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Part 7

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Part 7

It was seven pm when Benji and Dana finally returned back to Dana's they had completely lost tract of time. When they got in Ali was in the kitchen doing the dishes and Joel, Billy and Paul where sat at the table keeping her company seen as she refused for them to help her.
"Hey guys, where's Em." Dana said walking into the kitchen to them followed by Benji.
"You've been gone long enough." Ali smiled.
"Em who?" Joel said.
"My daughter Emily." Dana smiled knowing he was joking.
"Oh shit was I supposed to pick her up from school." Joel said.
"Ha ha very funny." Dana said playfully hitting him on the head.
"She's upstairs getting ready for bed."
"Getting ready for bed on time?" Dana said surprised. "How did you manage that?" Dana laughed.
"Don't ask me Joel did it." Ali said.
"Well I might be wanting to keep you." Dana patted him on the head smiling. "I'll go say goodnight to her." Dana smiled then went upstairs to Emily.
So you two have a good time?" Billy asked Benji as he sat down with them.
"Yeah we did." Benji smiled.
"Is it worth asking for any details?" Joel smiled knowing that even though Benji was more than happy to give anyone and everyone the full details of what he'd done with any other girl but with Dana it's different he's always so private about the two of them.
"All you need to know is that we had a really good time together." Benji said closing the subject.

Meanwhile Emily was already tucked up in bed ready when Dana walked in.
"Hey honey." Dana smiled sitting on the side of her bed.
"Hey mommy." Emily said giving her a hug.
"Did you have a good day today?"
"Yes I did we painted lots of really cool pictures at school."
"Really I bet that was fun. Was you good for Joel?"
"Yeah, I really like him he's fun. I like the others too, especially Benji." Emily smiled.
"You do do you." Dana smiled. Emily nodded.
"Ok you go to sleep and I'll see you in the morning." Dana said getting up and kissing her on the forehead.
"Ok night night mommy." Emily smiled. Dana turned the light out and closed the door then went back to the others. They hung out for a little while. Ali and Paul where getting on really well and getting really close.

"So what's going on with you and Paul?" Dana grinned and Ali. Ali blushed a little.
"Really?" Dana laughed.
"Ok yeah I like him."
"He likes you."
"No he doesn't. Does he?"
"How do you know?"
"I can tell. I've known all of them long enough. I know theses things." Dana smiled smugly.
"So how was your day with Benji?"
"Really good. It's really nice being around him again." Dana smiled.
"It's nice seeing you with him again. I can tell he makes you happy I can see it in your eyes." Ali said. Dana laughed a little knowing what she meant. "So what did you do?"
"We went to our spot in the woods and he'd made a picnic and everything it was so sweet." Dana said.
"Aw see I knew you two where really soft at heart you like pretending to be all hard and bad ass but your not." Ali laughed.
"Hey watch it you." Dana laughed pushing her playfully.
"So what did you do at the picnic?"
"Nothing we just talked and enjoyed being with each other."
"Yeah sure you did?" Ali laughed knowing what Dana, and Benji for that matter, where like.
"No really we're had a really serious heart to heart talk."
"Heart to heart? About what?"
"I was talking him about all my shit. All the stuff I've been through with having Emily and everything and he was telling me about one of his relationships that didn't go too well to say the least." Dana said.
"So what's going on with you two are you together or what?"
"I don't know. We do still love each other but..."
"What's stopping you then?"
"I don't know. It's just hard you know with Emily and everything."
"Oh I get it. Dana you've got to stop doing this to yourself..."
"Doing what?"
"Ever since you found out you where pregnant you've been on some kind of super-mom kick. Which is all well and good because you've done and excellent job so far. The thing is you've closed yourself off from any male attention what so ever. Dana just because you're with someone doesn't make you any less of a mother to Emily."
"I know that it just..." Dana sighed.
"I know it must be really hard for you with all what you've been through but come on this is Benji where talking about. You and me both know to you he's not just some guy you've picked up off the street." Ali laughed making Dana laugh too.
"I'm being serious for the past six years it's all been about Emily and I'm not saying forget about her or give her and less love and attention. All I'm saying is you need some loving too. Give Benji a shot, you know you both want too." Ali smiled nudging Dana. Dana smiled thinking about all what her big sister had said. "And if you don't give it ago soon I think Em will." Ali laughed. Dana laughed too.
"Yeah I suppose you right and I'm going to bed now because unlike you I have work tomorrow." Dana said getting up and going to bed. "You still ok seeing to Emily tomorrow?" Dana asked as she got to the door.
"Yeah don't worry you I'll see to her while you work." Ali smirked. Dana flipped her off.
"Night." Dana said.
"Night." Ali replied.
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