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Colonizing a new World

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Kira, Flay, and Lacus thought thier secret relationship was all they had to worry about in the future, they didnt know what the drop of Junius 7 on earth would mean for the future survival of human...

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A/N: I don’t own gundam seed
[*Ch 1 Kira gets lucky

He had fought in the war, in countless battles, made many hard choices, had to act quickly to reach a solution in combat.
But yet this was one battle that he was not able to fully resolve.
“Kira, you have to make a decision,” said Flay looking at him.
“Yes Kira, you have to decide, who you truly love,” said Lacus.
Both the pink and red haired girls were sitting on his bed while he stood in front of him in his quarters on the archangel while he was struggling with the choice he was being made to make.
He had saved Flay’s shuttle which returned to the archangel and destroyed GENESIS preventing the Eternals likely destruction. He had saved both girls that had come to mean something important to him, but yet now he was stuck between choosing who to make a part of his life.
“Give me a minute, its hard enough on me to make this decision,” he said scratching his head.
Both girls half glared and half understood what he meant. They both equally cared for him, but yet any attempts to pressure him to choosing them might make him reject them all together.
However, the beauty that was Lacus was now having a devious idea in her mind, and started to removed the straps on her white customized captain’s uniform and let it drop down.
"L-Lacus? What are you doing?" Kira asked with surprise.
"Kira? She’s….she’s undressing…in front of….of.." the redhead trailed off when the pink haired girl suddenly leaned forward and locked lips with the redhead instantly by surprise. Flay didn’t know what had just happened, but after three seconds of Lacus’s lips on her own, Flay’s lost all normal thoughts, and started to return the kiss and exchanging tongue with the songstress with a passion.
'Oh god…I can’t believe I’m doing this,” said Flay breaking away from the kiss for a moment and Lacus started to undress the redhead, taking off the white EA uniform and shirt, then unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor with her other clothing, she yanked off her white regulation panties and kicked them to the side and they both turned to the focus of their affections, Kira.
They say a guy always thinks about sex when looking at a girl, Kira wasn’t always one of them, but he was right now as he watched to sexy looking and nude girls crawling up to him on his bed.

'Hmmm, we need to get you a little hard first Kira.' Lacus said and then knelt down a bit more and raised Flay's legs up and dove her hands into her white skirt.

Lacus pushed the redheads legs open wide so that her teenage snatch was visible. Flay's pussy was in plain sight and the redhead didn't seem to mind at all now that her own sex drive had been started making her really wet down there.

Lacus lowered her mouth down to the redhead girl's snatch and lightly licked the surface causing Flay to shiver and moan out loud. Lacus dove her tongue right in causing Flay to jerk her body a bit but she continued on much to the pleasure of the pinkette.

‘I can’t believe that this coordinator girl is licking me out? ….hhuuuuhhhh….it feels great. Just as much as when Kira did it to me in the desert,…oooohhhh yes keep going, you coordinator slut!' Flay thought and moved her head to the side and pulled the still startled Kira to her and locked lips for the first time in a long while with her brown haired boyfriend. Kira still confused as to the two girls making love in front of him and then Flay kissed him back. He could taste both Flay’s own and Lacus saliva on her tongue and then Kira could feel like some drug effect over him and he was no longer surprised and now into it, all the while Lacus was devouring the redhead’s snatch with her tongue and with plenty of energy. Flay arched her back a bit as she felt Lacus's tongue swirling around inside her forming new ripples of pleasure to surge through her being.

"Don't stop. More, keep going your coordinator bitch" yelled Flay out loud breaking from her kiss with Kira to feel herself about to cum.
Lacus felt Flay’s orgasm approaching and decide to spread the redhead’s opening wider so she could dive two fingers into Flay’s snatch and thrust them in to further stimulate the redhead.

After a few more minutes Flay's hips started jerking on the bed and her orgasm came after a few more licks from Lacus’s tongue.

"Dang it, I'm Cumming!" She yelled out loud as she came hard letting her love juices spilled into Lacus's mouth. Lacus lapped up all the cum that Flay let out and licked her lips in a sexy fashion, then turned to eye Flay who was trying to recover.
"That felt great, Kira’s the only one who‘s ever done that to me," Flay said looking at the pink girl who smiled back, then turned to Kira, “Why don’t you give her a nice feeling all over Kira.”

"Oooohhh yes, Kira..!" Flay stammered as Kira's left hand continued masturbating her pussy and lacus did something unexpected and pulled Flay back into a searing tongue lapping kiss that was now laced with her own pussy juices.

"Mmmmmm…" Lacus moaned as she felt the redhead's tongue worm around inside her own mouth letting the two girls share a sexy lesbian kiss once again with the redhead tasting her own juices in the pinkette’s mouth.

Flay returned the favor by placing one hand down to Lacus’s pussy and the other on one of her breasts, and started rubbing her breast in swirls and massaging Lacus's pussy in sync. Lacus moaned and placed both of her delicate hands on Flay’s face so she could deepen the kiss and depths in which her tongue could move around in.

Kira felt like his life had just taken a turn into a porno, except that he was actually living it. The fact that he was seeing two girls who had been at odds the last time they were in the same room were now making out and now trying to get him riled up had succeeded and he could feel his boxers getting tight and his mind craving the two girls

Lacus undocked from Flay’s mouth with a thin trail of shared saliva connecting the two mouths, and the two girls detached slowly so that the string of saliva took a while to break apart, and they both turned around to look at Kira in a naughty way.

"What do you say, Flay? Think it’s time that we give Kira some in depth medical attention?" Lacus asked deviously.

Flay with bedroom eyes that gazed hungrily at Kira and Lacus replied, "I see no reason why not."

Kira was almost sure that he would have died and gone to heaven as both girls kneeled down in front of him with both pairs of hands worked the hem of his boxers, taking them off to expose his fully erect and eager cock springing out in front of the girls.

Without hesitation Lacus immediately placed her mouth on one side of it and opened her mouth to lick all around Kira’s shaft tip, making Kira gripped the bed sheets as the pink girl’s wet spongy flesh was tasting him.

Flay looked hesitant for a moment, but soon placed her open mouth on the other side of his shaft while Lacus's tongue ravaged the other.

'Wow….this is unreal..!' Kira thought being overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure of Flay licking his cock from one side while Lacus lapped the other. Flay placed kisses in between her licks and she made sure to cover every inch of her side of his shaft, while Lacus alternated between licking and suckling around his rod as they heard him moan very loudly from their combined efforts on his manhood.

'Hmmm, I think its time for me to try something else,’ thought Lacus and in one swift movement Julie took in Kira’s entire member into her mouth and throat.

"Oh wow…! Lacus you're incredible!" Kira gasped as he started breathing heavy from Lacus’s mouth. Lacus indeed took all of him in and she started bobbing her head slowly back and forth and Kira felt like he was going to explode soon.

Slurping sounds were being made loudly as Flay continued deep throating Kira's cock at a rapid pace while Flay was licking around his balls with lusty taste in her mouth.

After a few seconds the dam burst and Kira yelled out their names as he released numerous amounts of semen into the songstress’s throat.

Lacus had her first experience of a torrent of sperm invading her throat like a flood, but held it all inside and didn't swallow it just yet.
After a few more thrusts Kira ceased his orgasm and Lacus removed his cock from her mouth with a trail of cum overflowing from the corners of her lips. Flay removed her lips as well and looked to Lacus and grinned, they both nodded and when they noticed Kira looking directly at the two they went into action.
Flay placed her hands on Lacus's face and rose up a little bit and opened her mouth to reveal nothing but creamy sperm dribbling around inside her mouth.

Flay opened her mouth wide open and Lacus let drop a slow slimy trail of the ultimate coordinator's sperm into the Natural’s waiting mouth.

“Holy….,” Kira said at the sight while his cock began hard again.

Dribbling amounts of bodily cream flowed into Flay's mouth filing her throat almost as much as Lacus's who then closed the distance between them and locked cream covered lips with Flay. Kira was silent as the two girls kiss and tongue each other with sperm coated lips and tongues.

Both girls moaned inwardly and opened the gap between them a bit so that Ben could one sperm covered tongue being sucked by the other's mouth and vice versa. His member was now standing rock hard and ready for action.
The girls noticed this and gently broke apart leaving a thicker trail of cum between them; they each swallowed what remained inside their mouths with audible gulps and turned their attention to their brown haired lover.

"Who goes first?" Flay asked lustfully.

"Who says we have to choose." Lacus said in lusty unison as both girls shoved him onto his back on the bed.
Lacus got up over him so that she was above his head with him having a clear view of her moist teenage snatch, she lowered her bottom so that Kira’'s mouth was upfront with her pussy. Flay got up and straddled him to lower herself onto his erect manhood. Little by little his rod inched into her until with an elated gasp she buried his shaft deep into her wet moist passage.

Kira took the cue to begin lapping Lacus's cunt hungrily that was dripping wet now causing her to breath hard and lightly call his name. Flay was bouncing up and down repeatedly on his meat causing her breasts to jiggle and her voice to become louder and louder, she was out of practice but this was the only rod she had ever had in her and she was thrilled to have it inside her again.

Kira had the best of two worlds at the moment, first he was eating the famous pinkhaird songstress of the PLANTS at the same time he was having sex with the redhead beauty he had lost his virginity to.

Lacus steadily grinded her hips into his face causing his tongue to delve deeper into her snatch while Flay placed her hands on his abdomen to steady her humping of his cock.

Unbeknownst to any of them their little love session was being watched by someone outside of the room as the blond young woman known as Cagalli was watching from the partially cracked door.

She just came here a few moments ago to talk to her brother, the last thing in the world she expected was to find a threesome in action between three people she never would have expected to do so. She was too stunned to either move or say anything, but as appalled as she was Cagalli couldn't ignore the now growing sensation in her lower region which expanded exponentially when watching the love making of her brother, her friend Lacus, and the recovered redhead.

She wasn’t even fully aware of her right hand that was exploring into her panties and started playing with herself as she kept watching them.
'Why am I not going in there and demanding an explanation? Why am I feeling like I'm some kind of drug? I…don't know what I want to do, I feel like I want to join in so badly, what’s going on?,” she asked herself as she looked back into the room.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" Flay cried out as her hips felt tight and her pussy contracted on Kira's member as his climax was about to come as well. His tongue was lapping up and down all around inside Lacus's pussy until she felt her climax come the same time as Flay's, "Oh Kira.”
Kira felt a strong sensation flow throughout his body as he came inside Flay and ropes of flowing cum spilled into her womb filling her up. Spurt after spurt he ejected into his redheaded girlfriend while she was arching her back in fierce orgasm. All the while Lacus's cunt juices leaked out into Ben's waiting mouth while he continued lapping up her womanhood for all its worth, and soon the pinkette came as well and all three climaxed at once.

After a few more seconds of this they all finished and laid down together in the bed in satisfaction as their sexual urges started to die down.

“I don’t suppose anyone knows what caused us to do that,” asked Kira as he gripped both girls at his side who were snuggling against him..

“Who knows,” said Lacus grinning, “But who cares, this was a most enjoyable experience. I say we do it again soon.”
“I agree, I don’t have a problem with sharing you Kira if it’s ok with you,” said Flay.
Kira thought for a moment, two hot girls had sex with him and now wanted to have more, how he could refuse.
The pink and red head girls each placed their heads on their respective sides of Kira’s bare chest, and soon all three went off to sleep, now satisfied with their new relationship.

Outside of the room, Cagalli had just made herself come as well, and after her panting had gotten under control, she started to pull her panties and cargo pants back up.
“What the heck just happened to me, why couldn’t I control myself watching the three of them…..doing it?’ she asked herself.
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