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Friends Or Enemies

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Dawn's first day at school.

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Hello, I'm Catrina and welcome to The Procrastination Files! Haha, but seriously, sorry this took so long to get out. But hey, at least it's long. That makes up for it, right? Also, there's a secret (well, not really) shout-out to atomickilljoy in here for being my only reviewer. Want a secret shout-out? REVIEW!

“You see? This is just a high school.” Maya stated, as we walked into the main building of Las Vegas Arts Academy a few days later. Much to everyone’s displeasure, Maya’s voice was back. Anyway, it was my first day and I was already freaking out. This wasn’t a high school, it was practically a concert and play wrapped into one!

“Uh, this isn’t just a high school! Everyone here’s goddamn crazy talented and I’m just average compared to them!” I practically screamed at her, letting my nerves get the best of me.

“Hey, Dawn, it’s okay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being average. Besides, you’re not gonna be alone. I’ve got your back.” Maya said. I knew she didn’t really care. She was probably gonna abandon me within a minute.

“Okay, so where is-” I was cut off by another of Maya’s friends, a girl with dyed blue and green hair I had never met before, running up to us.

“Maya, David White got his hair straightened!” The girl said excitedly. I had to roll my eyes at that. David White was, from what I had gathered from listening in on Maya’s conversations with her friends whenever they came over, a senior year boy that Maya and her friends all had a crush on.

“Shut up! Oh my God! Serena, don’t you dare be screwing with me!” Maya shrieked, making me cover my ears.

“It’s true!” The girl, apparently called Serena, said, as she and Maya practically ran off.

See? Told you she would abandon me first chance she got!

“I’m alone!” I called out to no-one to particular.

Right at that moment, a girl with curly hair the color of red velvet cupcakes walked by me to put something, possibly her backpack, in her locker, which I was standing next to. I couldn’t help but be impressed by her locker-apparently at this school, students were allowed to customize their lockers. They could paint it, add decorations, anything. This particular girl had painted her locker white, and stuck on sequins in different shades of pink and red. The sequins were actually stuck in a pattern to create a heart. It actually looked pretty cool, but not something I would do. Anyway, I decided to ask this girl for directions to my first class.

“Hey, uh, do you know where-”

“Oh my gosh! You’re Dawn, right?!” She replied in a high-pitched voice. Wait a minute, that voice-and by further extension, that hair-was very familiar!

“Uh, yeah. That’s me.” I said, smiling politely.

“You were so awesome in the showcase!” She exclaimed.

“Aw, thanks, uh…Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” I said.

“Oh. My name’s Daisy McGregor.” Ohhh, so that’s why she was so familiar! She was Daisy, from the talent show!

“Oh yeah, I remember you! You’re Reagan’s friend, right?” I asked. She just nodded in response. “Okay, so anyway, do you know where Mrs Roberts’ classroom is?”

“Yeah, I’m headed there now! Follow me!” She said excitedly, before dashing off in a random direction. Unfortunately, she ran so fast, I couldn’t see where she went. Great. My first day, I haven’t even been here for ten minutes, and I’m already lost. Must be a new record. Just then, two boys walked by me.

“Hey, um, can you guys help me?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure-oh! Hello, female, yes?” One of the boys said.

“Smooth, Spence. Real smooth.” The other boy said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Can you guys show me where Mrs Roberts’ classroom is?” I asked.

“Yeah. You see, you head north for about 40 paces-” The first boy began, but the second boy cut him off.

“Paces? The girl isn’t a damn pirate, Spencer!” He said to the first boy, who I now knew was called Spencer.

“Jon, this is none of your-” Spencer started, but once again, Jon cut him off.

“We were just heading there now. Follow us, sweetheart.” Jon said. He was a bit creepy, but okay.

As we walked down the halls, I was amused by Jon and Spencer’s constant bickering. They seemed to argue about everything!

When we reached the door to Mrs Roberts’ class, Jon opened the door, saying “After you, ma’am.”

“Thanks…” I said uncertainly. There was something about Jon that seemed off, he was a little bit of a creep.

I looked around the classroom. The walls were the color of garnets, covered with posters of famous actors and actresses, probably to inspire the students or something. On the side of the room opposite from where I stood, a redwood stage had been set up, with a door at the back, leading out into another hallway. I had noticed some shelves as I walked in, but as I turned around to see what was on them, I ended up bumping into someone. The poor guy was holding a coffee, so when I bumped into him, the coffee spilled all over his white shirt.

“Crap! I’m so sorry!” I cried out, looking up at the boy, since he was a little taller than me.

“It’s fine, really. I can just zip this thing up.” He replied kindly, zipping up his black hoodie. He looked down at me, and his dark eyes bore into my hazel ones.

“Girl, what the hell are you doing with my boyfriend?” A female voice snapped, and I looked behind him to see a familiar-looking girl glaring at me. She was a brunette, with black streaks that looked like they had just been dyed.

“Oh, I just spilled coffee on him and-” I began to explain.

“Get. The. Hell. Away. From. Him.” She cut me off between gritted teeth. She looked pissed, and I don’t really blame her. From her angle, it probably did look like we were kissing, even though it was nothing.

“Reagan, babe, relax.” The boy said as he walked over to her, kissing her cheek. I spluttered. It was Reagan?! Well, if she didn’t like me before, she definitely hated me now.

“Oh my goodness, there’s a huge fire!” A short, curly-haired woman half-shrieked, bursting into the classroom from the stage door. Immediately, everyone went into a panic, running for the door.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” The woman said. “I just wanted to get your blood pumping to get y’all young ‘uns ready for class, which I did!” It was then I noticed she had a Southern accent.

“Now, as y’all can see, we have a new student in our class. New student, could you please come up here and tell us about yourself?”

I hated teachers like this. I was still very shy.

“Well, my name’s Dawn, I’m fifteen years old, sixteen in November, I never really thought about being famous, but now it seems like an amazing opportunity, and yeah.” I said, nervously playing with the material of my emerald T-shirt. It wasn’t much, but they didn’t need to know my damn life story.

“Well, I’m Mrs Camilla Roberts, but that’s just Mrs Roberts to y’all. I am here to teach y’all about…” She paused dramatically. “Acting.”

“Right.” I nodded, sitting back down.

“Now, today, I am teaching y’all about group improv.” Mrs. Roberts said, writing “GROUP IMPROV” on the whiteboard in big red capitals. “Dawn, do you know what improv is?”

“No.” I said, after a few seconds of hesitation.

“Okay, basically, improv is acting without a script, meaning y’all must make up your own action and dialogue as you perform. “ Mrs. Roberts explained quickly. “Reagan! Could y’all come up here and pick the first group of the day.”

“Sure, whatever.” Reagan sighed, walking up from near the door onto the stage, the soles of her black boots making a muffled thudding noise they hit the chestnut colored carpet. “Okay, Daisy, Jennifer…” She trailed off as the redheaded Daisy walked on stage, followed closely by a Mexican-American girl wearing glasses, most likely Jennifer. “Brendon…” She trailed off again as her boyfriend came up to the stage. “And Dawn.” She finished, looking at me. I slowly stood up from my place at the front of the room, jumping up to the stage.

“Great! Now, someone give me a setting!” Mrs Roberts demanded enthusiastically.

“Home!” Spencer called out.

“Home! Wonderful!” Mrs Roberts exclaimed, writing it on the board.

“Oh yeah, yeah. Real creative there, Spence.” Jon said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, shut up, you!” Spencer whisper-yelled, almost pushing Jon off his chair.

“Okay, now someone give me an event!” Mrs Roberts ordered, just as enthusiastically as before. I swear, she was a ball of energy.

“Big news!” Ryan suggested.

“Ryan, nobody wants to see big nudes.” Mrs Roberts half-snapped, causing everyone in the room, except for Daisy, to look at her strangely.

“News?” Ryan repeated.

“Oh! Big news! Well, that’s a whole ‘nother thang, ain’t it?” Mrs Roberts said, writing it on the board.

“Um, why don’t you go wait outside the door?” Reagan told me, nodding towards the stage door.

“Um, okay?” I said, obeying quickly.

“Okay, you’re at home, and there’s big news. Action!” Mrs Roberts called out, as she leapt off the stage and headed to a chair near where Reagan had been sitting.

“Hey babe, how was work today?” Reagan asked Brendon. I had figured out that she would be the mother of the family, Brendon the father, and Jennifer and Daisy their two children. But what did that make me?

“I got fired.” Brendon replied sadly, causing Reagan to groan.

“Again?” Jennifer asked in a little kid voice. Daisy added, in a babyish voice, “Our daddy’s a loser!”

“Oh, it’s okay.” Reagan said optimistically. “I have great news that’ll cheer the whole family up!” She started heading towards me.

“Ooh, what is it?” Daisy said in her baby voice.

“I went to the animal shelter and got us…” She trailed off, as she grabbed my tanned hand with her alabaster one, pulling me to the front of the stage. “…A dog!”

Oh, so that’s where I would fit in.

“Uh…yep, I’m the new family dog. Woof.” I said awkwardly.

“Mrs. Roberts, would you please tell this amateur that dogs don’t talk? And that they don’t walk on two legs, but two?” Reagan asked the teacher, who was looking at something on her phone. When she didn’t reply, Reagan tried again. MRS ROBERTS!” She yelled, making her head automatically snap up from the phone.

“Oh, sorry Reagan, I was looking at this entertaining picture of a dog drinking from a coconut.” Mrs. Roberts said, making me look at her strangely again. She was a weird one. “But, it’s true, Dawn. If you’re gonna be a dog, well, be a dang dog.”

I sighed, and got down on my hands and knees. “Woof.” I said.

“Oh, I went to the animal shelter and got us a dog.” Reagan repeated.

“Yay!” Jennifer and Daisy chorused, getting down on her knees and petting my head. I hated people touching my head, but I had to grit my teeth and pretend I was okay with it.

“Can the dog sleep in our room?” I heard Brendon ask Reagan, which I’m pretty sure made me blush profusely.

“No, honey, it can’t!” Reagan replied, obviously through gritted teeth, before reaching down and taking a few strands of my dark hair between her fingertips.

“Uh-oh, it looks like the dog has fleas in her fur.” Regan said.

“Ew! Gross!” Jennifer and Daisy said, standing back up immediately.

“Aw, it’s okay!” Reagan said once again in her optimistic voice, walking off stage, grabbing the iced black coffee she abandoned just a few minutes before. As she walking back, she added, “I read on the internet that coffee works great for getting rid of fleas!”

“Reagan, you shouldn’t do that!” Ryan protested from his seat.

“Reagan!” Brendon said warningly.

Of course, Ryan and Brendon’s protests fell on deaf ears. Suddenly, I felt freezing cold iced coffee being tipped onto my head, making my dark hair even darker. I gasped out loud and shivered when a few seconds later, I felt a giant clump of ice from the bottom of the coffee hit my head, breaking on impact.

Remembering I was still acting, I did what I assumed a dog would do. I growled, and began chasing Reagan around the stage.

“Annnnnd…CUT!” Mrs. Roberts called out. As soon as she said that, I ran out of the class, into the hallway, over to my locker. It was grey, due to the fact I hadn’t decorated it yet. I wouldn’t need to. I quickly opened it, grabbing my orange and white striped bag. I slammed my locker shut, before storming over to the staircase. I sat down, grabbing my iPhone out. I turned it on, opening up my contacts list. I clicked on my mother’s name, but just as I was about to press the call button, Ryan appeared.

“What are you doing?” he asked me.

“I’m calling my mom and telling her I wanna go back to my old school.”


“Because I don’t like having black coffee in my hair, even if it is iced!”

“Oh, well, I’ll just get you some cream and sugar, everything will be chill.”

“You’re not cute, Ryan.” I muttered, rolling my eyes.

“Come on, seriously, you’re gonna quit on your first day because of Reagan Stone?” He asked me.

“Stone’s her surname? Fits perfectly, because she obviously has a heart made of stone.” I laughed, but it wasn’t my normal, cheery laugh. It was sour, sarcastic, full of bitterness.

“Reagan’s not that bad. It’s just you kind of get a bed reputation around here for being related to someone like Maya. Of course, some people, like Daisy and I, choose to ignore that. But Reagan doesn’t. There are worse girls in the school, though.” Ryan explained.

“Alright, you have a point. But it’s not just Reagan! It’s just…I don’t fit in with all of this!” I cried, gesturing around the empty hallway.

‘Oh, come on. This school isn’t that different from other schools!” Ryan protested.

“Oh please, do normal schools have teachers as crazy as Mrs. Roberts? Do normal schools have students who walk around with dyed brightly colored hair? Does a normal school’s daily schedule have little to no English or Science or anything like that? Does that sound like a normal school to you?” I rambled.

I could tell Ryan was about to answer, but before he could, Spencer appeared from around the corner, followed closely by Jon.

“You guys-” Spencer started, but like always, Jon cut him off.

“Mrs. Roberts wants you back in class.” Jon said.

“Dude, she asked me to tell them!” Spencer said.

“Dude, just keep it to yourself, because quite frankly, I don’t want to freaking hear it.” Jon said rudely. I decided then that from now on, I would attempt to avoid Jon at all costs. He was rude, arrogant and just all-round a bad person.

“Honestly, would you kill you to give me one ounce of respect?!” Spencer half-yelled, but Jon wasn’t listening.

“Guys, Mrs. Roberts really wants you back in class!” Daisy exclaimed, appearing around the corner.

“And you really wanted a date to the prom last year, but you didn’t get one, now, did you?” Jon replied, voice full of half-sarcasm.

“You’re so mean!” Daisy said, and I could tell from her voice she was really offended.

“Guys! Just tell Mrs. Roberts we’ll back in a minute.” Ryan said, breaking up the impending argument that was clearly about to erupt.

“You better hurry.” Daisy sighed, before running back to the classroom, Spencer and Jon following her closely.

“Okay, so the school’s not normal.” Ryan sighed, giving in.

“Nah, really?” I replied sarcastically.

“But you’re not normal either. I saw you on stage the night of the talent show. You were more than just amazing. You’ve got something special, Dawn. Besides,” he paused, starting to walk around the corner to go back to class. “Normal’s boring.”

I was conflicted. I could either go back to class and face Reagan, or I could call my mom and go home like I had planned.

“It’s true, you know.” Daisy said, popping back around the corner.

“That normal’s boring?” I asked, looking for clarification.

“No. I didn’t have a date to the prom last year. Jon was right.” Daisy said quietly, before running off back towards the classroom.

I rolled my eyes, before grabbing my phone out of my bag. Yes, it may have been a bit cowardly, but hey, it was my first day.

After I had called my mom, I thought I should probably go to Ms Diamond to tell her I was going home. At my school, it was mandatory to do so, so I figured it would be best.

I silently wandered the halls, searching for Ms Diamond’s office. The bright colors the walls had been painted were starting to give me a headache when I finally found a door marked as the principal’s office. I hesitantly knocked on the door quietly, opening the door just a crack.

“Ms Diamond?” I called quietly, putting my head through the doorway into the office. Unlike the bright, headachy colors of most of the other rooms in the school, the office was a faded green-grey.

“Take a seat, Dawn.” Ms Diamond said, gesturing to a black office chair on the opposite side of her black wooden desk. As I sat down, I looked around her office. It had a fairly simple look-a bookshelf in the corner, filing cabinets in another corner, and picture frames everywhere-all the same jet black as her desk.

“Mrs. Roberts told me you might be coming here. She also informed me of what happened in her class.” Ms Diamond explained. When she saw the look on my face, she softened up a little. “You’re not in trouble, Dawn. It’s not really an uncommon occurrence for a new student-or any student, really-to walk out in the middle of class because of Reagan Stone. But what is uncommon is for a student to quit on her first day, especially within the first two hours of being at school. Tell me, Dawn. Are you really going to quit now? If you are, I’ll understand. But you should really think about this, Dawn. Once you leave this school, it’s really difficult to get back in.”

“I’m not for sure yet, Ms Diamond. I just need time to think about it, you know? I hope you don’t mind, but I called my mom. She’ll be here any minute to come get me.”

“That’s fine, I understand, Dawn.” Ms Diamond smiled.

“Thank you, Ms Diamond.” I said, quickly hopping out of my chair and out of the office, back into the bright corridor that gave me a headache. We lived only five minutes away from the school, and it had been ten minutes since I called my mom, meaning she was more than likely waiting for me.

As I exited the school into the car park, I immediately found the familiar midnight blue car that my mom’s been driving as long as I could remember.

My mom looked at me, but didn’t say anything when I got in the car. She also didn’t say anything, anything at all, on the short drive back home. She didn’t say anything when we pulled up in the driveway and I just stormed inside. She didn’t say anything at all. That was a good thing about my mother. She didn’t ask questions often, she’d wait for you to be ready to tell her.

I ran past the piano that started it all, up the stairs, past the bedroom that belonged to Maya, the whole reason I got into Las Vegas Art Academy, before I finally reached my room.

After about five hours of lying on my bed, just staring at the roof, I made my way into the lounge. By now, Maya was home, and I knew because I saw her make her way into her bedroom as I was coming downstairs. I opened up my laptop, immediately opening the internet. I typed in the website for Las Vegas Art Academy, kind of like the Facebook or Twitter for our school. Under the media tab on the page, there was a new video. Someone had recorded my performance the other night. Hesitantly, I clicked on the video.

I watched it in half-awe. Was that really me?

“So you’re really gonna quit on your first day, huh?” I heard Maya ask from behind me, making me jump.

“Well, what do you think I should do?” I asked, craning my head around to look at her.

“I think you should stay.” She said, jumping over the back of the couch, landing right next to me.

“Maya, please don’t do that!” My mom called from the kitchen. Obviously she had heard the soft thump the couch had made when Maya landed. My mom had freakishly superb hearing.

“Sorry, mom!” Maya called back.

“So, why do you think I should stay?” I asked her.

“Easy. Because I don’t wanna be known as the girl with the lame little sister who quit on her first day!” Maya said half-jokingly, gently shoving me. Of course, me being me, had sat on the edge of the couch, and Maya’s light shove was enough to push me off. Luckily, Maya managed to grab the laptop before it smashed into oblivion.

“And, well…you were really good that night.” Maya said, as I stood up and brushed myself off.

I smiled. “Thanks, Maya.”

“But, you know, I would’ve been amazing!” Maya sang.

I rolled my eyes. I should’ve known Maya would say that.

The rest of the day passed, and before I knew it, it was nearly half past ten. I still hadn’t decided whether to stay at Las Vegas Art Academy or not, but it was too late to decide now, so I decided to sleep on it.

Next thing I knew, my alarm was blaring. Groaning, I fumbled it turn it off, before climbing-sorry, falling-out of bed.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and I had to admit, I did not look good. My naturally tanned skin was clearly paler, and my cinnamon eyes had dark bags underneath them. My hair, as it normally was in the morning, was a mess.

Sighing, I got to work on my appearance. Eventually I managed to make myself look half-decent, before heading downstairs.

The only person awake in the house, as per usual, was Maya. Dad was probably at work already, and mom was just a sleep-in kind of person.

“Hey, you ready to go, if you’re even coming back?” Maya asked.

“I just woke up. Of course I’m ready.” I said sarcastically.

“Well, lucky for you, I packed your bag for you.” Maya said, throwing my bag into my arms. It was lucky I had had time to react, so I didn’t fall back from the force of the throw.

“How did you know I would come back?” I asked, putting my bag on the ground.

“I had a feeling.” She shrugged. “Plus, I was kind of gonna drag you in if you refused.”

“Of course you were.” I said.

Soon enough, I was back in the bright corridors of Las Vegas Art Academy, walking towards Mrs. Roberts’ classroom. They were in the middle of some sort of discussion when I walked in the garnet red room.

“Dawn, you’re back. Y’all ever thought about coming in through the window?” Mrs. Roberts said as she noticed me.

“Uh, no…” I said hesitantly.

“Well, think about it. Please, sit.” She replied, before turning to the rest of the class as I took my seat next to Ryan. “Now, today, y’all gonna try a thang called “Alphabetical Improv”. What is alphabetcal improv, I hear y’all ask, so I answer. It’s when you give a letter to the person who starts, say we give them the letter A for example, then the first letter of their first word of their sentence must be A. Then, the next person’s first letter must be B. Y’all clear on that? Yes? Good. Now, who wants to choose the group?”

“I do, Mrs. Roberts.” I said quickly, raising my hand.

“Okay, Dawn, come on up here and choose your actors.” Mrs Roberts said, beckoning to me.

“Hmm, let’s see…Ryan, Daisy, Brendon…Oh, and Reagan.” I said, making it seem as though I picked on the spot, but in reality, I had a plan. “Yeah, you, Reagan.” I added when I noticed her giving me a strange look. She shrugged, before heading up on stage, joining me, Ryan, Daisy and Brendon. When she walked up, she kissed Brendon, probably to show everyone that he was hers and no-one else’s.

“Reagan, please, kiss y’all boyfriend in your own time.” Mrs. Roberts sighed, walking off the small stage. Reagan just rolled her eyes. Mrs. Roberts stood off to the side of the stage, before rambling on again. “Okay, so if one of y’all starts the line with the wrong letter, you’re out. Spencer! Give us a letter!”

“Uhh…” Just as Spencer was about to say a letter, Jon interrupted.

“P!” Jon said. Spencer gave him a look that could kill…if that was possible.

“Okay, the scene can be about whatever y’all want. Dawn, you’ll start. First word must start with the letter P. Annnnd…action!”

“Please take a shower, Reagan.” I said, turning to the girl in question.

“Quit telling me what to do!” Reagan replied hotly.

“Relax, girls, let’s just try to get along.” Brendon said calmly.

“Totally!” Daisy agreed.

“Daisy, your line had to start with the letter S. You’re out!” Mrs. Roberts said to the tiny redhead girl.

“Aww, my life’s the worst!” Daisy cried sadly.

“Here’s a piece of candy.” Mrs. Roberts said, pulling a piece of candy out of her handbag.

“Yay! I love candy!” Daisy said, automatically brightening up as she sat down, eagerly unwrapping the sugary treat.

“Okay, Ryan, letter S to you!” Mrs. Roberts said.

“Something just bit my toe!” Ryan cried, faking pain.

“Turtle! That turtle bit his toe!” I cried, pointing in a random direction.

“Unbelievable! You’re still here-” Reagan retorted.

“Very immature of you to say that, now, isn’t it?” Brendon cut in before she could say anything worse.

“Uhh…” Ryan said, struggling to find a word.

“C’mon, Ryan. W!” Mrs. Roberts encouraged.

“Uh…What if the turtle bite broke my toe bone?” Ryan asked fearfully.

“X-rays are the only way to find out!” I replied.

“You should shut up.” Reagan said, sending a glare in my direction.

“Zap! I just healed your toe with my magic finger!” Brendon said triumphantly.

“Thanks.” Ryan said, before realising his mistake.

“Sorry Ryan, the next letter was A. You’re out, please sit down.” Mrs. Roberts said.

“Aww, and I just got my toe bone fixed.” He sighed, heading back to his seat.

“Okay, Dawn, letter ‘A’ to you.” Mrs. Roberts said, pointing to me.

“Aliens are the only people who can fix toes with finger zapping.” I said pointedly.

“By the way, you’re annoying.” Reagan added, to which I just rolled my eyes.

“Correct! I am an alien!” Brendon announced, choosing to ignore his girlfriend’s comment, to which I fake-gasped.

“Ooh, a twist!” Mrs. Roberts said excitedly.

“Don’t hurt me, please!” I begged of Brendon.

“Even though she IS extremely annoying!” Reagan added.

“Fainting…because I can’t breathe Earth’s air…” Brendon said, acting as though he was dying.

“Gosh, i-it fainted!” I gasped.

“Dawn, Reagan, keep the scene goin’! Letter H, Reagan!” Mrs. Roberts said enthusiastically. You could tell she loved her job.

“Hey, why don’t you jump off that cliff over there?” Reagan suggested in a fake sugar-sweet voice.

“I think maybe you should.” I retorted. I knew I shouldn’t sink to her level, but hey, I was ‘acting’, it’s not like I actually told her to, right?

“Just where did you come from?”


“Lousy animals, kangaroos. They’re awkward and dirty.”

“Maybe they learned from you.” That little comment of mine caused a chorus of ‘oooh’ to rise from our audience.

“No one ever talks to me like that.”

“Obviously someone should.”

“Please jump in front of a bus!”

“Quite obnoxious of you to say.”


“Sure was.”

“Thanks!” That was said in a sarcastic matter.

“Up your nose, I see boogers.”

“Very clever.”

“Wish you thought of it?”

“X marks the spot I’d like to punch right now!” She pointed at me as she said it.

“You-your finger smells weird.”

“Zero is what you are on a scale of one to 10.”

“And back to the letter A!” Mrs. Roberts called out.

“As if I care what you think!” I called a Reagan moved to the other side of the stage.

“Better watch yourself, new girl.” She retorted.

“Can’t take it?” I asked.

“Don’t. Push. Me.” She muttered out between gritted teeth, but she had started to sweat. It was clear she was going to break any minute.

“Eat your pants.” I said, a mischievous grin making its way on my face by itself.

“You eat your pants!” She yelled, before realizing what she said. “Wait-”

“Sorry Reagan, the next letter was-” Mrs. Roberts started to say.

“F! I know!” Reagan screamed out. She sent me a go-die-in-a-hole glare, before stomping back top her seat furiously.

“Hey, look! The alien’s moving!” Ryan called from his seat, gesturing towards Brendon.

“Come on, keep it going! Letter G!” Mrs. Roberts added.

“Get up, alien.” I said, helping Brendon up.

“Head…feels dizzy…” Brendon said, slightly moaning.

Suddenly, I thought of something. “I know what’ll make you feel better.” I said.

“Jumping jacks?” Brendon asked, and I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes. Honestly, Brendon wasn’t very bright.

I smirked at the thought of my next words. “Kiss me.” I instructed politely. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Reagan suck in a breath, frowning.

“Little weird…But okay.” Brendon smiled.

As he leaned in for the kiss, I saw, once again out of the corner of my eye, Reagan gasp, seeming kind of hurt. I almost felt sorry for her and even almost a little guilty. Key word, almost.

The kiss was nothing special. It was all acting, a show. But as we parted, and I heard our audience cheer and whistle, maybe even a few catcalls and wolf whistle, I smiled. I had just kissed the hottest boy in school by far, and gotten revenge on the first enemy I had made here.

“Man, I love this school.”

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