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Chapter Seven

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[A/N] - Hey guys, if you got my email, I'm gonna stick around for a while but when I finish my stories I think I'll take a hiatus from writing for a while so yeah :3

The next morning, at breakfast, Missy sat with Abby and Jennifer. Jennifer was mysteriously quiet but Abby seemed happy enough. Missy asked them whether they'd heard any crying last night "Crying?" Abby asked, raising her eye-brows "Nope. Didn't hear anything like that." They were silent for a minute before Abby suddenly cried "Jennifer, tell us what's wrong!"

"I can't." Jennifer whispered "I've only told Bob."

"You can tell us." Abby said "Even if you've killed someone! We'll help you bury the body and keep it to ourselves, honestly."

Jennifer didn't say anything but a small smile appeared on Jennifer's face "Look, you should at least tell Abby." Missy said eventually "I can understand why you wouldn't wanna trust me, with me being a new friend and all..."

"No, it's not that, I trust you." Jennifer said, running her fingers through her black wavy hair. She normally tied it into a ponytail but she'd overslept that morning and she had more important things on her mind than her hair "I just don't wanna talk about it. Not yet. Give me a couple of days, okay? It's a big shock for me."

"Alright, fine." Abby sighed "But I'll be on again in a couple of days, nagging at you to tell me and I won't give up."

"I know you won't." Jennifer smiled slightly, stirring her food around in her bowl "But right now, I'm not hungry and I have a phone call to make. I'll see you guys in lessons. Bye."

"Bye." Abby and Missy replied, watching Jennifer get up and leave the room.

"I'm worried about her." Abby said, eating a spoonful of her porridge "She's always been such a goodie-two-shoes and I dunno, always really happy. She'd only be that upset if something really bad had happened."

"She'll be okay." Missy said awkwardly "Jennifer will tell you what's up and then you'll give her some advice and everything will be okay." Missy bit her lip "But I was wondering... Do you know about Alice King?"

"Of course I do. Everyone here knows about Alice King." Abby replied, shrugging her shoulders "Why?"

"... Well do you believe it's true?" Missy asked.

Abby shrugged her shoulders "I guess I believe in what happened to her but not in the whole haunting thing. What a bunch of crap that was."

"Yeah." Missy replied, starting to daydream.

"Hey Missy." Mikey came over to her in the library, sat down next to her and smiled "There's a school dance on Sunday night and I was wondering... If you wanted to... And only if you wanted to... Would you wanna go with me? Like as my date?"

"Really?" Missy grinned and Mikey nodded "Yeah. Yeah I'd love that."

"Awesome." Mikey smiled "I'll see you around then." He waved to her then walked away. Missy returned her attention back to her book, smiling to herself.
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