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Part 1

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New fic everyone. It's a little bit different to my others but let me know what you think.

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Part 1

Dana had always been, how can you put it, on the rebellious, uncontrollable side. She didn't respond well to authority and did what ever she felt like when ever she wanted to. She believed in living in the moment and dealing with the consequences later. People either loved her or hated her. She stood up for what she believed in and wouldn't take any messing around from anyone. Some people loved her and some people hated her but everyone respected her.

In high school she didn't fit into any 'category' and was proud of it. She generally gravitated to the punks i.e. Benji and Joel Madden, Billy Martin and Paul Thomas.
Dana's older brother Jake by five years was a bad boy and just as rebellious as Dana. Dana and Jake got along really well. Dana's mom died when they where little and her dad didn't really care what his children got up too. Dana also had an older sister called Ali. Ali was the good girl of the family she was three years older than Dana and two years younger than Jake. Dana spent all her time, when she wasn't at school or in detention, hanging out with Jake and his little gang. The gang consisted of Jake, Dana, Tom, Scott and JT. JT was the only other girl in the gang apart from Dana. Jake owned a garage and Tom, Scott and JT worked with him. The garage sold and repaired motor bikes. They only did that to make money. In their spare time they where a stunt team doing extreme motor bike stunts. Dana joined in doing the stunts and was just as good as the rest of the gang but wasn't aloud to become and official member until she finished high school. Most of Dana's outrageous behaviour was from hanging around with her brother's gang. She went straight to the garage every day after school getting up to no good and doing stunts with the rest of the gang. On Friday and Saturday nights they would go out to clubs and bars. The guys would sneak Dana in because she was underage. They would get drunk then go back to the garage and do more stupid things. Not many agreed with Dana's life style with the gang but she didn't care or regret anything because they where having too much fun. Dana believed that you should live life to the full.

Dana and Benji had dated for three years during high school and for another six months after that. Benji was the only one that could ever reason with Dana and he was the only one who she would listen to. Even after high school Dana continued with her lifestyle of drinking, partying and wild stunts. Benji and Dana had a mutual break up; once the band got signed, six months after they left high school, and went on tour they decided it would probably would be easier if they weren't together but remained friends. Soon after they left Dana lost all contact with the guys and she decided to move on with her life. Unfortunately with Benji not around there was no one to reason with Dana when she decided to do something totally stupid.
When Benji and the rest of the band left Dana started working at the garage. Dana's sister Ali did her best to keep her under control but didn't succeed. The gang continued in their old habits of stunts, drinking and partying for another six months. After that everything started to change. The team fell apart. Dana had to stop stunt riding because she got pregnant from a silly one night stand but continued to work at the garage as the manager, Jake had opened up more garages and was becoming a good business man and Tom and JT got married and were expecting their first child together. Because they where going to be parents they also left the team, Tom got a normal, well paid job while JT took it easy at home with their child. Jake, Dana, JT and Scott where settling down, they stopped the partying, drinking and outrages behaviour. They still did some stunts on the bikes when they hung out but nothing like they used too. They didn't miss their old life style one bit. Scott on the other hand got worse. He had been in serious trouble with the law a number of times. The rest of the gang lost contact with him and didn't really care.

Five years later Dana was now in partnership with her brother Jake. They ran a successful chain of extreme motor bike shops. Dana's hand a little girl called Emily, who was her pride and joy. It was because of Emily that Dana had decided to give up her wild lifestyle and become a responsible single mother. Jake had a family too; he was happily married and had two children of his own both boys Adam and Sam. Dana lived with her sister Ali who helped her out as much as possible with Emily. Ali owned a hair salon and was proud of her Brother and sister's new attitudes to life.

It was a normal Monday for Dana; she dropped Emily off at school then went to the store. Dana and Jake had three in total Jake looked after one, Tom had become manager of another and Dana looked after the other. At lunch Dana went doing some shopping. She was minding her own business looking round the shops when she heard someone say her name from behind her. She turned to see who it was. She recognised him straight away.
"Joel! What are you doing here?" She smiled giving him a hug.
"We have some time off and decided to come home and visit our mom."
"It's good seeing you it's been years."
"I know we where talking about you. We wanted to see you but didn't know if you still lived here."
"Well I do, you should come over so we can catch up some time."
"I'll defiantly take you up on that offer."
"Good when are you free?"
"Any time."
"You could come over tonight if you want?"
"Sounds good to me."
"Are the other guys with you or did you come alone?"
"No Benj, Billy and Paul are here too."
"Tell them to come over too if they want."
"Ok, will do. See you tonight." Joel said giving her a hug then leaving her to shop in peace.

After work Dana went to pick Emily up from her friend's house.
"Hey sweetie did you have a good day at school and playing with Anna?" Dana asked when they got in the car.
"Yes mommy it was really fun we painted and played house it was so cool."
"Good. Mommy has some old friends coming over to visit tonight."
"Do I know them?"
"No sweetie you've never met them before but you'll like them their really nice."
"I can't wait can I wear my special dress?" Emily said excitedly.
"Course you can."

"Ali where back." Dana called when they got into the house. Emily went off to here room to play. Ali came to see Dana.
"Hey guess who I seen today?" Dana said smiling.
"I don't know who?" Ali asked.
"Joel Madden?"
"How many other Joel's do I know? Of course Joel Madden." Dana laughed.
"What did he say? Did he remember you?"
"Yeah it was him who came over to me. He's coming over tonight with Benji, Billy and Paul to catch up."
"Are you sure that's a good idea?"
"Why wouldn't it be?"
"You know with your history and you and Benji. Will it not be uncomfortable?"
"I doubt it. I've changed, I'm guessing they've changed and me and Benji, well I'll just deal with it when it comes to it."
"You haven't changed as much as you think." Ali laughed at Dana's laid back nature. "Wait do they know about Emily?"
"Are you going to tell them?"
"Yeah of course I'm going to tell them. I can't not tell them. She's my daughter. Even though I'm not proud of how she was conceived, I'm proud to have her as my daughter."
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