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I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it.

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Panic! at the Disco and Supernatural crossover!!! After the heart breaking split of Panic! at the Disco Brendon and Spencer find two new band mates and head out for a come back tour. But what if th...

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The rain pounded down hard, creating a hammering rhythm against the lmpala's metal exterior. Sam slept soundlessly in the passenger seat leaving Dean to drive in silence. It wasn't abnormal for their nights to end up on the road like this. Dean didn't mind the silence; it gave him time to think. Think about the past. Think about the present. Think about the future.
It was one of those nights when the past came to mind. For Dean, this topic was the worse. When they say "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger," that was basically the Winchesters' life. They have been through a lot and not all of it was pleasant, actually most of it wasn't pleasant. So those dark nights when his thoughts couldn't help but to wonder to those unfortunate events all he could try and do was try and ignore them. Dean inhaled deeply, trying not to be bothered by the dark thoughts.
His hand reached through the inky darkness of the night and of the night and flipped on the old radio. An upbeat pop song came on. Dean cursed under his breath; this would never be something he would listen to. He was more of a classic rock kind of guy, and he would never let Sam drive his car unsupervised again. But just as he found his favorite Led Zeppelin cassette tape the radio station's announcer came on.
"Hello Nebraska, you are tuned in 107.7 the station that plays all you alternative rock favorites and tonight we have a few special guests in the studio with us." Just out of curiosity Dean left the station on for a few more seconds. "They're young, hot, and talented; here is the one and only Panic! At the Disco," said the boisterous announcer. Panic! At the Disco. That sounded familiar to Dean. He dropped the cassette tape in the ash tray. That's when he knew it. "Please welcome the band members Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith, and their newest to join Cat Monroe."
Dean froze; his hand griped the steering wheel tighter turning his knuckles white. "No" he whispered to himself. In shock Dean let the radio play on.
"First question for you Cat," the station announcer continued, "how does it feel to be part of one of the most well-known bands in the rock industry?”
It took a moment for her to answer making it obvious how nervous she was. "Well" she started, "I'm astounded that I'm still here. But I have Brendon and Spencer to help me through all the craziness." Her soft soprano voice rang of the speakers.
"This one's for the guys. It's just been you two for so long, how does it feel to have a new band member?" the announcer wondered.
"It took some adjusting especially when it comes to writing songs, all the ideas are now as a group; let's just say there is some verbal abuse that’s thrown around" Brendon said. There was a ring of laughter.
Sam stirred and his eyes fluttered open. He looked over at his brother who sat ridged beside him. "Dean are you okay" he asked his voice still groggy with sleep. He quickly snapped Dean back into reality.
"Yeah, I'm fine just thinking" he responded as he picked up the Led Zeppelin cassette and popped it in the slot. As the crashing drums pulsated through the car Sam stirred
"Dude, can you at least turn it down," Sam complained as he turned over. Usually Dean would have retorted with a crude remark, but all he said was "whatever." Sam would have picked up on there was something bothering Dean, if he wasn't already asleep.
Dean slowly drifted back in to his thoughts. He knew her. She knew him. They had grown up together. Dean hasn't seen Cat in over ten years. All he knew was that he wanted to see her again. He could already imagine her long black hair, her skin the shade of the finest ivory, and her glowing violet eyes. But what he didn't know was his wish of seeing her would come sooner then he thought.
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