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Part 4

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Part 4

Dana dropped Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul back off at her while she went to pick Emily up from school. Emily was very excited about meeting mommy's friends.
"Will they be there when we get home?" She asked for the thousandth time. Dana laughed a little at how excited she was.
"Yes honey I dropped them off at ours before I came to pick you up."
"Why couldn't you have brought them to pick me up too?" Dana laughed.
"Because sweetie there's not enough room in the car to fit all of them you and me in."
"Oh. Can I stay up late with all of you?" Emily asked hopefully.
"No you've got school tomorrow."
"Aw please."
"We'll see. Maybe a little later than usual but not too late I don't want you going to school tired."
"Yay." Emily squealed.
When they got home Emily ran to the front door, Ali opened it and Emily rushed inside.
"Wow somebody's in a hurry." Ali laughed.
"You can say that again. All she's talked about on the way home is seeing the guys." Dana said laughing walking in the house.
"Emily go do your homework before you do anything." Dana called to her.
"But mom I haven't got any." Emily lied. Dana knew her too well.
"Yes you have now go get it done them you can do what ever you want." Dana said.
"I'll do it later. Let me go see your friends." Emily smiled sweetly.
"And that's not going to work either you say you'll do it later but later never comes. Now go do now please." Dana said sternly. Emily sighed took her bag off Dana then went upstairs to do her homework.
"She takes after her aunty because there's no way Dana would ever do anything like that." Ali said to the guys and playfully nudging Dana.
"Cheeky bitch." Dana laughed nudging Ali back. Ali just looked at her as if to say 'you know I'm right' "But yeah I'd just give a mouth full back and do what I wanted anyway." Dana laughed.

An hour later Emily came downstairs with her book bag. Dana and Ali where cooking dinner while Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul where sat talking with them in the kitchen.
"You finished honey?" Dana asked.
"Most of it I'm just stuck on this one question." Emily said.
"Ok just leave it on the table and I'll have a look at it with you when I finished cooking." Dana said.
"Want me to have a look at it with you?" Benji said to Emily. Emily's face lit up.
"Would you? Please." Emily said excitedly. Benji smiled.
"Of course." Benji said and they went off into the study. Ali looked at Dana they both had the same 'aw how cute' expressions on their faces.
"Are you sure you want Benj to help Emily with her homework? I thought you wanted her to get it right." Joel joked. Dana laughed.
"I'm sure Benj can handle a six year olds homework." Dana said.
Just before dinner was ready Benji and Emily came back.
"Did you manage to sort it out?" Dana asked them.
"Yes Benji's really clever." Emily smiled. Joel, Billy and Paul coughed to hide their laughter.
"OK go put your bag away and get ready for dinner." Dana said and Emily left to do as she was told. Joel, Billy, and Paul burst out laughing.
"Ha that's a good one Benji clever." Joel said. Dana hit him over the head playfully.
"Aw don't be so mean." Dana said but couldn't help laughing too.
"That's fine you all laugh at me." Benji said pretending to be hurt.
"Aw Benj we don't mean it really." Dana said but still smiling.

They ate dinner and chatted. The guys fell in love with Emily and for Emily it was like all her birthdays and Christmases had come at once. After dinner they hung out in the living room together and playing games with Emily.
"Right come Em, bed time."
"Aw mom please let me have a little longer." Emily whined.
"Em its nine o'clock way past your bedtime. Come on you can see everyone tomorrow after school."
"Can they take me to school in the morning?" Emily asked hopefully.
"I don't know you'll have to ask them nicely wont you." Dana smiled.
"Will you please, please, please, please, please take me to school in the morning? Please." Emily said taking hold of Benji and Joel's hands and looking at all four of them smiling sweetly.
"Sure we will, Benji and Paul may still be asleep but you'll still have me and Billy if they are." Joel smiled at her.
"Yay!" Emily said then skipped over to Dana, grabbed hold of her hand and started going up to bed. "Come on mom I don't want to be late for school tomorrow." Emily said. Dana laughed and followed her.

Twenty minutes later Dana joined Benji, Joel, Billy, Paul and Ali downstairs.
"Wow that was quick." Ali said.
"I know she was shattered." Dana laughed sitting down next to Benji and cuddling up to him. "She's took a liking to all of you." Dana said to Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul.
"Yeah I think you've got some competition." Ali laughed.
"I think I have too." Dana laughed.
"She's really sweet." Joel said.
"Yeah she's a good kid." Dana said. "She knows every trick in the book but she's good really."
"She got that from her mother." Benji joked.
"That's what I always say." Ali agreed. "She's defiantly Dana's daughter."
"Are you sure your ok with taking her to school in the morning, you don't have to?" Dana asked.
"No it's not a problem." Joel said.
"Well it might be a problem for Benj and Paul to actually get up before dinner for once." Billy laughed.
"So you're sure your ok with it?" Dana asked.
"Yep it's fine." Joel smiled.
"Ok. Well you could stay over tonight if you want then you just have to leave from here straight away instead of having to come all the way over here then to school." Dana offered.
"If that's ok with you?" Joel said.
"Yeah fine." Dana said.
"Ok, well we'll stay here then." Benji said.
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