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Chapter Six

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Penina and Frank argued the whole way back to their room "You shouldn't have told them that Frank." She said angrily "You know what the little kids are like. They'll believe you."

"Well they should. It's true." Frank replied "What do you think really happened to Peter?"

"That kid that was here about three months? He cried all the time. He missed his parents. So they came here and picked him up."

"Which doesn't make sense if you ask me. We were there for his last night. We were the ones who read him a story and put him to bed. He was fine that night, he'd completely settled down. Then in the morning, the kids said he just wasn't there. The teachers and everyone told us his parents had picked him up. Bit strange though, isn't it?"

"No it's not. There's nothing more to it Frank." Penina sighed and turned to face him "There's no ghost. There was no Alice King, no Mr Clarke. Nothing weird going on. It's just a story that some stupid bored kid made up to get some attention and scare a couple of people. Come on Frank."

"It's real, I swear to God." Frank looked at Missy "Come on, back me up here?"

Missy shrugged her shoulders and looked at Penina "The door. The window. We locked them. Closed them. I know we did."

"Oh Missy don't start, please?" Penina looked at her "We just forgot. The window was probably left open. We were in a hurry to get to dinner and we probably just-"

"Penina, you double checked it." Missy sighed "Whatever. I'm not gonna spend my time worrying about whether or not Alice King is haunting the school. Let's just go back to our room."

"Alright. Night Frank." Penina kissed his cheek and her and Missy made their way down the corridor "Whether Alice King is real or not, the little kids are gonna have nightmares. And we'll be the ones that get in trouble."

"Maybe they're braver than we think." Missy shrugged, even though the story had kinda scared her a little "Does Lilith know about the story?"

Penina nodded "Yeah and she believes it. Every word. She even said that when it was half-term she'd get a oujia board and then we could talk to her. But I convinced her it was a bad idea. They say that if you try a oujia boad you always regret it."

Missy shrugged her shoulders "Sounds kinda fun." She lied, wanting to sound brave.

"Don't say that to Lilith. I'm begging you Missy. Otherwise she'll get the oujia board and use it in our room just because it's two against one."

"I won't mention it to her." Missy said. She kind of wanted to forget the whole thing anyway.

"Good." Penina opened their bedroom door and found Lilith kissing Ray on their bed. Ray's shirt was off "WOW! ROOM MATES ARE HOME NOW! STOP ALL SEXUAL ACTIVITY!"

"Shout louder Penina, I don't think people in Australia heard you." Lilith said, rolling her eyes "Do you want the teachers to catch us?"

"Sorry, sorry." Penina said, raising her eye-brows and walking over to her bed "I'm exhausted."

"I'll see you guys tomorrow then." Ray said, pulling his tee shirt back on and kissing Lilith goodbye.

"So did you guys have a nice time telling the littlies a bedtime story?" Lilith asked in a childish voice.

"Whatever." Penina yawned "Might as well go to sleep now." They all got into their pyjamas and climbed into bed.

Missy woke up in the middle of the night. She could hear someone crying. Missy sat up slowly and flicked on her bedside table lamp. Penina was fast asleep. So was Lilith. The crying must be coming from outside. Missy knew she should go see if the person was okay but she was too scared "Lilith?" She whispered "Lilith?"

"Go back to sleep." Lilith mumbled, not even opening her eyes.

"What is it Missy?" Penina asked, yawning.

"Can't you hear the crying?" Missy asked.

Penina sat up and looked at her "Missy, if you're trying to scare us, it's not working."

"No, I'm being serious!"

"Whatever. Just go back to sleep and quit messing around." Penina hissed, lying back down.

Missy sighed and laid back down, putting her head under her below to block out the mysterious crying.
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