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School day:Tuesday.

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I'm telling ya how my lessons were,what I did and a quick note on the oneshots and other fics. =)

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Hey!! :)
How's you?!
Good,I'm glad.

So,here is my day at school.

Tuesday 5th February 2013.


Tutor period.We did our PSHE work.
ASDAN,it's called.
Where we do all sorts of challenges up until year 9.
We did Courts today.


Science.I got a 6C in the asessment that we did yesterday.

cue da party popperz



French.We did an asessment today.
Listening and a little bit of Reading (which we'll be carrying on with on Thursday.)
We'll be doing a writing and (I think) speaking soon.
I got a level 6 in the listening,woo!

more party poppers


Break 1.I was in the computer room,on twitter.
I also coloured a bit of my drawing that I told you about yesterday.
I have finished it,I was just going over it.


We were practicing using the sewing machine.
Not much to say really.


I finished the final touches of the drawing.



Maths.It went sooooooo slooooooow.
my mind was basically wandering and I was thinking the following things during that hour.



Yeah,I hate when maths goes slow.
Miss also interuppted my thoughts.
Fuck her.


My fave lesson!
We carried on with our flag sculptures.
I like mine.
I also showed Mr.Forster,my art teacher,my drawing.
I said this to him,my full quote.

"You see,I like this band,My Chemical Romance,and that is the lead singer,Gerard,during the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge era.And around the outside I wrote the lyrics to Helena,one of the songs of the album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge."

And Sir said.

"You really are a super fan aren't you?"

And I was like.


Sir then told me I should do a pencil sketch of his face.
I might.

Here is the drawing BTW.
(You'll have to tilt your head to the side..)

"I'm HOME! Sorry i wasn't on at lunch,I was perfecting my drawing (which is here!)"

If you can't see the link,just go on my twitter (@Chemical_Bun) and look for that exact tweet.

Right,on to my next bit.

AJ,I am gonna write your oneshot today.
But,what is the plot to it?
I really need to know.


Next notice.
I'm thinking of writing a sequel to my Keep Running fic,but I dunno.
You decide for me guys,okay.

That's about it for now.

Stay Beautiful Keep It Ugly! xx

I'm saying that after writing fics from now on,okay.

xoxo Sadie
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