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Chapter Five

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[A/N] - Sorry for the late update but it's been a bad day ;L I shall cheer myself up! :D

The rest of the day was pretty boring. Maths, Science, RE... Missy was glad when it was the end of the day and her, Lilith and Penina made their way back to their room "So now what?" Missy asked.

"We're supposed to study until dinner." Lilith replied "But we don't do that. Sometimes the guys sneak over to our room to see us. Most of the time we just talk about crap."

So for the next hour Missy talked to Lilith and Penina about nothing in particular until there was a knock on their bedroom door. Lilith got up to answer the door and found Frank, Ray and Mikey standing there "Oh hey." Lilith smiled "Where's Gerard and Bob?"

"Gerard's probably snogging Abby." Frank said, going into the room and sitting down on Penina's bed, his arm going round her shoulders "And I saw Jennifer crying and Bob was hugging her. I was gonna ask what happened but Mikey advised me against it."

"Well I think they just need to be alone right now." Mikey said, smiling at Missy "Is it okay if I sit on your bed? Since Ray's on Lilith's and Frank is on Penina's."

"Sure." Missy replied, blushing slightly as Mikey sat down next to her.

"So what's happening?" Penina asked, leaning her head on Frank's shoulder.

"We just wanted to say hi and ask how your studying is going." Ray said "And yet again we came by to discover that you're not studying."

"It's Missy's first full day, we're celebrating. Don't be such a nerd." Lilith teased.

"You won't be calling me a nerd when we're married and I'm the one paying all the bills while you stay at home with the kids-"

"Wait, kids?" Lilith repeated, her eyes going wide "I don't want any kids."

"Ahh well you see, I'd like kids." Ray kissed Lilith's cheek "Come on, just one? Or two?"

"If you want kids then give birth to them yourself." Lilith giggled.

"So what about you guys?" Ray asked, wrapping his arms around Lilith "Want any kids?"

"Oh yeah. Me and Frank are totally gonna have loads of kids." Penina grinned "And a dog. And ooh maybe some fish-"

"Okay, you've put a lot of thought into this." Frank laughed "What about you Mikey?"

He shrugged his shoulders "I've never really thought about it."

"Boring!" Ray yelled then laughed to show he was joking "What about you Missy?"

She shrugged her shoulders "I guess I kinda know I want a kid. I haven't really thought too far into the future though."

"Why are we discussing babies?" Lilith asked, shuddering "Come on, can we change the subject please?"

After another disgusting dinner, Missy made her way to the little kids dormitories with Penina where they met Frank. All the little boys went into the girls dormitory "Alright, I have an idea for a story." Frank smiled.

Penina sat down on a girls bed. The girl had long, curly, dark brown hair and Penina told Missy that her name was Lauren and Lauren waved shyly at her. Frank sat down on Mia's bed and put his am around her so Missy sat down on Kacey's bed. Then Frank begin to tell the story.

"This is a true story." Frank said "About this school."

"Frank-" Penina started. She clearly knew the story he was about to tell.

"Come on Penina, it'll be fun." Frank smiled.

"Yeah, tell the story Frank." Mia grinned, leaning against Frank.

"See." Frank pulled Mia onto his lap "Once upon a time there was a girl called Alice King. She came to this school. She was pretty popular and really pretty. All the boys liked her and Alice played up to this. But it wasn't just the attention of the boys in her year that she was attracting. There was a teacher called Mr Clarke who used to teach the little kids, you guys, art. Anyway, he really liked her and one night he invited her down to his room. You can guess what happened next."

"No, what happened?" Lauren asked innocently.

"Frank, this story isn't appriopriate." Penina said "You're just gonna give them nightmares."

"No he's not!" Kacey cried "What happened to Alice, Frankie?"

"The teacher kind of him... Had his way with her. Once he was done, he realised that she'd tell someone and everyone would believe her. So he killed her. But the guilt got to him and he hung himself in the art cupboard. And now, Alice is angry about what he did. She can't get revenge on him because he's already dead so she takes it out on the kids he used to teach. The little kids. Just like you."

Everyone was silent "Frank's just kidding." Penina said "None of that's true."

"Yeah it is." Frank replied "The ghost of Alice King is in this school. And she's gonna get YOU!" Mia screamed and jumped off his lap. Frank ruffled her hair and laughed "Come on then, time to go to sleep. Night night."
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