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Chapter 10

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Maybe I'm just being paranoid

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OK I would like you guys to read this first, before you read the chapter. It has been a while since I have updated this as you guys all know and I will be amazed if anyone still reads this. I was meant to post this chapter on New Year's Eve but that never happened due to reasons that I mentioned in the update note I posted last Thursday. I was planning to post this chapter last Friday, but was struck down with the Norovirus in the early hours of Friday morning, which wasn't very pleasant :-/ I haven't been having a lot of luck lately, this has possibly got to be the worst start to a New Year I have ever had, as today, me and my boyfriend are no longer together and this is the second time. I have been very tearful all day, and do not want any sympathy for it. I would just like to say that this chapter is more of a filler if anything before it gets interesting for the last couple of chapters. And I am sorry that this isn't a very long chapter either, but it is all I have been able to write at the moment, and I am not happy with it one bit

Mikey’s POV

“AH MAN! THAT WAS SO AWESOME!” Ray exclaimed, shouting to be heard over the excited chatter that filled the room. His ‘fro stuck to his head, slick with sweat, eyes bright, and a huge childish grin plastered across his face. The gig had finished, and we were slowly beginning to make our way out through the crowd

“You can say that again!” Christa giggled. I rolled my eyes as Ray’s cheeks, if possible, turned even redder and he smiled at her

“Hey watch it! Bob snapped.

I glanced around to watch as he shoved some teenager away from him, the teenager baring a scowl on their face, eyes like daggers, but Bob only growled in response. I laughed as the teenager, recoiled and moved away

“Calm down Bob!” I chuckled.

Bob continued to frown as we moved closer to the exit. I looked around to make sure Gerard was still close by. He was a pace or so behind Bob, glancing over his shoulder

“Are you ok Gerard?” I asked. Despite the energetic atmosphere throughout the gig, I had noticed how tense Gerard had seemed throughout the concert. His head snapped round at the sound of his name, his eyes fixing on me

“’m fine,” he called back

After what felt like an eternity, we finally reached the door, the merchandise table looked swamped, as people waved money about, pointing at what they wanted, while other people, filled towards the door, out into the cold evening air. I squeaked in surprise, as I felt a small hand grab hold of my arm and yank me to one side

“Hey,” Alicia grinned, eyes bright, cheeks flushed pink

“Oh, uh, hey Alicia,” I smiled, flushing slightly. She giggled

“What did you think? Of the gig?”

“Absolutely immense!” I chuckled, as Alicia laughed at me

“Sweet,” she said, peering over my shoulder. I looked around to see Bob had stopped and stood with Gerard, both being buffeted around by people passing by, while Ray and Christa stood talking to one another

“Come on,” Alicia said taking hold of my arm

“Where are we going?” I asked as she signalled at Bob and Gerard who looked at one another, before pushing their way through the crowd, but not before tugging on Ray’s arm. Alicia said nothing, as she laced her fingers with mine and began leading me towards another door that was guarded by another rather tall, burley looking security guard. He flashed a quick smile at Alicia before he glared coldly at me and I no doubt the others that were following behind. The corridor we walked through was dimly lit, the light bulb flickering slightly. The odd techie wondered past every now and then, as we walked quietly down the corridor

We came to a stop, in front of a door, that Alicia swiftly knocked on. Shuffling sounds came from behind the door, before it opened slowly. Billie poked his head out, a towel draped around hi neck, a few beads of sweat clung to his forehead. He glanced at Alicia, before glancing down and smirking

“Not your girlfriend huh?” Billie stated, making me blush yet again, as Alicia coughed beside me. Billie laughed before stepping aside, letting us in

“Hey!” Tré called out, waving the beer can in his hand around; for once he was sat down next to Mike

“You guys made it then,” Mike grinned

“Right at the front if I remember likely,” Billie chuckled, as he shut the door softly, before patting Gerard’s shoulder

“You guys were awesome,” Ray gushed. Billie laughed again, as he perched himself next to Jason on the table, picking his beer back up

“We try,” Mike said, taking a sip of his beer

“I just don’t get how you can have that much energy Tré,” Bob commented. Tré laughed sitting up a bit more

“That’s because he doesn’t really have an ‘off-switch’ so he just keeps going,” Jason said. The room filled with laughter as Tré scowled at Jason, and Jason grinned sheepishly back

“Still, it doesn’t matter, his energy adds to the performance,” Gerard commented. I nodded in agreement

“Makes it more fun and entertaining,” Christa giggled, cheeks flushing pink. Ray smiled stupidly at Christa

“So, do you guys want a beer or anything?” Billie offered, smiling

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gerard’s POV

Bob yawned next to me, as Alicia walked us back through to the main foyer part of the building. It was relatively empty in the building now, the odd person still wondering around, a group of techies still scouting the place, looking rather bored. I still can’t get the feeling of being watched out of my mind; I felt like someone had been watching me throughout the whole gig. It gave me the creeps. But I could just be paranoid, I mean, there were lots of people in that room

I shudder and shake off the thought. Too many things have happened since I got here, and I’ve only been here for a couple of days and I go back to art school tomorrow. I sighed and hug my arms close to my body as we enter outside, into the cold New Jersey night air

“Is someone picking you up?” Ray asked. I glance around to see he is addressing Christa

“Um, no, not really, I suppose I was going to walk home after the gig.”

“Walk home? At this time of the night?” Bob asked eyebrow raised

“Well,” Christa hesitated

“It’s ok, I could always, you know, um . . . walk you home?” Ray said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. I watched as Christa looked at him for a second before smiling

“Sure,” she smiled. Ray grinned like the fool he was before he turned to look at us

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow?” Ray questioned

“I’ll make sure to pop by before I head on back to New York,” I said while Bob nodded his head

“Cool, I’ll see you guys later then,” Ray said. Christa gave a small awkward wave before they turned and walked off down the sidewalk

“We better get a move on and head on home,” Bob suggested. I nodded in agreement

“Hey Mikes, are you done over there? Me and Gerard wanna go home!” Bob called

Turning around, I come face to face with Mikey. To easiest way to put it, it looks like Alicia is super-glued to his chest that is how close she is standing to Mikey. Alicia chuckles as Mikey blushes and scowls in Bob’s general direction

“I’ll see you tomorrow Mikey,” Alicia smiled. She reached up on her tip-toes and planted a very quick kiss on Mikey’s cheek, before pulling away and walking down the road, towards her parked car. Bob laughed as Mikey began to blush even more

“Come on, let’s go home,” I mumbled. Bob ceased his laughter and headed off in the direction of his parked car. Mikey wondered past me, a shy smile on his face. I smiled before glancing around behind me, staring into the dimly lit street, hearing car sirens blaring in the distance. Sighing, I turn and follow after Mikey and Bob, who were both clambering into the car


I'm really sorry that it isn't a very long chapter, and i hope to make the next chapter better and a lot more interesting
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