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Chapter Nine

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Sunday Night

Missy looked at Penina who was wearing a floor-length black dress "You look beautiful." Missy told her with a smile.

"Thanks. So do you." Penina replied, looking at Missy's dark blue wavy dress that ended just above her knees.

"I dunno what to do with my hair." Missy sighed, sitting down at the dressing table.

"Just leave it loose." Penina said as Missy started dragging a brush through her long, straight, purple hair "I love your hair so much."

"Thanks." Missy smiled again, putting down the brush and running her fingers through it "Where's Lilith?"

"I am here!" Lilith announced, bursting into the room, followed by Abby who was biting her nails nervously "Wow, you two look lovely."

"So do you Lilith." Penina said, raising her eye-brows because Lilith was still in a pair of tight black skinny jeans and a baggy band tee-shirt "Wow Abby, you really do look beautiful."

"Thanks." Abby said distractedly. She did look lovely in a short purple dress and black high-heels "Look, have any of you guys seen Jennifer? I'm getting worried about her."

"I think she went home early." Penina told her "With the whole pregnancy thing, she just wanted to get the abortion over and done with. And half-term's tomorrow anyway, she might as well not stay for the dance."

"Who told you that?" Lilith asked.

"The teachers."

"Well don't you think that's a little strange?" Lilith asked, raising her eye-brows "For a start Jennifer's our best friend. She would've told us if she was going home."

"Maybe she didn't have time-" Penina started but Lilith interupted her.

"And two, Jennifer didn't tell the teachers about the pregnancy because she was scared that she'd get expelled. She wouldn't random tell them now."

"Lilith, come on-"

"No Penina. Admit it. Something doesn't add up. People are always just randomly going off back home. There's something strange going on. There's something the teachers aren't telling us." Lilith stood up "Anyway, I'm going for a shower. Just think about it."

Abby nodded when Lilith left "I agree with Lilith. Jennifer would've told us." Then she left the room to go and find Gerard.

Penina sighed and sat down "I hate it. All the stuff they're saying is making sense. Don't tell anyone I said this Missy, but I kind of believe them. Something weird is going on. But I don't wanna think about it. It's creepy and it actually really scares me."

Missy decided now was not the time to bring up the fact that she kept hearing someone crying in the middle of the night and it worried her that the other two couldn't seem to hear it "It'll be okay. I'm sure there's some kind of explanation. But we shouldn't worry about that tonight. Maybe Jennifer really didn't have time to tell us she was going? Maybe she'll be back after half-term and everything will be okay again. Right now, we should be focusing on having fun at the dance." Missy was trying to stay positive even though she heard a weird, horrible feeling inside her stomach. Was winning this scholarship really such a good thing?

Penina nodded and smiled "Yeah. You're right. I've been looking forward to this for a while now." Penina grinned, stood up and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Let's go find the others then." Missy said and the two of them made their way downstairs.

"Lilith, you look amazing!" Penina cried. Lilith had just entered the room wearing a black, gothic dress.

"Thanks but I feel really uncomfortable just being here." Lilith replied, rolling her eyes at the cluster of irritating girls dancing and laughing. Ruby and Miami were with them, flicking their hair around and eyeing up any boy that they thought was attractive. Or just any boy that was single. Then Miami caught Missy's eye, smiled and started making her way over to her, Ruby quickly following her. Missy sighed. Couldn't they leave her alone for just one night?

"It's a shame about your friend Jennifer." Miami said when she made it to the three of them "About the whole getting pregnant and being expelled thing-"

"What do you mean expelled?" Lilith asked, her eyes widening.

Miami smiled and shrugged her shoulders innocently "Well the teachers happened to find out. Shame really. She was such a nerd. Good for this school." Miami giggled "Anyway, we've got better things to do than talk to you losers. See you around."

The girls all glanced at each other as Miami and Ruby walked away.
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