah ha!” Mikey cried out quietly, “Knew I did my laundry at some point.”
I giggled quietly and Mikey grinned at me as he passed me a pair of ‘I eat brains’ boxers that were a cool shade of green with pink lettering. I raised my eyebrows and Mikey stuck his tongue out at me, “Shut up, it’ll do.” he muttered making me laugh before he turned around, obviously giving me privacy to change.
I smiled slightly as I changed; it felt weird wearing my boyfriends’ brother’s boxers I admit not to mention his shirt and jeans but it was nice to know Mikey felt comfortable enough with me to offer and I was touched.
“You dressed yet?” he asked, eyes covered.
“Yeah.” I said.
Mikey turned round and peeked through his fingers making me laugh before he grinned, letting his hands fall, “They okay?” he asked.
“Yeah.” I grinned, “Think I’ll borrow your clothes more often Mikes; they’re comfy.” I giggled; the jeans were definitely too big in length and the shirt was baggy around the neckline, exposing my collarbone and went down to just above my knees, though they were weirdly comfortable.
Mikey flipped me off, making me laugh, “Whatever come on. Let’s head downstairs before we wake these lazy fuckers up.” he added in kicking Bert gently on the leg to prove his point. Bert mumbled something that sounded like ‘Asshole’ before snoring loudly. I giggled as Mikey tutted rolling his eyes.
I followed Mikey downstairs and -when he wasn’t looking- inhaled his scent from his shirt. Sounds weird I know but whenever I’m upset, I find familiar scents a comfort. I was growing used to Mikey’s scent of coffee, passion fruit and cinnamon, finding it a rather exotic but warming mixture of smells.
I smiled softly and Mikey turned round to look at me as we entered the kitchen. I blushed furiously but Mikey just smiled.
“Sorry.” I said embarrassed.
“Hey it’s okay.” Mikey chuckled as he filled the kettle up with water, “So you find comfort in people’s scents and wearing they’re clothes, no big deal.” he shrugged.
“It’s not?” I asked sitting down on the chair as he set out two mugs.
Mikey shook his head as he grabbed the jar of instant coffee from the cupboard, “I’m the same.” he admitted shrugging.
I smiled, listening to him as he explained that he used to wear his Dad’s shirts when he was a kid and he missed him when he was at work for long hours, the times he wore-and still wears- Gerard’s clothes just because he felt warm and safe in his brother’s clothes or even just to feel closer to him, how he liked the smell of lilies because it was his Grandmother’s favourite flowers and the smell of vanilla which was the smell of his Ma’s perfume she always wore.
I thought it was kind of cute and sweet, the way Mikey spoke about the various scents he liked because it made him feel close to the ones he loved without any embarrassment though he did blush furiously when he said he liked the sweet smell of chocolate because that was Ray always smelled of and laughed at himself when he admitted he liked the smell of coffee and cigarettes because it was the smell Gerard always had around him.
“That’s sweet Mikes.” I said quietly as he placed a mug of steaming hot coffee in front of me before sitting across from me, “Really cute.”
Mikey shrugged as if it was no big deal though I could see a tinge of pink on his face as he took a long drink of coffee.
I smiled softly taking the cigarette he passed me and lighting up, before taking a long deliberate drag, inhaling deeply, letting it enter my lungs, Mikey doing the same . I could hear the sounds of birds outside and the sun was slowly rising, the light gradually lightning up the kitchen. I glanced up from behind my mug of coffee to look at Mikey who was gazing out the window, lost in thought as he occasionally took a drag out of his cigarette, cup of coffee cradled in his hands.
“Hey Mikey.” I muttered quietly.
“Hm?” Mikey replied taking a sip of coffee.
“Um…thanks for ya know.” I shrugged letting out an embarrassed laugh before taking a sip of my own.
Mikey looked over at me, a small smile on his lips, “Hey it’s no problem.” he muttered, “You’re my best friend, and my brothers’ boyfriend, only natural I comforted you.”
“You didn’t have to.” I muttered before taking a drag.
“What? And leave you crying and tossing and turning all night?” Mikey raised his eyebrows at me, “If I did that, I wouldn’t be a good friend now would I?”
I smiled softly as I exhaled, “Guess not.” I muttered, taking another sip of my coffee, enjoying the rich taste and warmth of the sweet drink on my tongue.
“Exactly.” he muttered smiling, “So the nightmare you had, wanna talk about it?” he asked, looking at me softly.
I let out a heavy sigh, running a hand through m hair as I sat back in my chair, my coffee in the other.
“It’s okay, you can take your time.” Mikey said softly.
I bit down on my lip ring, “It might sound dramatic and pretty stupid.” I admitted, rubbing my eyes wearily before I took another drag of my cigarette.
“Hey, remember what I said upstairs? I don’t care how stupid, childish, minor or plain crazy, I wanna know about it.” he said softly but firmly.
I sighed heavily again, leaning forward to put out my cigarette; as I did so, Mikey reached over to do the same, before putting his hand on top of mine, squeezing it softly and reassuring, “Listen, when, when I heard you last night, it.” he sighed, “It hurt-a lot. You sounded like you were in pain, not physical, but emotional and I couldn’t handle it. Hell I remember when I used to sleep in Gee’s room, I heard him doing the exact same thing. He wouldn’t tell me what was causing it, just kept it bottled up.” I looked at Mikey, “I didn’t know at the time, I was only ten years old, but I know now that Gerard was going through a bout of depression-at twelve years old.” Mikey shook his head and I squeezed his hand back, making him smile softly at me before he went on, “It went on for ages, still does ya know, just that, he’s gotten good at hiding it from others, but sometimes, it, it get’s too much, it’s not healthy, bottling up your emotions like that, and he sometimes just snaps. Think you saw an example of that the other day.”
I frowned then gasped, “Because he was getting-?”
“Bullied? Yeah.” Mikey let out a heavy sigh, running a hand through his hair, “To think, it’s been going on since he was twelve, it just hurt. God knows how long he’s been self harming for.”
I flinched slightly at the word, “There’s been times when he doesn’t sleep at all, just stays up, looking up at the ceiling, thinking-he thinks too much if I’m honest-thinking about the stuff people have said to him, what people have done to him, the nightmares…sometimes he drank- a lot. To forget his problems ya know? Drank himself to sleep sometimes. It started when he was fifteen; about the same time he started smoking now that I think about it. That was when the bullying got worse; at first it was just name calling, an occasional poke to the head in class or tripped up on his way to his desk, but then he realized he was gay, kept it hidden for awhile, stayed in the closet, didn’t want anyone to know. But…” Mikey trailed off to light up another cigarette.
“But what?” I asked, rather reluctant to find out, but wanting to know all the same, forgetting m nightmare problem for a while.
“He uh was caught with his boyfriend outside his work.” Mikey sighed exhaling, “He met this guy, Jeff, an adrenaline junkie, worked at Ray’s brother’s garage. Cool guy, tattoos, cool hair, into awesome stuff, he was two years older then Gee mind you.” Mikey frowned at that and I giggled, “But Gerard liked him a lot, and Jeff took good care of him. Took him out on dates, got him gifts, stuff like that.” Mikey shrugged, “Never pushed him into anything, like you would expect in a relationship like that.”
“How long did they date for?” I asked curious.
“Bout two years, broke up last Summer.”
“How come?”
“They grew apart I guess. Jeff went off to college in New York to do Art and Gee was still in school. Long distance thing didn’t work; the most they saw of each other was about three times a year. Not ideal for a serious relationship.” Mikey smiled sadly, “They email each other still, decided to stay friends ya know.”
“So how did they get caught?” I asked.
Mikey took another drag, exhaled then said, “Must have been about six months into their relationship, and it was Jeff’s birthday so Gerard thought he would surprise him, go down to his work during lunch and spend it with him. Jeff walked him back up to school, they were holding hands and a couple of jocks who decided to skip their next class saw them kissing at the gates.” I bit my lip ring, “Gerard wasn’t ashamed of his relationship, not by a long shot, but he wanted to come out when he felt ready ya know?” I nodded in understanding, “He didn’t let it show that it got to him, but the abuse he got…it was horrible.” Mikey’s face darkened slightly, “Started getting beatings and getting into fights, big step up from the name calling though that continued and got worse. Got homophobic abuse added. But.” Mikey sighed heavily, “Again, he never talked about it; laughed it off, put on a smile and pretended everything was okay, but we knew he was drinking rather heavily; staying out late, waking up hung-over almost everyday, lost a lot of weight too due to the fact he never really ate anything.” I gripped Mikey’s hand tightly again, “He was far from okay, but whenever we tried talking to him, he would either shrug it off or just change the subject. If we saw the bruises on him, he would come up with some excuse, he got good at lying. But the nightmares got worse”
“I heard him crying sometimes when I slept in his room, even yelling a few times. It was bad. And now, seeing the scars on his arms, it just hit me hard, the full effect of the bullying it had on him. It ripped him apart. He stopped drinking, not completely, but not as much but occasionally. But he doesn’t sleep good at all. Always looks tired and run down when he let’s his guard down. Our parents have talked about him seeing a therapist, but we know full well that Gerard will refuse. He doesn’t talk about the bullying or the self harm, or the drinking or the nightmares.” Mikey said, “He keeps it all locked up. And how are you supposed to help someone, when they won’t tell you what’s wrong?”
“You can’t.” I muttered, realizing what Mikey was getting at.
“Exactly.” Mikey muttered, putting out his cigarette, “What happened to Gee, I don’t want-none of us want-the same thing to happen to you. You say it sounds stupid, but that’s how it starts. Gerard did the same, brushing concerns off with ‘it’s stupid’ or ‘doesn’t matter’. It’s best to get whatever it is bothering you out, or it’ll just eat you up inside and the problem will get worse.”
I bit my lip ring again, before lighting up another cigarette, taking a deep drag as I thought over everything Mikey had just said and the pain Gerard must have went through and still go through it all because he kept what seemed like ‘a stupid thing that didn’t matter’ locked up inside, all for the problem to grow bigger and eat him alive to the stage where he refused to talk about it, even if it was making him ill.
“So seeing you like that last night, it instantly reminded me what Gerard went through and that scared me. That you do the exact same thing he does and that’s hiding your problems. “ Mikey said softly, gripping my hand again and squeezing it reassuringly, “I’m not trying to pressurize you or anything. If you don’t want to tell me right now, that’s okay, just know that am here for you alright?”
I nodded, trying hard not to start crying again.
I took a deep breath, then told him about my nightmare. Once I started it was hard to stop and I felt slightly foolish, getting all worked up about something that never happened and just in my dreams but Mikey listened attentively as I told him about finding myself in a hospital ward, trying to find my way to Gerard’s room only to get blocked by the bastards that put him there, and they started chasing me, hunting me down like a pack of wolves do chasing after a helpless deer. I ran and ran but it felt like it was a maze and then I saw them; Gerard, Mikey, Ray, my mom hell even my dad who I haven’t seen in God knows how long (and like to keep it that way) and when I tried to reach them, I was blocked by a line of fire that gradually began to spread and I started screaming and crying out to them as they got burned right in front of me, those bastards laughing behind me before they set me alight. That was when I usually woke up.
Mikey bit his lip and, without any warning, he got up and embraced me in a tight hug as I started crying again.
“Hey everything’s gonna be alright. No one’s gonna hurt you and-as corny as it sounds- no one’s gonna take you away from us alright honey? Nothing’s gonna separate any of us. It was just a nightmare.” Mikey continued to comfort me, and I soon stopped crying. I felt much better knowing I had told him and he didn’t laugh or mock me but instead comforted me and that was really touching. Mikey really was a sweet heart.
After awhile Mikey and me broke apart and he made us some more coffee to drink as he lit up another cigarette, passing me one and I did the same. As we drank our coffee and smoked in a comfortable silence, I realized there was one thing I hadn’t-no one actually- had asked him yet and I felt suddenly selfish for not doing so.
“How are you coping?” I asked softly.
Mikey looked at me in surprise then shrugged, “I’m coping.” he muttered, “Hard, but I’m coping.”
I smiled softly and squeezed his hand back as he drank some coffee, “Hey.” I muttered, “Thanks for caring for me it means a lot.” Mikey went pink slightly, “Just know you don’t have to cope with all this yourself. Me and Ray and no doubt those other lazy bastards upstairs.” Mikey laughed at that, “Are here for you too. You don’ need to be the strong one all the time Mikes.”
I knew without even having to ask, that whenever a severe situation arose; like Gerard’s drinking, depression, or in this case him being in hospital, Mikey was always the one to pick up the pieces and try to keep things going normally. Just these past three days, I could see it. When we sat up waiting for word of Gerard’s whereabouts, Mikey had been the one comforting his mother while his Dad occasionally went out to search, he was the one who refused to leave Gerard’s bedside at the hospital and stayed up all night until he was sure Gerard would be okay, the one who comforted his mom when she came home from work last night and stayed up crying, and also the one who comforted me last night and this morning.
It wasn’t fair; Mikey always kept up a strong appearance but it must be killing him too, He needed someone there too. And I swear to myself and I’ll make a silent promise to Gerard too, that I’m gonna be here for him through this, and no doubt Ray will too.

“Thanks Frank.” Mikey muttered, gratefully, “That means a lot to me.”
I smiled softly at him, then suddenly I heard a thump sound from upstairs and the unmistakable sound of Lyn Z screeching at Bert about ‘being a total fucking virgin pervert‘-or something among those lines anyway.
Me and Mikey glanced at one another, trying not to laugh.
“I’ll go make some more coffee then.” I grinned slightly; Mikey nodded laughing now as we heard Bert yelling in pain as Lyn-Z chased him downstairs, assaulting him with some weapon no doubt.

Mikey’s point of view.

A couple of weeks have been and gone now; Gerard was able to get released from hospital two weeks after being hospitalized. The blood donation was a success and-after an operation on his leg- he was given the all clear. It was a relief, the break in his leg wasn’t too severe nor were the other injuries. I have to admit, it was hard; those two weeks of endless hell. Luckily I had the guys-just like Frank said I would- to be there for me and get me through it which was a good thing as I would probably be serving jail time for murder. Me and the guys went back to school on the Thursday of that week he was first in and it took a load of self control not to kill those fuckers in that hell hole. Word-as per usual- got out that Gerard was in hospital and rather then ask if he was okay like they would to any other student, some people only asked if Gerard was in hospital because he slipped up with the razor or topped himself. Nice. See why I wanted to kill some people?
It soon died down though after the first week, though I ‘m dreading school today as today Gerard is coming back to school. To some it may sound crazy (Our parents sure as hell thought so-he only got discharged at the weekend) but me, Ray and Frank knew why. Gerard was refusing to let the ones who did that to him win. By not coming back, would be giving in and Gerard refused point blank to even consider the idea of giving up. He still had to use a crutch for his leg and still had a couple of bandages but apart from that he was doing okay. If anything he was looking forward to get back to school. Anything to stop Ma from all but smothering him. Honestly she wouldn’t even let Gerard go out to the local store to buy coffee in case he got hurt. Gerard knew she was just being a loving and protective parent and knew she meant it with good intentions, but it was beginning to get on his nerves. Gerard wasn’t the sort for liking sympathy or others running around for him. He liked being independent and taking care of things himself and generally just getting on with life, no matter how bad a situation was. So ma being over protective and ‘beyond unbearable and driving him up the wall to the point he was severely contemplating going back into hospital’ as he put it, wasn’t exactly helpful.
I came downstairs from my room, dressed casually in faded denim jeans and Joy Division shirt, paired up with my red vans, leather belt and my black Smashing Pumpkins Hoody, to see Gerard banging his head off the kitchen table as ma-completely unaware of my brothers’ attempt to knock himself out as she busied herself making breakfast- was going on about how ‘he didn’t have to go into school and she was sure the school wouldn’t mind if he studied at home until he was fit enough to come in for exams and he really shouldn’t be pushing himself as he was fragile.’
That is one thing Gerard hates being described as: Fragile.
“Ma I’m not fragile!” Gerard said in forced calm, cup of coffee in his hands, “Look like a vampire? Yes. A caffeine addict? Yeah. Slightly deranged? One hundred percent. But I am not fragile!”
I tried my best not to laugh as I made myself a coffee. I don’t know how many times I had heard this conversation . It was the main one of the whole household. It was the same when Gerard wanted to go to work on Saturday after only getting discharged the night before, (needless to say that did not happen.-much to Gerard’s annoyance) and the same when Gerard wanted to go to the store just down the road that same day and also at least three times yesterday, when Gerard wanted to go to Starbucks, to the comic book store and to get some new clothes from Hot Topic downtown.
“Gerard you are still using a crutch and-”
“Yeah the crutch is to help me walk. You know the thing you refuse to let me do except only to go to the bathroom? Besides am doing pretty good without it now. I can run fifteen yards whenever you start nagging.” I laughed and almost choked on my coffee. Ma, used to Gerard’s smart ass comments, ignored that jibe sand continued nagging.
“I still don’t think you’re ready to go to school. If anything I think you shouldn’t go back if-”
“But Ma it’s my final year! I got my exams to take and I can’t take them if am sitting at home like some sort of hermit!”
It went on and on for at least fifteen minutes, me and my dad who was just getting ready for work, watching it like a tennis game, eyes going back and forth as they continued to argue. We both decided to keep out of their argument and leave them to it. The last time we got involved they all but ripped our heads off and made us feel like two year olds who got caught drawing on the walls and sent to our rooms.
In the end Gerard, went downstairs to his basement to get dressed for school and Ma huffed loudly tutting and mumbling under her breath that ‘That boy was gonna be the death of her’ amongst other things. I have to admit, it was pretty comical.
Suddenly I heard a car horn sounding from outside.
“That’ll be Ray and Frank.” I grinned before finishing off my second cup of coffee. I put my cup in the sink hugged my dad and kissed my Ma on the cheek, “Gotta go, me and the guys will wait up on Gee outside. Love ya.” I said brightly.
Ma mumbled something vaguely about me ‘dropping Gerard off at the asylum on our way’ making me laugh as I grabbed my bag and went outside to see Frank and Ray having their usual morning argument as AC/DC played from the radio.
“I’m telling ya dude there is no way you can beat a Chevy.”
“Yeah if you put it in a monster truck rally maybe.”
“Hey fuckers.” I called out grinning making them both whip round, “How y’all this beautiful morning? All set for the highway to hell?”
“Hey babe.” Ray grinned kissing me on the lips; Frank made a retching noise and I swatted him over the head, “Where’s Gee? Thought he was-crazy as it sounds-coming in today? Or did your mom put in a strait jacket and lock him up against his will in his basement?” Ray asked grinning, hands on my hips as Frank rubbed his head and grumbled insults at me underneath his breath. Nearly everyone in our social group knew a bout Gerard’s battle to escape our Ma’s over protective clutches. He decided to keep is all in form so we can ‘take pity on him’ and celebrate his release from ‘prison.’ Plus it was pretty fucking hilarious.
“Nope, not yet.” I grinned, giving Frank our usual morning hi five, “Though if he doesn’t move it she might get the chance to.”
Just as I said that we heard someone yell something and we turned round to see Gerard, his bag on his uninjured shoulder, rolling his eyes and running a hand through his hair in exasperation, dressed in black skinnies, held up with his leather belt and batman buckle, Misfits shirt and worn out leather jacket and his leather biker boots. He turned round, “I’ll get something to eat at school Ma!!” he threw an arm up in exasperation as Ma yelled something else, “I’ll be fine without it today! I can walk fine!” another pause as Ma yelled something, “Oh-kay going to school! See ya! Sayonara! Arrividerci!” Gerard yelled walking away waving a hand casually. He was limping, though slightly. Maybe he is right, maybe he can manage without his crutch today.
“Hey Gee freak!” Ray called grinning; he started laughing as Gee flipped him off with a bandaged finger, “Ready man?”
“Am I ever.” he grumbled though he smiled and kissed Frankie, putting his arms around his waist.
Me and Ray looked around us, him whistling innocently as I checked my nails before coughing loudly, “Uh hello? Don’t we have school to go to? You know the place to learn?” I asked exasperated, tapping my foot impatiently, “God and they moan at us eh Ray?” I asked Ray who laughed. “Don’t wanna watch you guys tongue fucking that’s what I watch porn for.”
Gerard flipped me off as Ray swatted me on the head making me laugh before Gerard and Frank broke apart and he climbed in the back of the truck, Frankie not far behind him. Both me and Ray laughed before I kissed him on the cheek and got in the passenger seat, Ray sliding off the hood and getting in and starting up the engine.

Gerard’s point of view.

“Fresh air!” I exclaimed loudly not to mention dramatically as I got out the truck, attracting a few bewildered looks, “Fresh air! Oh how I missed you so!”
“Think its getting to your head dude.” Mikey said grinning as he closed the door and instantly lit up a cigarette and leaned against the truck as I ignored him and danced around the parking lot-only to remember my leg was still sore and started to hop up and down in pain.
“Aw come on Mikes leave him. He’s been held against his will for the past two weeks.” Frankie grinned, lighting one up himself, before rolling his eyes fondly and grabbing me to wrap his arms around my waist, fingers tucked into my belt loops as he kept his cigarette in his mouth, “Guy’s got the right to be over dramatic Shakespeare style.” he smirked at me and I pouted, retaliating by daintily taking his cigarette out of his mouth and popping it into my own before folding my arms as if that settled it.
“Real mature Gee.” Ray grinned, putting an arm around Mikey’s shoulders as Frank lit up another cigarette, laughing in amusement as I took a deliberate long drag and exhaled a smoke ring in his face, “Missed you’re oh so mature behavior.” Ray said in fake sadness, hand to his head before rolling his eyes, grinning.
“Course you did.” I said tartly, nose up in the air and cigarette hanging daintily from my raised hand, “NO one matches my sassy and no shit taking maturity levels.” I smirked smugly before tasking a drag of Frankie’s stolen cigarette.
“Course not babe.” Frankie grinned, exhaling, “You’re a rare case of unique perfection.” he said before kissing me on the cheek.
It would have been awfully sweet-if it wasn’t the for the next thing he said, “Not to mention a cute face and rocking body to match, fuck yeah I got the package.” he smirked cheekily making me gasp in horror and swat him as he laughed.
Ray started laughing as I continued to assault my boyfriend while Mikey rolled his eyes.
“Oh hey check this out.” I smirked moving my jacket aside.
“What?” Frankie asked looking over my shoulder having to stand on tip toe.
“Go batman you know?” I asked smirking playing with my buckle.
“What is that?” Frank asked smirking before grabbing my package.
“Oh God!” I gasped as he burst out laughing .
I hit him on the head again though he didn’t bother blocking me; he just continued laughing that high pitched giggle that I loved so much and wrapped his arm around my waist again, putting out his cigarette, me doing the same, before he kissed my neck.
“Hey guys keep it PG will ya.” Ray called; I flipped him off groaning slightly as Frank bit down on the skin of my neck right next to my collarbone.
“Hey! Hey fuckers! Psycho alert!” Mikey called.
“Say what?” Frankie mumbled against my neck as I frowned in confusion.
Next thing I knew, Frankie was shoved away from me and an excited scream filled my ears and I was wrapped in a bone breaking hug. Considering I’ve broken a bone, I know that this is close.
“Oh my God you’re okay! You’re mom didn’t lock you up in your basement!”
“Hey Gracie.” I choked out, patting her awkwardly on the back, “Yeah am okay, but you might wanna let me go.” I breathed, “Kinda getting choke here!”
Gracie squeaked and let go of me and I let oxygen return to my lungs. As my boyfriend, brother and Ray laughed, Gracie squealed over excitedly, “Ah you’re okay! God I missed you! Art class is like totally boring without you! So’s English! Oh speaking of which, you should have seen it! Jennifer threw a completely over dramatic fit because Bert compared her to some bitch that was in some sort of Shakespeare thing we were doing! Oh and speaking of dramatics, we’re doing a new drama show soon but the teacher wanted to wait until you came back cause you know, you’re like the top performer! And should so get the lead part. Especially after your performance last year!!”
“You do drama class?” Frankie asked smirking at me as Gracie continued to ramble.
I nodded, “Best too?” Frank asked grinning.
“Ah I don’t think so.” I said sheepishly as he giggled.
“She seems to.” he said gesturing at Gracie who’s hair was now a neon purple and neon pink streaked.
“She’s a crazy person though.” I said as if that settled the matter; Frank started to giggle hysterically.
“Grace, Gracie, calm.” Mikey said, “Breathe, relax.”
“Am rambling again ain’t I?” She asked, stopping her non stop bouncing .
“A bit.” Mikey said as we laughed, “But not as bad as usual.”
Gracie looked at him and he backtracked, “Okay maybe a lot more then usual. But relax will ya?” he asked in exasperation, “Just not normal to be so energetic on a Monday morning.”
Gracie stuck her tongue out at him, then realized that Frankie had his arms wrapped round me. Her eyes lit up then-”Oh my god you guys are a couple!? “ she shrieked.
“Uh huh.” I said rolling my eyes as Frank laughed, playing with my hair as I entwined our fingers.
“Oh God.” Mikey groaned as Gracie began shrieking, rambling and bouncing round again, “Thanks guys.” he said to us sarcastically.
“No problem.“ Frank chuckled.
Suddenly there was the ear piercing sound of the bell signaling registration.
I swallowed and everyone looked at me, “You okay babe?” Frank asked rubbing circles on my hand.
I nodded mutely, “Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine.” Frank said tucking my hair behind my ear, “Anyone starts there shit I’ll make em’ eat there words. No one hurts you on my watch .” Frank said fiercely as he gripped my hand tightly.
I nodded again, “You can do this Gee, let’s prove those fuckers you won’t take their shit.” Mikey grinned patting me on the shoulder, “Like Frankie said anyone starts their shit, they’ll have us to answer to alright?”
“Kay, Let’s do this.” I muttered.
Ray ruffled my hair, “Come on vamp boy, we got cha back.” he grinned, “So feel free to cause mayhem, cause am in the mood for pranking.”
I laughed as Gracie hugged me tightly, “Come on Gee! I wanna see those assholes faces when you show up in class.” She said sounding like a kid.
Frank laughed and forced me to turn round so he could kiss me again, before linking our hands together, “Come on we’re too hot for those fuckers to handle remember?” he muttered, “They’ll be burning up with envy knowing I’ve got the hottest guy.” he smirked.
“Ha ha like they’re really gonna be jealous.” I said sarcastically.
“Hey you’re that hot, you’ve probably turned em’ gay and they haven’t realized it yet.”
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