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Part 3

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Part 3

Later that night Benji and Dana went downstairs to Ali, Joel, Billy and Paul. Dana explained everything to Joel, Billy and Paul. They hung out for most of the night. Before they knew it, it 3am. They decided to stay the night. Dana slept in Ali's room while Benji and Joel slept in her room and Billy and Paul slept in the living room on the sofas.
At 6am when everyone was asleep Dana snuck into her room to a sleeping Benji and Joel. She knelt down next to Benji and tapped him to wake him up. She placed her hand over his mouth so that he wouldn't wake Joel up.
"Shh come on." She whispered to him taking his hand as they sneaked out of the room.
"Where are we going?" Benji whispered as they walked past the living room.
"It's a surprise." Dana smiled. She opened the door to the back garden.
"The back garden?" Benji asked unimpressed.
"Will you be quite for a second and give me a chance." She said. Benji went quiet and carried on following her to the bench at the bottom of the garden. She sat him down in prefect view of the beautiful summer sun rise.
"Dana it's beautiful." Benji whispered.
"I know that's why I brought you." Dana smiled. He put his arm around her and she leaned into him. They sat there in a comfortable silence for a while watching the sunrise.
"We lost so much time didn't we." Benji said breaking the silence.
"What do you mean?"
"When I left and we broke up, we shouldn't have broke up and took the easy way out. We should have stayed together and made it work out."
"Yeah maybe we should have but we here together now and I couldn't ask for anything more." Dana smiled.
"Me neither." Benji smiled and they kissed. They talked and cuddled till 8am when Dana had to get Emily up and take her to school. When they got back in the house Ali was already up because she had to go to work. Billy, Paul and Joel where all still asleep.
"Where've you two been?" Ali smiled as they walked in.
"Talking." Dana replied smiled at her sister.
"You'll have to go get Emily up pr she'll be later for school."
"Yeah I'm doing that now."
"Don't you have work today?"
"No, it's my day off." Dana smiled.
"Alright for some." Ali said, Dana laughed then disappeared upstairs.
"Have something to eat or drink if you want." Ali offered Benji. Benji sat at the table with Ali having some breakfast. Minutes later Dana came back with a grumpy Emily.
"Mommy I don't feel like going to school today." Emily whined.
"Tough you don't have a choice. You have to go to school." Dana smiled getting her some breakfast. "Em I'd like you to meet Benji, one of Mommy's friends that I was telling you about yesterday."
"Hi Benji." Emily smiled sweetly at Benji.
"Hi Emily, nice to meet you." Benji smiled back.
"Right come on Mrs go get dress or you'll be late." Dana said to Emily. Emily went to her room to get dressed.
"Right I'm going to work. See you later." Ali said. She smiled at Benji and gave Dana a kiss on the check on the way out.
"Bye." Benji said.
"See you later." Dana said. Dana sat at the table with Benji. They talked for a few seconds then Joel came walking in.
"What time is it?" He asked groggily.
"8:30." Dana replied looking at her watch then realised that it was time for her and Emily to leave. "EMILY COME ON. YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE." Dana shouted to her. Seconds later Emily came running down the stairs.
"I'm ready." She said picking up her bag and jacket.
"Ok I'll be back in half an hour. Help your selves to some breakfast and I'll see you when I get back." Dana said to Benji and Joel then left with Emily.
"What's all the shouting it's to early in the morning." Paul said shuffling into the kitchen followed by Billy.
"It was Dana getting Emily ready for school." Benji explained.
"Oh right." Paul said not really interested.
The four of them sat at the table and had breakfast while waiting for Dana to return. Half an hour later Dana came back.
"Hey guys. Your up." She said to Billy and Paul.
"Yeah no thanks to you." Paul joked.
"Sorry did I wake you. You'll get over it." Dana smiled. Benji, Joel and Billy laughed. "So what are you guys up to today?" Dana asked grabbing a piece of toast and sitting down.
"Don't know." Benji said looking at the others to see if they had any ideas of what they wanted to do. They all just looked blank.
"What are you doing?" Joel asked.
"Hanging around here then picking Em up later." Dana said.
"Want any company hanging out?" Joel smiled.
"Yeah sure." Dana said. Just then Dana's phone rang and she answered it.
"Hello?...What, why?... I'm not working today it's my day off... why can't Jake deal with it?... urgh, what about Tom?... (Sigh) Fine I'll be there in half an hour." Dana put the phone down. "Ok scratch that I won't be hanging round here. I've got to go to the store to sort some shit out at the store. Feel free to hang out here if you want or you could come the store with me then we could do something after. It shouldn't take me too long sorting out what ever it is that needs sorting." Dana said.
They decided to go to the store with Dana and then go somewhere after. They all got in Dana's jeep. Benji sat next to her at the front and Billy, Paula and Joel squashed in the back. When they got to the store Dana went to the office to deal with the problem while Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul looked round the store. Forty minutes later Dana walked out of the office looking pissed off.
"You ready to go?" Dana asked Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul.
"Yeah sure." They replied. They walked out of the store and got back in to the jeep.
"Ok so where do you want to go?" Dana said as she started driving out of the car park. No body really minded where they went so they just drove round for a while looking for inspiration. They drove past paint balling.
"Let's go there." Billy said pointing at paint balling. They all agreed.

They had a really good time paint balling. They had the place practically to them selves because everyone was either at work or at school. Dana won and Benji and Joel got hit the most mainly because they tried to form an alliance against Billy, Paul and Dana but Billy, Paul and Dana teamed up against the two of them instead. At half past two they stopped and cleaned up in time for Dana to pick Emily up from school.
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