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Part 8

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Part 8

The next day Dana had to drag her self out of bed for seven to get her self to work for eight. She was the only one up as Ali only needed to get Emily up at eight for school at nine. Dana made herself some coffee hoping to wake herself up more and had some breakfast. Today was going to be a long day for her, she had to do the stock taking for the store she was in charge of and for the store that Jake was in charge of because he was on holiday then she had to go and check on Tom to see if his was all ok. She knew she would only be home for six if she was lucky. She sighed and got all the stuff and went to work. At lunch her phone rang.
"Ali is everything ok?"
"Yeah everything's fine I just thought I'd give you a call see how your doing."
"Not very well. It's just like Jake to decide to go on holiday when its time to do all the stock checking. It's taking me ages; I forgot how much I hated doing this. I've nearly finished my stores but I still have to go and do all of Jake's store and then go check on Tom."
"So when do you think you'll be home. I'll have some dinner ready."
"At this rate it'll be more like breakfast." Dana laughed. "Erm probably around five, six-ish."
"Ok well just give me a call when you're on your way home." Ali said.
"Yeah will do, if I ever get through all of this." Dana sighed.
"Good luck. Bye."
Dana put the phone down and carried on working. She finally finished her stores stuck checking at two o'clock then decided to go check on Tom first them go do Jakes.
"Hey Tom." Dana smiled as she walked into his office.
"Hey Dana how are you?"
"Good apart from doing this fucking stock checking. Just like Jake to go and leave me doing this by my self." Dana laughed.
"Well mines all done for you."
"Good. Now I just have to go do all Jake's."
"Poor you how long did it take you to do yours?"
"Fucking six hours."
"I know it must have taken me about the same I started doing some of mine last night so I didn't have as much to do today."
"Clever you. How's JT?"
"She's good."
"And the kids?"
"Fine, as annoying as ever." Tom laughed.
"I know what you mean I swear Emily knows every trick in the book to get what she wants and to get out of doing things she doesn't want." Dana laughed.
"It's her birthday soon isn't it?"
"Yeah Sunday."
"Wow three days to go. What does she want?"
"Do I know it she's never shut up about it. She want's this doll thing that you can do it hair and make-up and all that other shit on it and she's having a party at the Fun House."
"Should be fun." Tom laughed.
"Yeah I can't wait all those screaming kids." Dana laughed and rolled her eyes. "Right well I'd better go do Jake's fucking shit if I ever plan on getting home before midnight."
"Ok see you soon. Have fun at the party." Tom laughed.
"Ha ha very funny. See ya." Dana laughed walking out of the door then going to Jake's. She finally got started at there o'clock. At six o'clock she was no where near finished and her phone rang.
"Hey how you doing?" Ali asked.
"Not too good. I've still got loads to do. You wouldn't believe how unorganised Jake is."
"Oh I can believe it." Ali laughed. "Well what do you want me to do for your dinner?"
"I don't know leave it and I'll warm it up and have it when I finally get in. is Em ok?"
"Yeah she's fine she's just playing for a little while before she goes to bed. Hang on there's some on at the door."
"I'll go then I have loads more work to do." Dana sighed as she out the phone down and Ali went and answered the door. It was Benji and Joel.
"Hey guys Dana's not in she's still stock checking I don't know when she'll be back I was just talking to her and she said she's still got loads more to do but you can wait for her if you want."
"Benji, Joel come look." Emily said running over to them grabbing each of their hands puling them over to where she had set up a make believe house.
"We'll stay for a while if you don't mind." Benji said as Emily sat them both down at the table in her house.
"Yeah that's fine with me." Ali laughed at them glad of the company.
"Do you mind watching her while I just finish a few bits and pieces off?" Ali asked.
"No that's fine." Joel smiled.
"Ok if you need me I'll be in the kitchen." Ali said then going to do her work. Twenty minutes later Benji joined Ali in the kitchen.
"Has she scared you off?" Ali laughed.
"No, I was just wondering if I could have a word with you."
"Yeah sure what's wrong?" Ali said pulling out a chair next to her for him. He sat down next to her.
"It's probably nothing but is Dana ok?" Benji asked.
"Yeah I think so, why what makes you say that?"
"I don't know she seems a little... I don't know how to explain it..."
"Benj I know what you talking about." Ali smiled realising what he was meaning.
"You do?"
"Yeah I was talking to her about the same thing last night. Do you feel like she's holding back and that she backs away from you when you start getting a little close?"
"Ok you see Dana's been on a super-mom kick with Emily and all her attention has been on Emily for the past six years. She's not had any male attention well it's not that she hasn't had the offers it's just that she some how thinks that if she starts seeing someone then it'll make her less of a mother to Emily. But don't worry I talked to her about it last night and made her realise that she can still be with someone and be just as good a mother to Emily." Ali explained. Benji nodded.
"Don't worry Benj she does love you its just hard for her at times but I promise everything will be fine." Ali smiled.
"Ok, thanks for that Ali." Benji smiled.
"No problem." Ali said. They walked to where Joel and Emily where still playing. Ali went and put Emily to bed.
"So what where you and Ali talking about?" Joel asked.
"Oh everything ok?"
"Yeah everything fine now." Benji smiled.
Ali returned and they chatted for a while at seven thirty they heard the front door open.
"Fucking Jake he's never going on fucking holiday again if I have anything to do with it." They heard Dana muttering as she out her keys away and hung her jacket up. Seconds later she walked into the living room.
"Ali your brother is an ass..." Dana ranted then noticed Benji and Joel. "Hey guys." She smiled at them.
"Hey." They both replied.
"Tell me something I don't know and he's your brother too." Ali said.
"Not any more I've disowned him." Dana said sitting down on the sofa. "Four and a half fucking hours I was doing his shit for it should only take two at the most I swear when he comes back from holiday I'm going to kick his ass back to fucking Australia." Dana continued her ranting. Amusing Ali, Benji and Joel.
"You finished now/" Ali smiled at her.
"Yeah for now." Dana sighed and smiled relaxing back on the sofa.
"I'll get you some dinner." Ali said going into the kitchen.
"Good I've not ate in like ten hours." Dana said. "So what brings you two here?" Dana smiled at them.
"You." Benji smiled.
"How long have you been waiting?" Dana asked.
"About an hour." Joel said.
"I'm really sorry I just had so much work to do."
"Its fine Joel had fun playing house with Emily." Benji laughed. Joel hit him in the arm. Dana laughed.
"Ali did you manage to get in touch with Fun House?" Dana asked as Ali walked back into the room with Dana's food.
"Yeah I did everything sorted for Sunday." Ali said.
"What's happening at Fun House on Sunday?" Benji asked.
"It's Emily's birthday and she's having a party there." Dana explained.
"Oh cool."
"Yeah wanna come?" Dana asked.
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah we'll need all the help we can get with all the crazy screaming kids." Dana smiled.
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