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Fire And Ice

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Doom may be gone, but the Fantastic Four have a new enemy on their hands--- who is it? Alicia gets kidnapped, and Ben's ex-fiancee decides she wants him back. Sue and Reed argue even more than ever...

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A/N: I decided to write a Fantastic Four fanfiction, just because I saw the movie, liked it, and noticed that there weren't a lot of Fantastic Four stories out there. If you like it, let me know in a review! If you don't like it, all I accept is constructive reviews, telling me what you personally think I can do to improve it. If you don't like it and review saying "It sux" and don't give me a reason why, most likely it will not be a signed review, and my stick people will come and eat you o-O. Keep in mind that this story is completed on another site, with the same penname since I figured it would be easy to recognize for those who know me at ff.

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Fantastic Four: A New Addition

Chapter One: Fire and Ice

"'The latest news about the Fantastic Four is that two of its members are getting married. When this ceremony will happen has not yet been released to the public, but rumor has it that the two, Invisible Girl and Mr Fantastic, will be married on Pluto, in the presence of other super beings such as themselves, in mid fall.'" Johnny read aloud. He was unable to contain his laughter as he dropped the tabloid down on the table. Sue, or 'Invisible Girl', picked it up to read for herself. Somehow she just didn't believe that someone would actually think they were getting married on Pluto, of all things.

"Yeah, and read that next part," Johnny said, and Sue skimmed through the story to start reading from where Johnny had finished. She looked up at him, and started to laugh a little herself. He urged her to read out loud.

"'How the Human Torch will react to this shockingly much colder climate is unknown, but it has been shouted by many people as the Human Torch has gone by the he is too hot to touch, and even Jack Frost would be unable to cool his hottness.' Is this for real?" Sue asked, laughing. Johnny glared at her.

"What makes it so hard for you people to believe that women dig me? Lets face it, the fact that I got the power of being engulfed in flames, that I am 'hot' so to speak, is no coincidence. Its clearly the effects of my... well, hottness." Johnny said, turning his face from side to side as if he were modeling. Ben rolled his eyes, or at least tried to.

"Yeah, sure kid. And what, I suppose I turned into some kind of giant rock because I was... what?" Ben waited, and Johnny smirked.

"Big... I mean, really Ben, you could stand to lose a few tonnes." Johnny ran as Ben threw his now empty glass at him. Reed stretched and caught it before it hit the glass, and Johnny was already out the door. Ben was muttering under his breath about what he intended to do to 'Flame Boy', and Sue sighed, putting down the paper.

"What's wrong, Sue?" Reed asked. Sue looked at him, but she didn't smile. She stood up, and walked out of the room. Reed frowned, and began to follow, when Ben stopped him for a moment.

"Hey, listen, I'm heading out for most of the day, but if you need me, call the bar near where I used to live, alright?" Ben replied. Reed nodded, smiling, and walked out to find Sue. He saw her standing on the balcony, and stood next to her.

"Gorgeous view, isn't it?" he said, trying to get her to talk. She nodded, but said nothing. Reed walked over to her and put his arm around her.

"Hey, what's up Sue? You seem a little upset," he added, and she shivered. It was a cool, dreary day, and the sun was barely in the sky at all. All that week, it had been hot out, and today was just so... cold. Highly unusual for a Summer's day.

"It's just... now that we're, well, the 'Fantastic Four', we've been in a lot of the tabloids. Its like we don't even have a life anymore, and the little bit of a normal life we do have gets twisted with rumors by people who have nothing better to do with their time then make up stories about us. I mean, us, have our wedding, on PLUTO of all things? Please! Not only is it scientifically impossible, its just not convenient or reasonable. I mean, we couldn't exactly transport all of our friends and all of our family out to space wearing space suits, could we? And besides that, Pluto is too far away from Earth, it would take way to long to get there. I mean, where do people get these ideas? Do they have nothing better to do with their time then create rumors that can't possibly be true in any way, shape, or form? What happens when we start getting BAD publicity? Then what?" Sue asked. Reed was shocked... this wasn't exactly what he had expected was bothering her. Sure, the publicity could get frustrating if you were followed and hounded everywhere you went, but Sue had dealt with publicity before, why was it effecting her this way now?

"I know it's a little... confusing, sometimes. And it can be frustrating. But isn't saving the lives of others, knowing that you helped, worth it all? Maybe I'm just being stupid, but I think- " Reed stopped as Sue leaned over and lightly kissed him. She pulled back, and sat inside.

"That's the problem Reed, you're always thinking. But your right, it is worth it... and who knows? We may get used to the publicity, I know Johnny certainly is enjoying the extra publicity. I think that I may go and read the rest of that paper, see if there's anything mildly interesting other then rumors. Next they'll be saying that Ben is the offspring of Mt Everest and some demon, I mean, it won't stop, but... I guess that's why I should just accept it, no matter what, even if we were to quit or go into hiding, they'd still make up stories. I promise, I won't worry anymore until we do get bad publicity." Sue smiled and walked out of the room into the kitchen. She helped Ben clean up his breakfast dishes... it was a lot harder now for him to even pick up a fork, let alone put his dishes in the sink.

"Thanks, Sue. I've been trying to pick that plate up for ten minutes now! Well, I'm going out, I'll talk to you guys after." Ben got up and, incidentally, stomped a big crack in the floor. "I'll fix that when I get back. Sorry, Reed. Still not used to this heavy weight," Ben left, and Reed went into his lab to do some research.
Meanwhile, Johnny was having some problems of his own. As much as he loved publicity, getting followed by photographers everywhere... even if he was trying to go in a public washroom!... was tiring. Obviously, the photographers couldn't take a photo in the bathroom, but they could wait by the door for it to open and for Johnny to come out. Even the fangirls were getting tiresome, and THAT was something that was rarely heard coming from Johnny Storm of all people.

"Mr Storm, is it true that you are currently, excuse the boldness, single?" one female reporter asked. Johnny stopped and turned around. This was really getting tiring now.

"Single? Define single. Am I tied down to one woman only? No. I do however go on dates, but today is not one of those days." Johnny began walking away, but the reporters entirely circled him. While doing so, Johnny noticed someone off across the road, who seemed to be disgusted with the media. 'Someone's in a bad mood. How does she think I feel?' Johnny thought to himself. He made his way through the crowd, when a little boy stood in front of him.

"Y-y-you're the... the human torch, aren't you?" the little boy asked. Johnny nodded and kneeled down so he was at the little boys level. "Do you think I could have your autograph? You're my favourite out of the Fantastic Four... fires so cool! Well, not if its on houses or people..."

"Sure, kiddo, hey, does anybody have some paper and a pen?" Johnny asked. He was a little surprised with himself, but he had seen this little boy around before... and he knew that he wasn't the richest kid around. 'Just because I'm hot doesn't mean I can't give a kid a break every now and then,' Johnny told himself. One of the reporters handed him a photo, and he smirked. 'Great, media following my every move, AND they have photo's of me ready to go...' He signed the photo and handed it to the little boy, who thanked him and ran off.

"Mr. Storm, do you regularly give out autographs?" one of the reporters asked. He shook his head.

"No, and I don't intend to do so very often in the future either." Johnny, tired of the media, ran ahead and turned his flame on, flying to somewhere he could be alone. The media of course was taking picture after picture, and camera's were shooting every second of it, but he didn't care. By now everyone already knew who had power, what their powers were, and what they looked like. Flying off engulfed in flame couldn't hurt that much more.

Ben walked into the bar he regularly now went to, and looked around. He didn't see Alicia anywhere, so he walked up and sat on the stool that had been, as a request, specially ordered for Ben. It was able to hold as much weight as 3 transport trucks, and if it was taken... well, Ben's appearance alone was enough to scare people. He ordered his usual drink, and began sipping it. He liked his old town, even if it was where he used to live with his fiancé. He already knew his fiancé was walking around without her ring on, and that alone was, before, enough to torture his very soul. Now, he had just learned that he had to accept that she couldn't accept him for who he was.

"Ben? Is that... you?" a familiar voice asked. Ben turned around, shocked. It was his soon to be ex-fiance, sitting at the bar, right next to him.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" He muttered. He tried to quickly finish his drink, but the glass broke again. Great. His fiance grabbed some napkins to wipe up the spilled drink as the bartender cleaned off the broken glass.

"Ben... I... I'm sorry, I truly am. You have to realize, think of how many times you've gone on your little trips with Reed, and... well, I was just sick of it. Sick of you always going along with what he asks. I begged you not to go this time... do you remember that? I literally begged you, but you went anyways. I... I was stunned, to see you. I couldn't except it, but... well, what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry. I really am. I love you Ben, and that's all that should have mattered to me. We promised, just like you said, to love each other no matter what, and... I broke that promise, but I want another chance, another chance to try and... make it up to you. Please, Ben..." she pleaded. He got up, and left the bar. He just couldn't deal with this now. She was stunned, but she had a feeling he'd come back, that he'd call her soon in the near future.

"So, what exactly are you researching?" Sue asked. Reed jumped, not realizing she had returned back to the room. He quickly finished typing something up, before answering.

"Well, I'm actually trying to find out two things... one, if there are any other records of people getting... powers, such as ours... and just why exactly that cosmic cloud gave us this unusual gift instead of killing us as would be expected. I just hope people don't get the idea that what happened to us will happen to everyone... can you imagine the tragedy that would cause? So far, I have found no logical reason for why this happened, and I have found no records of any people getting powers like this. It just doesn't make sense!" Reed pounded his fist on his desk, and sighed. Sue put her arms around him and looked at the research that he had gathered so far.

"Well, give it time, Reed. You've been working at this all day, don't you think its time to take a break from all this? Come on, both Johnny and Ben are going to be back, and I already told both of them not to eat dinner until they got here. Lets go pick something up, okay? You need a break, and I could really use something to eat." Sue pulled Reed's chair back (it had wheels) and he reluctantly decided to go.
Shivering, a woman with white blonde hair looked out across the city, and saw that there was a fire at one of the apartment buildings. Sighing, she went down the stairs from the top of the building and called a cab to get over there.

"Mr Storm, is there any way you can save the little girl in that building?" one reporter asked. Johnny shrugged, and flinched as he heard the little girl screaming for help again.

"I'm sorry, I don't have time to answer questions, but I will say this... nobody is ever sure, one hundred percent, that they can save someone. They can only be sure that they will try their best. Excuse me," he said, cutting off one of the reporters who had opened their mouth to ask another question. He walked away from the crowd and, flaming on, flew up at the building. So far, he was only able to 'fly' if he was covered in fire. Once he reached one of the windows, he turned off his flame and jumped inside. The rest, the reporters never saw.

Johnny slowly walked around, trying to be careful. The floor looked like it would collapse any second, and that wouldn't be good for the little girl inside the building. He covered his mouth, the smoke from the fire was overwhelming.

"Hello?" he called out, and froze. He had almost stepped through a hole in the floor, but as he looked down through the floor, he saw the little girl who had previously been screaming for help. She was now knocked unconscious, having inhaled too much of the black smoke. Johnny carefully slid down into the room. The little girl was curled up on the floor, and Johnny scooped her up. He went to run out of the room, but was stopped by a beam which was on fire, blocking the way. They were stuck. Unless he broke through the walls, he had no chance of saving her, and even then, he couldn't exactly turn his flame on and fly out carrying the girl. While he was trying to work out what he was going to do, he saw the fire in front of him slowly freezing... into solid ice.

"Who's there?" he called out. There was no way that a firefighter could have made it into the building, and even if one did, there was no way that he would get up to this floor and be able to freeze the fire entirely. Put it out, maybe just that spot, but not freeze it. Johnny didn't get a response, however, and deciding not to waste anymore time, he kicked the ice, broke it, and took the little girl outside to safety.

"Mr Storm, can you tell us what froze the fire?" a young reporter asked. For once, Johnny had nothing to say. He gave the little girl to her parents, who wouldn't stop thanking him... they had been forced to leave, and then heard their daughter screaming. Johnny looked up at the flames which were frozen solid. Nobody in the Fantastic Four had the ability to freeze things... not even Sue. Johnny called a cab and decided not to think any more about it until he mentioned it to the others.

"Hey, aren't you the Human Torch?" the cab driver asked, looking through the rearview mirror at Johnny. He nodded, but didn't say anything. The driver went on talking, and all Johnny did was politely answer.

"Okay, everything is set up. Now we just have to wait for- " Sue was cut off by Ben walking through the door. He walked in but said nothing as he went to his room. Worried, Sue went after him... he looked... different. Other then the rocks that was now his body.

"Hey Ben? What's up?" Sue asked. Ben looked up at her, and nodded at the engagement ring that his fiancé had left the day he saved those firefighters from dying. Sue, puzzled, walked over to it. Why would he...?

"I saw her today, Sue. She... she wants me back. She wants to forget about our troubles, and she said she's made a mistake, and that she's sorry. She was at the bar," he added. Sue opened her mouth, but at that moment Johnny burst in.

"Sue, we have a slight problem. Turn on the news," he ordered, but instead he got up and went to the TV in the other room. Reed, Sue and Ben followed, and Johnny turned the television on. He turned to a news channel, and it was showing the fire. It showed him flying off into the building- Sue opened her mouth to lecture Johnny, but stopped when she saw the flames freeze over.

"Johnny, you can freeze things as well?" Reed asked. He seemed impressed, although worried. Johnny laughed.

"Me? Well Reed as much as I'd love to take the credit for that, it wasn't me. No, see, I was in the building, I saw the little girl, in fact she had passed out because she inhaled too much smoke. I picked her up, went to leave, but a beam that was as you probably could guess on fire, fell and blocked our way. Then all of a sudden the flames just... they just froze, into solid ice. And I think- " Johnny was cut off by the newscaster on the television, who finished his sentence.

"That the Fantastic Four aren't the only one's with superpowers in this town."

A/N: Well, how was that? Its, as you obviously know, my first Fantastic Four story. Let me know what you think! Wow, over 3000 words... well, I'll try and keep all chapters around this long. Right now, I think I'll work on my other stories, but keep in mind this story is complete on another site, so once I'm sure there's some interest I'll post the chapters up frequently for you. You can probably search around for my other account on another site--- same username.
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