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Chapter 12

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No, I'm not ok; I'm far from it

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Said I wouldn't leave you guys waiting too long for the next chapter!

Gerard’s POV

Every inch of my body is screaming out in pain; my skin feels like it’s on fire, as pain sparks and flares through my body. Each breath I take hurts, a sharp pain running through my ribs – I’m pretty sure I’ve fractured a rib or two. My legs feel weak beneath me. I’ve lost all sensation in my upper arms, the horrible ‘pins and needles’ sensation dances down my arms and into my hands. My head throbs as my cheeks tingle, a dull ache set in my jaw; I’m pretty sure I can feel something warm and sticky mixing with the tears that I let slid down my cheeks. My vision is blurs, black spots dance across my eyes; everything seems hazy. That annoying constant ring sits in my ears, each sound is muffled. I can hear Mikey sobbing somewhere in the distance, as another blow, lands painfully hard in my side. I gasp out, feeling sick as the ringing in my ears intensifies.

Suddenly, Mikey is kicking and screaming; protesting. The grip on my arms tighten, if that is at all possible. I dare to look up, just as a hand grabs a handful of my jacket and hauls me up higher. I gulp, my eyes darting wildly, looking at Mikey for a second, before they settle on Jared’s. My heart beats painfully against my already sore rib cage. I gulp, as the fear consumes me more, seeing the sick twisted smirk, that settles on Jared’s face. I flinch, at the sound of a sickening crack, even the two people holding me up, flinch at the sickening crack. My eyes snap up, as Jared looks away. I stare dumb founded, at the sigh I see

Frank’s POV

I trudge along the sidewalk. I must have made just fewer than twenty dollars, in the few hours I have been out playing, it would have been longer, if one of the strings hadn’t snapped. I sigh as I tuck a hand into my pocket, fingers numb with cold. I keep my head low as I walk. As I walk past an alley, I hear the sounds of a scuffle, the desperate sounds of someone’s pleas reach my ears

Just keep walking, Frank

I sigh, as a small bubble of guilt sets itself in my chest, as I slowly walk past the alley. But I can’t help but think that I’ve heard that voice from somewhere before, but where? I can’t help but stop, and take a few steps back, frowning slightly. I have heard that voice before. I peer down the alley slightly, hoping that I’m not seen. I spot a tall, scrawny looking teen, being held against his will. God, I know that voice! But where have I heard it before?


I feel my blood run cold as my heart stops beating for a second. Without thinking I step into the alley and I spot him. Bruised and bloodied; Gerard. I catch sight of something; it glints in the dim light, as it moves. My body moves on its own instinct, as a surge of adrenaline rushes through my blood stream. I raise my guitar case up high, running forward. Bringing it down as hard as I can, the guy releases the scrawny looking teen, falling down to the ground, unconscious. My heart beats restlessly in my chest, as I glance from the unconscious body, to the scrawny teen, whose eyes are wide and fearful

“Go get help,” I breathe out.

Without a word, the scrawny teen looks over to Gerard, before taking off, out of the alley. I awkwardly shrug my backpack off my back, keeping a firm hold of my guitar case. I peer at Gerard quickly; his face is a sickly pale colour, brandishing bruises and red marks. I glance quickly at the two guys holding him; they both looked surprised as well as pissed off. My eyes finally settle on the guy, holding the knife; his face hard, his cold steely blue eyes staring daggers at me

“You’ve got some nerve kid, coming here,” he snarled, his tone deadly as he pointed the knife at me. Something inside of me snapped

“I’m not a kid!” I shout. I lunge forwards, swinging my guitar case, catching the guys arm; I hear him hiss, the knife clattering to the ground, skidding across the ground. I go to swing for him again, only to stumble backwards. I look behind to see one of the guys, who had been holding Gerard, now held tightly onto my guitar case. His eyes narrowed and with one strong pull, I stumbled backwards, losing my grip on my guitar case. I watch as he throws my guitar case; it hits off the wall, opening, and my guitar tumbles out of it, landing on the ground, and the guitar case landing on top

“Frankie!” I snap my head in Gerard’s direction, but before I can say or do anything, I feel something hard, collide with the side of my face. My mind floods with visions; memories, and with it fear, as I tumble to the ground. I feel a sharp pain in my stomach, as a foot collides with my stomach. I cry out, as more memories flash through my head; my mother, the school bullies. I feel the tears well up in my eyes, as the adrenaline drains away, leaving me feeling helpless

Gerard’s POV

I watch as Frank falls to the ground, and the thug, swings his foot back, before kicking Frank hard in the stomach. My heart tugs and pulls, as I watch him curl up in fear, before he is harshly tugged up onto his feet. Within a second, Jared has snatched up the knife, from the ground, and is holding the blade up against Frank’s throat

“No!” I rasp out, Jared ignoring me as he stares coldly at Frank

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Jared sneers, pushing the blade slightly against Frank’s neck

“Leave him alone! He’s done nothing to you!” I can feel anger, starting to bubble up inside of me

“Shut it!” Jared snapped, his eyes never leaving Frank’s

“I’ll deal with you, when I’m done with this little fucker,” Jared states clearly. I try and pull my arms free from the death grip they’re in

“You’re an idiot, thinking you could help him,” Jared speaks, his tone oddly calm, that is was unnerving. I can see the tears well up in Frank’s eyes, as he whimpers, but doesn’t dare to move

“Did you really think you had a chance? Someone as weak and pathetic as you?”

I struggled more, the guy holding me, hissing at me to be still, but I ignored him, as the anger began to build inside of me

“You’re a piece of dirt,” Jared spat, “A waste of space.”

I saw the single tear roll down Frank’s cheek, and Jared’s harsh laughter. The guy holding Frank laughed and the guy holding me sniggered. I clenched my fists, as the anger bubbled even more inside of me

“Not so brave now, are you?” Jared laughed, pressing the blade even harder into Frank’s neck

“Pathetic,” Jared snarled, “A pathetic, good for nothing. You’re better off dead.”

“Liar!” I scream, as Jared drags the knife across Frank’s neck, before pulling it back.

I stomp my foot as hard as I can, onto the guy who holds me. He shouts out in pain, stumbling slightly. I swing my arms back, ignoring the pain that courses through my body. My elbow catches the guy in the ribs, and I swing my head back, head butting him. I fall forwards, landing on my hands and knees. My whole body protests, as I struggle to get to my feet. I lunge forwards, crashing into Jared, grabbing hold of his hand, that holds the knife

I pull as hard as I can, and fall backwards, and stumble, dragging Jared away from Frank. I cry, as Jared’s elbow connects with my ribs, the air being knocked out of me. I gasp for air, as Jared forces me into a wall; I feel the knife digging into my abdomen. Jared laughs slightly, keeping me pinned to the wall

“Do you honestly think you can beat me that easily?” Jared asks. I glance up and over his shoulder for a second, before I look back at him

“No.” I watch as confusion settles on Jared’s face

“But he will.” Jared turns his head to look over his shoulder, only to be met by a fist; Bob’s fist to be exact. Jared stumbles forward slightly; the knife digging into my stomach ever so slightly, before Bob grabs him and hauls him away. I gasp for air, and watch as Bob shoves Jared violently into the wall, the knife dropping to the ground

“No one lays a single hand on any of my mates and gets away with it,” Bob snaps, as he lands blow after blow, laying into Jared. I look in Frank’s direction in time, to see him fall, as Ray yanks the guy off him

“Gerard!” Mikey cries, running over. I wince as he pulls me into a hug

“Your fucking crazy!” Jared shouts, as he shoves Bob violently. Bob shoves back, pinning Jared against the wall

“I’m the crazy one?” Bob muses. Mikey holds me protectively

“I’m not the one, going around stalking people, and then trying to beat them to a bloody pulp over the most stupidest of things,” Bob hisses. Jared visibly flinches as Bob gets in his face

“If I catch you, around here again, or trying to harass my friends . . . I’ll make sure that it is you, that is a bloody pulp on the ground, got it?” Jared nods his head, before Bob lands one last blow before letting him go. Jared staggers

“Let’s get out of here,” Jared mutters, clutching his side. He limps, as he walks out of the alley, his two friends, collect their unconscious friend, before following suit after Jared

“Are you ok?” Bob asks, turning to me. No, I’m not ok; I’m far from it

“Gerard?” Mikey asks softly. My whole body is screaming at me, I just want to curl up somewhere, anywhere. I want to scream; I want to cry

“Who are you?” Ray’s voice reaches my ears. My eyes dart towards a figure moving, stumbling as they move; Frank

“Gerard?” Mikey asks again. I push myself away from Mikey, wincing as pain shoots through my ribs, my body feeling like a dead weight. I walk over to Frank. He stands, in front of his beloved guitar, just staring

“Frank?” I whisper. He whirls around. Those hazel eyes of his; wide and teary, but oh so beautiful. A bruise is already forming on his cheek from the punch he received. A small cut graces his neck, beads of ruby red glistening slightly in the dim light of the ally

“Gerard.” His voice is quiet and wavers slightly. Suddenly, I feel Frank’s arms wrap around, as he presses his body closer to mine. My arms ache as I wrap them around Frank and hold him close. After a moment or two, Frank pulls back, and gazes at me for a second, before his eyes wander and look past my shoulder

“Gerard.” Slowly, I turn around, and face a very confused looking Mikey, Ray and Bob

“Who is he?” What’s going on?” Mikey asks, his eyes darting between me and Frank.


I only have one chapter left to write, as well as the epilogue and then this story is finished. Please let me know if there are any spelling mistakes, and I will correct them. I hope this chapter was ok, I promise that it does brighten up a little!
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