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Chapter Eight

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"You're in a weirdly good mood today." Lilith said, raising her eye-brows at Missy who was smiling down at her Maths book "What's happened? Come on. Tell me!"

Missy grinned and looked at Lilith "Mikey asked me to the school dance on Sunday!"

"Aww that's awesome." Lilith smiled "I'm happy for you. And Mikey too."

"Are you going with Ray?"

Lilith shrugged her shoulders "Well he hasn't asked me but I'm guessing he just assumed I'd say yes so he doesn't have to bother to ask. I don't really like school dances. I'd rather stay in the room with Ray and..." Lilith laughed "Well, you know."

"Why don't you?"

"Ray likes school dances." Lilith replied, shrugging her shoulders "I'll probably nag him to let us leave early anyway." Missy nodded "Hey, Abby told me you were asking about Alice King."

Missy went bright red "Uhh yeah, I did."


"Well..." Missy sighed. She might as well tell her. If anyone was going to believe her, it'd be Lilith "I heard some weird crying last night. And weird things are happening. Like the door being open when I know for a fact that Penina locked it. Also, Frank told me about Peter."

Lilith grinned "Finally! Does this mean I can break out the ouijia board after half-term?"

"Well umm... Penina said she didn't think it was a good idea-"

"Yeah well Penina's a chicken." Lilith replied, rolling her eyes "But you're not. Are you?"

Missy sighed and shook her head even though it was a lie. She was terrified at the thought of communicating with dead people. But she wanted Lilith to like her. Lilith smiled "Perfect. This is gonna be awesome."

A couple of days later Missy sat with Abby, Lilith and Penina at breakfast and the four of them waited for Jennifer to show up. When Jennifer finally did show up, Missy felt sorry for her because she looked so scared and worried that it didn't help when Abby pounced on her and forced her down onto the seat next to her "It's been a couple of days." Abby reminded her "Come on Jennifer, it's time for you to spill everything."

Jennifer sighed "Look, can't I-"

"No." Penina said "Tell us now. You promised."

"You weren't even there!"

"I was told! Now come on, please tell us. We're dead worried about you!"

Jennifer groaned "Alright but don't tell anyone."

"Who would we tell?" Lilith asked, raising her eye-brows.

Jennifer smiled slightly and started telling them "A couple of months ago, me and Bob were in his room and we were kissing and well... Things were going a bit far. I've had all those safe sex talks and stuff but in the heat of the moment I just didn't care. And neither did Bob so-"

"YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Abby cried.

"Yell it a bit louder Abby, I don't think the boys at the other end of the school heard you." Lilith hissed then looked at Jennifer "Is it true?" Jennifer nodded tearfully "How do you know?"

"I talked to my parents on the phone. They're mad but they sent me three pregnancy tests. All of them were positive." Jennifer bit her lip.

"So what are you gonna do?" Missy asked.

"Well I can't keep the baby. I'd get kicked out of the school." Jennifer sighed "I'm having an abortion. I don't like the idea of killing an innocent baby but I can't risk getting kicked out."

"We'll be here for you Jen." Abby said, putting her arm around her "We promise."
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