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Part 5

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Part 5

The next morning Dana and Ali we're the first two up. Dana was busy getting Emily's stuff ready for school and Ali was busy getting her stuff ready for work.
"Are you working today?" Ali asked.
"Yeah but I only need to go in for a few hours this afternoon." Dana said putting Emily's pack lunch in her bag. Joel and Billy walked in.
"Good morning." Joel smiled.
"Hey, there some breakfast and coffee on the table if you want something." Dana said looking round for Emily's gym kit avoiding Ali looking for her work things.
"Is it always this hectic in a morning?" Billy laughed.
"Yeah pretty much." Ali said. "Dana do you want me to go get Em up?"
"No its ok I'm on my way to do it now." Dana called from the hall.
"Ok, I'm going now then. See you later." Ali said walking out the door.
"Ok see ya."
"Dana you can toss Benj and Paul out of bed while you're up there if you want." Joel called to her.
"Will do." Dana laughed. She got into Emily's room. "Come on Em time to get up." Emily woke up but was in no hurry to get up. "Come on or the guys won't take you to school." Dana said knowing that, that would make her wake up.
"I'm up." Emily said jumping out of bed and getting ready for school in double quick time. Dana laughed.
"Ok, there's some breakfast on the table ready for you." Dana said then leaving to go wake Benji and Paul up. She walked over to where Benji was sleeping and pushed him out of bed literally, then going over to Paul and doing the same. They both woke up with a groan.
"Ow what happened?" Paul said sitting up confused. Benji stood up rubbing his head then looking at Dana realising what she'd done.
"Joel told me to." Dana smirked and walked out of the room.

"What happed we heard two bangs?" Billy asked Dana when she got into the kitchen. Emily was sat with them eating her breakfast contently.
"I tossed them out of bed." Dana smirked.
"What you mean you actually tossed them out of bed?" Joel laughed.
"Yeah." Dana said plainly then started laughing too. All four of them where in stitches laughing when Benji and Paul walked in obviously not in the best moods. Benji rubbing his head and Paul rubbing his arm.
"Aw what's the matter Dana toss you out of the wrong side of the bed?" Joel said laughing making Dana and Billy laugh harder.
"Ha ha not funny." Benji said sitting down.
"Yeah you try being thrown out of bed. It's not nice." Paul said sitting down too.
"Mommy I'm ready to go now." Emily said getting up and getting her stuff for school.
"Well you'll have to ask the guys if there ready." Dana smiled. Emily looked towards them.
"Ready when you are." Joel said getting up and getting his keys. Billy followed.
"You two coming or not?" Billy said poking Benji and Paul in the back playfully. They both grunted, not being morning people, and got up following Joel out the door.
"Mommy you can stay here." Emily said then grabbing Joel hand.
"Oh ok then, I love you too Em." Dana laughed. Joel and Billy laughed too.
"Yeah see you later mom." Emily said getting in the car with Joel, Billy and Paul.
"Want me to stay with you?" Benji said to Dana at the door.
"No it's ok, I've got to nip into work for an hour so you go with them and I'll meet you back here later." Dana smiled.
"Ok, I'll see you after." Benji said giving her a quick kiss.
"Come on Benj." Joel called.
"Alright I'm coming." Benji said getting into the car. Dana laughed at them waving them off. When they'd gone she went back inside and got her stuff ready for going into work, then she left.
When Dana got back from work just over an hour later they guys where back.
"Hey was she ok?" Dana asked.
"Yeah she was fine; she wants us to take her all the time." Joel laughed.
"What's she like. Just ignore her." Dana said laughing. "So what are we doing today?" Dana asked.
"I've got to go see Evan." Paula said.
"Evan?" Dana questioned.
"Paul's chick." Benji grinned. Paul playfully hit him. Dana, Joel and Billy laughed.
"Yeah and I need to go see my family they're having some family dinner get together thingy." Billy said.
"Ok what about you two?" Dana asked Joel and Benji.
"I'm taking you out." Benji said getting up and putting an arm around her.
"Oh are you now." Dana smiled looking at him with raised eye brows.
"Yeah I am."
"What about Joel?"
"Don't worry about me I'll hang out around here then go pick Emily up for you if you want give you and Benj some extra time." Joel said.
"Joel I couldn't ask you to do that." Dana said.
"You're not asking me, I'm telling you. Now go and have fun."
"Well if you're sure?" Dana said.
"Yes he's sure now come on." Benji said turning her and pushing her towards the door.
"Ok well see ya'll later." Dana said before they got out the door. "Where are you taking me?" Dana smiled turning to Benji before she got in his car.
"Now if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise now would it." Benji smiled. Dana sighed and got in the car. "One other thing you need to put this on." Benji said handing her a blind fold. She looked at him unsure.
"Why?" She asked quizzically.
"Just put it on please, it's a surprise and I want to keep it a surprise." Benji smiled.
"Fine." She said finally giving in but still a little unsure. She turned round to let him put it on. "Benj I hope this isn't too far away I think I might get motion sick if you drive too long with me not being able to see and puking everywhere would ruin this so called surprise you have for me." Dana said.
"Don't worry it's not far and you'll love it trust me." Benji said as they drove away.
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