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part 2

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What will happen when the guys go round to Dana's? Please read and review.

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Part 2

Later that night Ali played with Emily in her room giving Dana chance to talk with the guys first before Dana broke the news. There was a knock at the door at six. Dana opened the door and seen Joel, Benji, Billy and Paul all stood smiling at her.
"Hey come in." She smiled at them. They came in and they all sat in the living room making small talk.
"So tell us what you've been up to in the past six years." Joel said breaking the silence.
"You mean have I been arrested and how much have I fucked up since you left?" Dana said knowing that's what they really wanted to know.
" I didn't mean it like that." Joel quickly said. Dana laughed.
"It's ok. I admit I may have been a little out of control six years ago but a lot has happened since then and a lot has changed since then."
"What do you mean?" Benji asked.
"When you left I started working at the garage us contained with our wild lifestyle for about six months but them a lot of stupid shit happened and now we've all changed. For the better."
"What happened?" Billy asked curiously.
"No offence guys but you walked put of my life and now you want me to spill my heart out for you. I'm sorry I...I just can't..." Dana ran to her room holding back tears.
Ali came down to see what was going on and seen Dana run upstairs.
"Oh no. Dana wait. You guys wait there." Ali said running after Dana. Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul sat where they where stunned.

Ali knocked on Dana's bedroom door and went in. Dana was sat on the bed, Ali sat next to her.
"I thought you said you could handle it?" Ali said quietly.
"I thought I could but when they started asking me all these questions I just couldn't. It was really hard."
"Honey no one said it would ever be easy."
"Mommy why are you crying?" Emily came in. Dana wiped her tears and smiled at her little girl.
"It's nothing sweetie you go and get into bed, I'll come say goodnight in a minute." Dana said and Emily did as she was told.
"Want me to go have a word with them while you put Emily to bed?" Ali offered.
"Would you? Please."
"Yes but I'm not telling them everything that's something you have to do." Ali said giving her a hug.

Ali explained what was going on to the guys and they decided that it would probably be best if Benji went and had a word with her first seen as he was the only one who could ever get through to her.
When Dana had finished saying goodnight to Emily she went back to her room. A few seconds later Ali opened the door.
"Dana there's someone here to talk to you." Ali said stepping to the side to let Benji in then leaving them alone. Ali went back down stairs to Joel, Billy and Paul. Benji smiled at Dana and she smiled back.
"Hey." Dana said "are you just going to stand there." She said patting the space next to her. Benji got the hint and sat next to her.
"I guess you want an explanation?" Dana said.
"No your right you shouldn't have to tell us anything. We're really sorry, we where just concerned but you don't have to tell us anything you don't want to." Benji said. Dana stood up.
"Come on." She said pulling him up and leading him down the hall to Emily's room. "That's Emily." She said opening the door to reveal a sleeping Emily to Benji. Benji looked a little confused. " daughter." Dana said quietly. Benji looked confused and shocked. Dana smiled "Now I have to explain." She closed the door and led him back to her room. Benji followed in a confused silence.
"wh...ho..." Benji didn't know what to say.
"Ok I'll start from when you left. For six months after you left I worked with the gang at the garage and did some shows with them. We where as bad as ever partying and drinking. Then after one stupid, drunken one night stand I got pregnant. I regret having the one night stand it was probably the most stupidest thing I've ever done and I've done a lot of stupid things; But I don't regret having Emily. When I found out I was pregnant I changed, I stopped everything the partying, the drinking and the stunts. I was responsible for her life and I wanted to do a good job at it. I wasn't the only one who got clean either Jake did and became quite the business man; he made me manager of his stores. Tom and JT settled down, got married and started a family together."
"What about Scott?"
"Scott didn't change. He got in serious trouble with the law many times and we lost contact. We haven't seen him in three years."
"What about Emily's father?"
"Never seen him since we slept together that once. I don't know where he is or how to contact him. Not that I want to, if Emily wants to find her real dad when she grows up she can do but until then we're fine how we are." Benji nodded. "The first two years when you left where the hardest years of my life. I went through hell and back more than once." Dana admitted.
"You should have called me." Benji said. Dana laughed.
"And said what? Hey Benj it's your ex girlfriend just ringing to let you know that I've fucked up again I was stupid enough to have a one night stand and to make it worst than that I was even stupider to get knocked too."
"No I didn't mean it like that; I meant if you need someone to talk to or something."
"Yeah well I got through it and I'm fine now. Life's good, really good. I'm in partnership with Jake, we own a chain of stores all over the country and Emily is the best thing that happened to me. I've never been happier."
"That's good to hear." Benji smiled.
"So how have you been?"
"Ok. I missed you."
"Don't lie." Dana laughed.
"I did I really missed you." Benji smiled. They stared at each other for a second leaning closer and closer to each other then Benji leaned in and kissed her softly. She kissed him back.
"I love you. I never stopped loving you." Benji said quietly to her.
"Benji how can you still love me. I've changed. I'm not the Dana that you used to love."
"Yes you are. This side of you has always been a part of you. A part that only I ever got to see, the part that I fell in love with back then and still am in love with." Benji said truthfully. Dana smiled then kissed him passionately.
"I love you too Benj." She whispered when they broke apart.
"So does that mean where back together?" Benji asked.
"Better bloody well had do." She said. They laughed and kissed again.
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