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For a second, it was hard to believe that he was mine.

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Pools, motorcycles, and Brendon's ADHD what more could you wan in life.

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Chapter 1
The hot summer sun shone down making the pool sparkle. It was a beautiful July afternoon. I sat on the water's edge and dangled my feet in the cool water, while Brendan, Spenser, and Dallon were in the water splashing like kids. It was one of the perfect days. We were celebrating the release of our bands' new album and the ending of our concert tour. It was the final week of touring and our last city was Phoenix. The hotel we're staying at has a luxurious pool amenity overlooking the dessert valleys. I looked up at the cloudless sky and closed my eyes. It wasn't long before I was quickly pulled out of my day dreaming by the call of my name.
"Cat", they called out.
I opened my eyes to see who it was. I held my hand over my eyes to shield the sun glare away, and saw it was Brendan. I smiled and waved.
"Get in the pool ", Brendan yelled out as he swam closer toward me. By the time I answered he was already next to me leaning on the side of the pool. "Get in", he repeated as he rested his chin on his arm.
"And risk getting my new Mark Jacobs bikini ruined in the chlorine," I replied playfully.
"So why wear a bathing suit if you don't intend to get wet", he remarked sarcastically as he looked at me.
My answer to that remark was a shrug of my shoulders. Then he raised his eyebrow and laughingly said, "Then you don't know what a bathing suit is for".
I made an obscure face at him as to say so what. He then stood up on the side of the pool bent down by my side and put his hands on my waist and said, "Someone needs to teach you a lesson on how to use a bathing suit".
Before I could ask what he meant I felt my body being lifted and thrown into the pool, and within seconds I was submerged underwater. I flared my arms uncontrollably as I landed in the water. I suddenly felt Brendan's' arms wrapping around my waist. As I struggled in the water I open my eyes. The first thing I saw was Brendon with a devilish grin from ear to ear. Were only under water for a few seconds when Brendon kissed my cheek. With that he pushed up and we broke the surface. I gasped for air as soon as my head was above water.
"You jerk," I screamed. Shrill from being somewhat breathless. Without thinking I curled my hands into a fist and pound them against Brendon. I punched him once or twice before he grabbed my wrists. I tried to pull free; but the more I squirmed the tighter his grip got.
"Are you done yet," Brendon asked.
I fidgeted one last time before nodding my head. "Now, if I let you go do you promise to behave," he asked in a condescending tone.
I grinned mischievously and said "maybe."
His gripped slowly loosened from around my wrist. Once free I took two giant steps back. I stood still for a moment, waiting for Brendon to put his guard down. He relaxed when I didn't do anything. But just as he was turned to swim off I leaped in to him. We both went toppling in to the water.
It took us a few seconds to come back up. "Not fair" Brendon yelled as he came up.
I put my hands on my hips and said "oh, and throwing me in was."
He smiled and replied "touché."
"Hey no more fighting. If there are issues then you need to hug it out," someone said from behind me. I rolled my eyes and turned around. Just as I expected it was Dallon.
"Whatever hippie" I retorted. Dallon smirked at me and said "fine just don't kill each other before the last show."
"So did you come here to solve world peace or do you have something important to say," Brendon cut in.
Dallon shot him a dirty look before saying, "what I came to say was that it's four o'clock, and we have that meet and greet at five."
"I forgot all about that," I said, "where's spencer?" I looked around scanning the pool for my other friend.
"He wanted to call Alexx before she went to sleep, with the time difference and all," Dallon explained as the three of us started to head for the pool steps. I grabbed the railing and climbed up the steps; Brendon and Dallon followed.
"That's sweet" I commented, smiling. "What?" Dallon Asked.
"How they can still make it work even if one is millions miles away" I said grabbing my brightly colored beach towel off the lounge chair.
"You're so sappy" Dallon groaned taking his towel as well. Brendon slipped in to his sandals that were on the side of the chair and said "whatever I think it's sweet to."
"Okay, Mr. I'm-going-to-agree-so-l-can-get-in-your-pants" Dallon mocked.
"You guys act like you are in high school" I said annoyed.
Just as I finished Spencer came over. "You guys ready to head up" he asked.
"I want to go and see if there is a way to buy a new toothbrush" Dallon said.
"I'm sorry you shouldn't have left it on the edge of the sink. Next time be more careful and maybe then it won't get knocked in the toilet" Brendon replied with a smile that said he didn't mean it.
"I'm ready, I need a shower. I hate the chlorine on my skin" I stated ignoring their banter.
"Then let's go" Spencer said grabbing his towel from the chair.
We started to head for the main building, walking together in a group. Brendon and I were up front leading; our hands interlocked. As I leaned on his shoulder I could hear Dallon, behind us, say to Spencer "can they be any more melodramatic."
"It's not melodramatic if we really love each other" I responded, in a sing-song voice, without turning around.
The knock at the door came just as I put the finishing touches on my outfit.
"Come in" I called while fastening my earrings.
I didn't even have to look in my vanity's mirror to know who it was "wow, you look gorgeous” Brendon said while plopping down on my bed.
"Thanks" I said, trying to turn away from his stare to hide my already red face.
When I looked in the vanity I could see him sprawled out on the bed. I took a second to admire him. I loved the little thing about him. Like how his dark hair hung over his chocolaty brown eyes. The way his white button-up shirt was rolled just above his forearm, showing a trace of muscle. His black vest, so perfectly matched with his black jeans and his converse. For a second, it was hard to believe that he was mine.
"Hey Cat," Brendon said, pulling me away from my thought.
"Yes" I said turning fully in my chair to face him.
"Now, what if I told you that Dallon and Spencer left for the music store already and left us here, what would you say?" he asked
"Why do I have a feeling that this isn't a what-if question?" I said.
Brendon smirked and said “because it isn't.”
"I know that smile, and it never leads to something good. Last time you smiled like that I was free falling from 3500 feet after only ten minutes of sky diving lessons. No, to whatever you are planning" I said.
He put his arms up defensively and said "l promise this time I won’t do anything that will put you in danger or that is deemed unsafe.”
I stood up and went in to the bathroom. I stood in front the full length mirror; of the inspecting my outfit Brendon followed me with only a step behind me. "Besides" he said, leaning on the counter "you weren't that scared when you went skydiving.”
I sighed knowing that I was never going to win this argument. Especially with Brendon giving me the puppy dog eyes he was giving me now. He knew that I could never say no. “Fine, what is it?"
His face instantly lit up. "Well, remember when I first got my motor cycle and I called you to tell you and what did you say?”
"You are reckless," said bluntly, giving him a smile of my own
"No, after that when we were about to hang up" the excitement in his voice was contiguous, and I couldn't help but feel a little anticipation just listening to him.
"Bye?" I said joking with him "you know that a lot of people say that before hanging up, right. At least I do.”
With a frustrated sigh he said "no you told me that you would want a ride one day."
I remember the conversation and I can't deny that. But it didn't seem to mean anything right now. It took me a second to put two and two together. "Brendon, don't tell me you did what I think you did?"
"I didn't do something impulsive that will make you mad. All I did was pay Paul, one of the roadies to bring my bike here on his truck," he said with a matter of fact expression.
I whipped around to face him. I almost fell back because Brendon was right behind me. I didn't even notice that he had moved from the other side of the counter. But I quickly regained my composure. "That is impulsive." I yelled.
"If it was impulsive then I wouldn't have spent over a month planning it." His voice was calm and leveled. "Besides if you think about it we don't have any other way to go to the meet and greet. So if you just calm down, okay, we go down stairs and get to the venue before they notice we are missing," he said calmly, taking my hand.
I took a breath thinking about it. I mean how dangerous can it really be. "I'm only saying yes because it's our last resort" I said finally.
Brendon pulled me in to a tight embrace, crushing our bodies together. "l would never do anything to put you in any kind of danger," he whispered before releasing me. Now holding me at arm's length he said "we better hurry up, or our arrival won't even be considered as fashionably late."
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