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Chapter 11

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Fear floods my body as I try to push back against them

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OK - first of, before you read this chapter, I have something to say, that is to do with the whole Mikey Way situation. I would just like to say how disappointed I am in the whole fan base; the reactions that have come out have disappointed me, and made me feel sick. I have come to learn that some fans have actually done the #cutforMikey which goes against everything that MCR do and I also understand that some people have been trolling that 'trend' and I am also very disappointed to learn that some fans have actually sent death threats, which is completely uncalled for!! I can understand, that some fans have looked up to Mikey as a role model and I can completely understand that they are upset over what has happened. But not every role model is perfect; no one is perfect. Even role models have their own flaws. What Mikey has done, is his own choice; his own personal choice. What Mikey decides to do is up to him; it's his business, and not our business. We shouldn't, as a fan base, shouldn't be sticking our noses in. It is between Mikey, Alicia and the fangirl in concern, along with close family member's. I would however, would like to say though, that the fangirl, in my own personal opinion, probably doesn't love/like Mikey the way she says. She is probably doing it all for publicity. But I will say has been very careless about hiding it all as well. But that is my own personal opinion. I still love Mikey, regardless of what has happened; he has been apart of something amazing, which is helping to produce and create such amazing music that has helped me and a load more fans through some really tough times.

Right, now to the actual chapter; I know it's been over a week, possibly two since I last posted a chapter, but as you all know, I have had a very tough/bad start to the New Year and I am still getting over it. I also managed to come down with a cold so wasn't up for doing much writing. Anyway, here is the chapter, hopefully it is a lot longer than the last chapter, and hopefully a bit more interesting. I may edit it at some point, as I'm not quite happy with the detail, particularly towards the end of the chapter. Anyway, I've rambled long enough, enjoy!

- - - - - - - -

Frank’s POV

My back aches and groans as I pull on my very worn jacket. My eyes are sore and tired from the lack of sleep. I haul my back-pack onto my back, before reaching down and taking a firm hold of my guitar case. Blowing the last of the candles out, I shuffle towards the attic door in the darkness, before descending down the stairs into the small study room. The air is cool and calm as I walk through the rest of the house. It feels so empty, much like my life and I no doubt the rest of my life will be spent feeling empty and lonely; there is no way I’ll ever see him again, even if he did speak kind words, he probably never meant them. I sigh as I push through into the kitchen area, a few candles left on the side. I push the back door open; it’s still fairly dark out, the sky an orangey blue like colour. I’ve no idea of the time as I step out into the back garden, shoving the back door shut. The air is damp, and the ground squelches beneath my feet as I walk through the grass, towards the side gate. Pushing the side gate, it swings open with a squeak. The street is quiet, I no doubt people are still asleep in their nice warm beds, without a care in the world. Closing the gate with a slight shove, I pull my hood up with my free hand, as a gust of winds blows. Sighing and gripping my guitar case tighter in my hand, I set off, walking away from the house, and towards the small city centre and high street

Gerard’s POV

I groan and try to roll away from whoever is shaking my shoulder, and bury my head under my pillow. I hear an exaggerated sigh, before my duvet is ripped away

“What?!” I ask moodily sitting up and rubbing my eyes. Mikey stares back at me

“I’m off to work.” I grumble and slump back down against my pillows

“What time is it?”

“Just gone half seven.”

We must have got back home just turned one in the morning, and even then I was up and awake for a good hour or two, still feeling slightly unnerved at the prospect that someone could have been watching me

“I don’t get how you can be up so early,” I say making grabby hands for my duvet. Mikey rolls his eyes, a slight smirk on his face

“Make sure you come by later, you said you would so you could say goodbye,” Mikey said. I nodded my head

“I will, make sure Toro and Bryar are there, we could go grab a bite to eat before I head off.” Mikey nodded his head before tossing my duvet back at me

“See you later,” Mikey called, but I didn’t answer back, as I bury myself back under my duvet and fall asleep again

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I sigh and roll over lazily as I feel my mattress dip. The familiar over powering smell of my mom’s perfume, mixed with cigarette smoke reaches my nose, as she begins to run her fingers through my hair. Opening my eyes, she stares down at me; a small content smile graces her face

“Morning sleepy head,” she cooed. I bat her hand away but smile at her regardless as I sit up. She giggles a little

“Your washing has been done, I left it on your desk.” Sure enough as I look over, there’s a pile of neatly folded, clean clothes

“Thanks. I thought you’d be at work.”

“Later I do,” she smiled. She glanced around my room, her eyes lingering on certain drawings

“It always baffled me,” she spoke quietly

“Hmm?” I hummed scratching the back of my head

“Why you wanted your bedroom down in the basement,” she chuckled

“To be different,” I shrugged. She chuckled again, before ruffling my hair

“You were always different to the other children at school, but that’s why I love you,” she smiled and I smiled back, but that smile soon falters and my eyes down cast


His mother disowned him because he was different from everyone else

“Honey?” my mom’s voice is laced with concern. I look up at her; her eyebrows are knitted together, her eyes consumed with worry

“Are you ok honey?”

“I’m fine mom,” I smile at her. She raises one of her eyebrows at me

“I know you’re not fine. I know something’s on your mind,” she says, raising her other eyebrow at me.

I promised I would never tell another soul. I stay silent, sighing and looking away. I hear her sigh next to me

“You know, you can be as stubborn as your father sometimes Gerard, always keeping things to yourself.” I glance at her quickly before she sighs again

“Look honey,” she places a hand on my shoulder

“You know, you can talk to me, or your father or your brother and I no doubt your friends.” I nod my head

“I know I can ma,” I reply, smiling as she strokes her thumb down my cheek

“Just don’t keep it all bottled up, it won’t do you any good.” I nod my head and sigh. This is something that I have to deal with myself. She leans forward and presses a kiss to my forehead and I smile at her

“When are you thinking of leaving?” she asks

“Well, I said I’d go and meet up with Mikey, Ray and Bob on their lunch break, have some lunch and then head off.” Mom nods her head and smiles a sad smile

“Well, let me know when you’re heading off.” She ruffles my hair again, before standing up and walking over to my bedroom door

“I’ll leave a coffee for you in the kitchen.”

“Thanks ma,” I smile. She smiles one last time before she closes the door behind her. I lean back against my pillows and stare off into space. What do I do?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I emerge out of my room after showering and dressing. I have my bag slung over my shoulder, with my freshly clean clothes, and sketch pad and art pencils, along with a few other essentials. My mom glances up from the counter, where she is preparing food and sure enough, by the kettle is a mug of coffee. I dump my bag down by the table, pick up my mug of coffee and lean against the counter

“Your father would have come down to say goodbye to you earlier, only something happened at work and he had to go in early.” I sigh a little and nod my head. Dad’s always been a hard-working man as well as a family man

The room falls silent for a moment, the only sound heard is the chopping knife my mom uses. She checks the time; 11:46am. She shuffles around the kitchen, tidying and cleaning up the small mess she has made, before turning to me

“I have to go now sweetie. Have you still got your house key?”

I reach into my pocket and pull out my car keys, amongst the key rings is the house key. She smiles, before pulling me into a tight hug. I hug her bag just as tightly

“Safe trip back and don’t forget to call me,” she says, pulling back, holding me at arms length. I smile back at her

“I won’t, I promise. And I’ll be home for Christmas.”

She smiles again, pecking my cheek and hugging me one last time, before she releases me. She picks her bag up off the counter, turns and waves before she disappears. I hear the front door open and close. I suppose I should head to Barnes and Noble and meet up with Mikey and the guys for lunch, before I head back to New York. I rinse my mug out quickly and leave it on the drainer. Pulling on my shoes, I grab my coat and bag and head for the front door, making sure I’ve got everything before I step out onto the porch. It’s another grey dismal day. Locking the front door, I head over to my car and toss my bag in the boot of the car, before climbing into the driver’s seat

The roads were quiet as I drove through New Jersey, heading for the small but popular book shop Barnes and Noble. The shops were now completely stripped of their Halloween decorations, signs now hung in the windows, advertising the sales of Christmas decorations and cards. I shake my head a little; still too early to be advertising Christmas decorations. I went to the same spot I parked in, the other day. Stepping out of the car and locking it, I instantly felt that wave of paranoia; someone is watching me. I glance around a little, looking towards the alley not too far from Barnes and Noble. I shake my head; I should stop being so bloody paranoid. I head over to the shop, opening the door, and bracing the warmth that encircled me as soon as the door closed. Alicia looked up from her spot by the counter, a few customers browsing the bookshelves

“Hey Gerard,” she called cheerily. I smiled and waved at her

“Mikey! Gerard’s here!” A moment later, Mikey appeared, pushing his glasses further up his nose

“Finally in the land of the living then,” Mikey chuckled. I scowled at him

“You know I’m not a morning person Mikes,” I mumble, as Alicia chuckled

“Tell me about,” Mikey said rolling his eyes

“Whatever,” I mutter, a book catching my eye

“I’m more or less ready to go to lunch, I said to Bob and Ray that we’d meet them outside.” I nod my head

“I just need to fill this form out and grab my coat and I’ll be there.”

“Cool, I’ll wait outside.” I turn and head back towards the door, while Mikey disappears again. The cool autumn breeze greets me as I step back outside and lean against the wall. There’s that feeling again. I glance around and see a few people walking down the street, but they’re all preoccupied with something. I reach into my pocket and fish out my battered carton of cigarettes, pulling the last one out. I shove the empty container back into my pocket, and begin to search for my lighter

“Hey!” I call out as someone violently shoves me, my cigarette falling to the dirty sidewalk. I glance around to see two guys, one looking vaguely familiar. Before I get a chance to speak, I get shoved again, feeling a hand grip my upper arm and push me down the street. Fear floods my body as I push back against them, while they shove me further down the street, before pushing me sideways down the alley. Dumpsters line the alleyways, their green paint tarnished with rust and grime, screwed up newspapers scatter the grounds, as well as a few trash bags. Another violent shove, sends me flying to the ground with a thump, my hands scraping against the dirt

“Hey, what’s the big deal?” fear and annoyance lines my voice making me sound small. I feel a sharp pain as a foot connects with my ribs, knocking the air out of my lungs

“The big deal is, your ‘friend’ is a jerk, and you’re going to pay for it,” came a cold hard voice. My eyes widened as my blood ran cold. Two pairs of arms grabbed hold of my arms and hauled me to my feet. I remember that voice . . . . Leto; Jared Leto

Mikey’s POV

“Mikey!” Alicia’s voice rang out; she sounded panicked? I put the pen down, leaving the half filled out form, and walk out of the staffroom area

“What is it? Are you ok?” I asked, walking over and placing a hand on her arm. Her eyes were wide and fearful, panic clear on her face

“It’s Gerard!” My heart faltered a second, missing a beat before picking up it’s pace

“What? What about him?” I ask

“Some guys just came and pushed him away from the street,” Alicia’s voice wavered slightly. My stomach churned slightly

“Who?” I ask

“I don’t know, but one of them looked familiar,” Alicia panicked slightly

Fucking fuck. I glance around the shop a second

“Stay here, if I don’t come back in five minutes, call the cops, Bob and Ray should be here in a minute,” I say frantically, before running over to the door

“Be careful!” Alicia calls out. I run out into the street and jog down the sidewalk, running past the alley. I pause hearing voices, and a cry out of pain. I double back and stare down the alley, and sure enough, I spot Gerard in the dim light

“Gerard!” I call out, running down the alley without thinking

“Mikey, no,” Gerard coughs out. A tall guy, with dark hair and blue eyes, swings his fist back, before laying a hard blow to Gerard’s stomach. I feel anger build up inside of me, as the guy pulls back, smirking

“Aww, is the ickle baby brother hear to save the day?” he croon’s out. The other three snigger as Gerard whimpers out quietly. I catch a glimpse of a red mark forming by Gerard’s left eye

“Leave him alone!” I shout out, advancing forwards. The guy laughs coldly

“I don’t think so,” he sneers, and nods his head. The guy standing by swings for me, his fist connecting with my stomach. I double over in pain, before my arms are grabbed. I struggle to try and break free, kicking out at my captor, but to no avail. The guy laughs as he tightens his grip, making it painful. The dark haired kicks out at Gerard, the sound sickening, as Gerard drops to his knees, crying out in pain

“When I’m done with you, your brother’s next.”

“Don’t you fucking touch him,” Gerard hisses out glaring at the guy.

The guy brings his hand back, before slapping Gerard hard across the face. I flinch and look away, hearing the guy behind me snigger; the anger only grows inside of me, but I feel completely helpless, knowing I can’t break free of his grip. I look back round, to see a red hand-shaped mark now appearing on my brother’s face. He his hauled back to his feet, before being punched and kicked again, the sounds of every hit and blow loud making me feel sick. I cry out, begging him to stop, as he continues with his relentless beatings. I have no idea who this guy is; I have never seen him in my life, but he clearly knows Gerard and Gerard know’s him. The guys stops for a second, breathing heavily. I feel my eyes well up with tears as I look at Gerard; beaten, defeated, broken. The silent tears run down his face, mixing with the blood from his busted lip. He can barely hold himself up; he would probably crumple to the floor if the two guys weren’t holding him. I tear my gaze away from my brother, and to the dark haired guy. My eyes grow wide as I catch sight of something silver

“NO!” I cry out, kicking out as hard as I could. The guy snapped his attention to me, eyes narrowed, a cruel, sick smile on his face. He looks back at Gerard for a second before holding his hand behind his back, his hand wrapped around what looks like a small pocket knife

“NO! DON’T YOU FUCKING HURT HIM!” I shout. My please go unheard. I no doubt my please have gone unheard by people walking past the alley

“PLEASE,” I cry out, giving up the fight of a struggle, a tear slipping down my cheek. Gerard glances up and gulps slightly. The guy reaches forward and grabs the front of Gerard’s jacket, hauling him up higher

“Gerard!” I cry out. I scream as loud as I possibly can as the guy pulls his hand out from behind his back. I scream again, but soon stumble forward and into the side of the wall, as a loud crack sounds from behind me. I look around to see my captor lying unconscious on the ground. My eyes snap up and grow wide as I stare into the eyes of my saviour


OK so hopefully this chapter was a little bit more interesting. I have left it on a cliffhanger and I will try not to leave you guys hanging for too long!! And I'll leave you to guess who it is, that is Mikey's saviour
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