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Part 6

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ok i just realized that i fucked up and post part 5 twice and put the second post as part 6. i really am blonde sometimes, sorry for the mix up. here's the real part 6. hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 6

About twenty minutes later they had finally reach their destination.
"Can I take this off now?" Dana said.
"Not just yet, there's just a little walk..."
"Benji, walk it was bad enough not letting me see when we where in the car but now you want me to go walking round god knows where and..." Benji silenced her with a quick peck on the lips.
"Will you shut up and stop worrying. You'll be fine I'll guide you." Benji said. Dana sighed and smiled. Benji got out of the car then went round to her side of the car opening the door for her and helping her out. He closed the door and locked the car. He stood on her left taking her left hand in his and putting his right arm around her back taking her right hand in his right hand. He slowly guided her to where he wanted her.
"Benj are w there yet?"
"Just a little further." Benji smiled. Seconds later he stopped her.
"Ok we're here you can take you blind fold off now."
"It's about time... Benj you didn't." Dana said absolutely amazed at where they where.
"You didn't think I remembered did you." Benji smiled.
"I...I'm speechless...Benj." Dana said smiling and giving him a hug.
"In a good way?"
"Defiantly in a good way. You did all this? When?" Dana laughed.
"Before while you where at work the guys dropped me off after we took Emily to school then Joel came and picked me up so that we where back before you got back."
"Aw Benj come here." She said giving him a kiss.

They where in the woods near the river bank it was a special place for Benji and Dana, when they where kids they'd always come here if they wanted to be alone, to think or if they just wanted some peace and quiet away from everything else. This was also the spot where Benji and Dana went for most of their dates together years ago. This is the spot where they had their first kiss and did many other firsts there too.
It was a clearing in the middle of the woods. It was a beautiful, quiet and peaceful spot with a small gentle flowing river running through it. Not many people knew about it as not many people ever ventured far enough into the woods to find it. Benji had set up a little picnic for them.

"Benji Madden what are you like." Dana laughed looking round at the scenery and the picnic. Benji just smiled at her.
"I can't help it, its what you do to me." Benji laughed. "I was surprised that it was still like it used to be." Benji said now talking about their spot that he had expected to have either been torn down or wrecked be youths.
"Yeah me too, it hasn't changed a bit." Dana said. They both sat down on the blanket in a comfortable silence for a while remembering all the good time they shared together here.
"Wow this brings back some memories." Dana said quietly.
"Yeah it does. When was the last time you came here?" Benji asked.
"A long time ago. I think the last time I was here was... it must have been right before you left and we came here saying goodbye." Dana finished after some thought and emotion suddenly striking the two of them.
"Really I would have thought you'd have brought some other guys here on dates. It's such a nice spot." Benji said trying to hide his jealousy, fishing to know more about Dana's love life since he's been gone but not wanting to ask straight out.
"Nope. Benj the only other guy I've been with properly since you left is Emily's real dad and that was only a one night stand. Besides this is our spot I would never bring anyone else here." Dana said truthfully both of them looking into each others eyes. Benji didn't know what to say.
"R...really." Benji finally found his voice.
"Yeah well as you know once I found out I was pregnant I stopped my bad girl lifestyle and focused on the baby. Then when Em was born she became my life. All that I was bothered about was making sure that she was ok and that I didn't screw up."
"You certainly didn't screw up Emily's a credit to you. She's a really great kid, I'm so proud of you." Benji said. Dana laughed.
"Proud of me, Benj my behaviour got that out of hand that I ended up getting knocked up by some guy I can't even remember what he looks like never mind who he is or even a name. I kills me that one day Emily will come to me asking who her real dad is and I don't have an answer for her." Dana said getting upset.
"Dana I'm proud of you for having the guts say enough's enough and do something about it. Not many people can or will do that and you should be proud of yourself, I mean look at you successful business, life under control and actually going somewhere and most of all Emily all you have to do is spend five minutes with her to know how much love and hard work you put into raising her properly." Benji said giving her a hug. "Don't worry about not knowing who her dad is you give her more of what she needs than most kids get from having both parents. When the time is right she'll under stand." Benji said still holding her.
"You think so?" Dana smiled as they pulled apart.
"I know so." Benji smiled smugly. She playfully hit him.
"Ok that's enough of the mushy stuff." Dana said rolling her eyes. Benji laughed and she laughed too.
"Never where a heart to heart person was you." Benji laughed.
"Nope." Dana smiled.
"So what about you? You know all my shit. Do you have any?" Dana smiled at him.
"Dana Martin I'm a good boy I managed to escape your bad girl influence on me." Benji said trying to act innocent.
"Yeah right, you and I both know just because I was a bigger fuck up doesn't mean you escaped it too much either." Dana laughed.
"Yeah everyone always used to say next to me you made me look like a saint." Benji laughed.
"Yeah that was when we both got caught but then you ended up getting out of it and I got full force." Dana laughed.
"I know I loved it when I got caught with you because it's the only time people actually thought I was innocent where as if I'd got caught with Joel then he'd be the innocent one." Benji laughed.
"Good times." Dana smiled Benji nodded.
"So do you still do motor cross?" Benji asked when they had calmed down.
"Not really I stopped when I was pregnant for obvious reasons then once Em was born it was hard finding the time. I've been once or twice in the last year while Em's been at school but other than that no. I'd love to start again but it's just to much hard work getting the bikes, the people and the places." Dana said. They went quiet for a second. "And you've still not told me anything about you." Dana said smiled at him.
"Well there nothing much to tell. I've been touring the country with the band playing shows. That's it, what do you want to know?"
"I don't know what about your love life?"
"None existent." Benji said plainly. Dana laughed.
"What so funny?" Benji said amused at her out burst.
"Nothing just do you really expect me to believe that you haven't been with anyone, not one person with all those screaming girls after you." Dana said calming down from her laughter.
"Yeah I do. Don't get me wrong the screaming girls is good and all but no, and roadies that's just wrong." Benji said. Dana looked at him with a 'your not fooling anyone look' which made him give in. "Ok fine there was one girl but she wasn't a fan and defiantly not a roadie. When we where stopped in New York for a month I met this girl..."
"Told you." Dana said smugly.
"Ok I'm not going to tell you if you're taking the piss." Benji said.
"No, no sorry go on." Dana said. Benji sighed and carried on.
"Ok well I met this girl, Candice. She seemed pretty nice..."
"She was hot." Dana said reading what he really met. Benji laughed a little at how much he couldn't fool Dana.
"Yeah she was hot and she seemed like a genuine nice girl. The month that we spent in New York was great. Then when we left New York she stayed behind for obvious reasons. We called each other a lot and everything seemed fine. Two months later we had a week off so I decided to go visit her. Anyway long story short I walked in on her and her real boyfriend ... you know." Benji said voice filled with hurt and saddens not looking Dana in the eye. Dana looked sympathetically at him.
"Benj..." she said quietly.
"It doesn't matter I'm over it. It was stupid." Benji said returning to his normal self.
"Benj if it bothered you and it mattered to you then it's not stupid at all." Dana said.
"Seriously Dana I admit it did hurt and it did bother me but seriously I'm past it now." Benji smiled. She gave him a hug.

They carried on talking about meaningless stuff together for a while. When they had finished eating they both lay on the grass cuddling together, enjoying the peace and quiet and enjoying each others company and just being close to each other again.
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