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Chapter 4

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Mikey packed all of his essential files into a small bag and made his way out of the Crythin Arms to pay a visit to Mr Iero. He was the village lawyer who would assist him in selling the property of the Bryars. Almost every house Mikey passed, he would be greeted by the same reaction. Anyone who noticed him would stop whatever they were doing to stare at him, before quickly rushing into their home. A little girl and two boys stood at the fence of their garden and had to be hurried inside by their father. Another couple of girls were peering down at him from a window. They attempted to hide behind the curtains but Mikey still saw them staring at him. He frowned and continued down to the post office where Mr Iero worked. With a few knocks on the door no body answered. Mikey tried the handle and managed to let himself inside.

"Mr Iero?" he called out into the empty room. "Mr Iero." He heard footsteps coming up from stairs leading from a basement. He looked in to see a brown haired woman walking up the stairs. She froze for a moment when she looked up and saw him, but she continued up to the landing.

"Mr Kipps?" She asked suspiciously.

"Yes, I'm assuming you're Mrs Iero?" He replied.

"I- um yes I'm Penina, but may I ask why you are here?"

Just as Mikey was about to explain his case for Eel Marsh, a girl with jet black hair came running up the stairs. "Mummy, what are you do-" The little girls smile disappeared as she noticed Mikey. She clung to her mothers leg and hid herself away.

Penina turned and began to gently push her daughter back towards the stairs. "Go back downstairs Madison and I will be with you soon" When Madison continued to stare at Mikey she began to urge her more "Mad go downstairs as I told you."

As she made her way back, Mr Iero finally appeared through the front door. "Ah Mr Kipps" Seemed as though Frank was the only person other than Ray who had greeted him with such a friendly tone. He handed more documents over to Mikey and said "I hear you are heading home today."

Mikey is flicking through the papers when he glanced back up to Frank, "Not until I've finished the paper work."

"All there, as I told you." Frank smiles.

"No at the house I mean. I've been told there is a substantial amount there. I don't expect to be done by Friday." Mr Iero's warm smile fades and he grows serious. He looks at Penina from over Mikey's shoulder and see's the fear in her deep green eyes. She goes to speak but instead runs down to the basement to protect her only daughter.

Mr Iero swallows nervously "It's not possible. No body can go to Eel Marsh house. Not anymore."

Mikey frowns "well, I shall have to contact my agency."

"Mr Kipps," Frank puts a hand on his shoulder and leads him towards the door, opening it for him. "I shall do that for you. Now my friend Keckwick has all of your luggage and will take you to the station."

The door is closed behind him just as Mikey began to protest. He sighs in exasperation at the thought of getting fired and not being able to provide for Tommy. He shook his head and walked up to Keckwick who was seated in his cart, a tight grip on the reins that held tied two horses to the cart. "Change of Plans. You're taking me to Eel Marsh House."

With a grim look on his face, Keckwick muttered. "Mr Iero paid me to take you to the station."

Mikey digs in his coat pocket and holds out a few shillings to the driver. He says nothing and waits for his reply. "Make it six and I'll think about it." Keckwick finally says leaving Mikey taken aback.

"Six shillings?" His voice shocked at the price, even if it was for bribery.

"You won't find anyone else who will take you." Mikey considered this option. Clearly no body so far besides Ray had given him a friendly welcome, neither had Keckwick especially but he needed to get to Eel Marsh. If Keckwick wanted six shillings, then that was the price he would have to pay. He pulls a couple more shillings and hands them reluctantly over before climbing into the cart, making their way to Eel Marsh.

After just over an hour or so of driving through silence, the road seemed to disappear and became replaced with a a pathway surrounded by drenched marsh land. As they moved further down the path a large wooden cross caught Mikey's eye, as it stood tall. The dark cross had been stuck into the marsh land as if to pay respect to someone or something of which Mikey did not know of yet. Keckwick stopped as the marsh land stopped and they reached the gates of the house. From the towering walls covered in dead ivy, all that could be seen was the roof of the house. Mikey picked up the bag of his files and climbed off the cart.

"You can pick me back up here at 3?" He asked.

"Can't" Keckwick replied. "Tide will be back in at that time. It'll be back out at 5. I can pick you up then." He still wore the angry, stern expression on the face since Mikey had first saw him.

"Fine, 5 o'clock then" He watched as Keckwick drove away and then began to make his way up the leaf filled path towards the steps up to Eel Marsh House. Where there were more secrets hidden in, than he would hope to find.

A/N I know I'm late again but I've got fuck loads of school work and I've been getting stressed. Also most of the people that I actually put in this story don't seem to even acknowledge it. Sorry just in a bad mood and...fuck it I don't even know.
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