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New Arch Enemy

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The Fantastic Four have a new enemy, who doesn't hesitate to make their presence known... but who is it? And how many are there... a little bit of Ben and Johnny humor as well. Enjoy.

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A/N: Well I figured it was only fair to have a few chapters posted up since the story is technically completed, so I figured why not, I'll add another chapter. I think I'll add a few every day until it's complete, that way you can review and tell me what you think... even if its already technically completed. This story originally was meant to be a "love" story between the ice chick and Johnny, and that was why it was called "A New Addition", but I changed that after the first chapter. Didn't seem to fit my new idea.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fantastic Four. Also, the dream that Sue has is NOT what Chapter 1 was--- the dream is unknown.

Fantastic Four: A New Addition

Chapter Two: New Arch Enemy

The sound of typing was echoing through a dark room, the sound bouncing off of the walls. The room was stale and hot, but there were no windows to open... it was underground.

"Ah, so the Fantastic Four have discovered that they are not the only ones with powers?" a deep voice replied from the shadows. A shaky voice replied back in some strange language, and the figure in the shadows shouted angrily in the same language. Whatever language it was, as it did not sound like any language that was in the regular world.

"It would appear so, master." the shaky voice replied reluctantly. The voice in the shadows faded, and the thing with the shaky voice discontinued the conversation. He had more important work to do now.


"Johnny, what happened?" Sue asked. Johnny pointed at the television screen.

"Why tell you, when you can see for yourself?" he replied. Sue looked at the TV and watched the whole thing as the firemen rushed inside to make sure there weren't any other victims as Johnny brought the little girl out. Sue turned to talk to Johnny again but he was nowhere to be found.

"I guess he feels a little tired after what happened earlier," Sue decided, but as she said this, Johnny came back with some Jiffy Pop heating in his hand. She shook her head but couldn't help cracking a little smile. It soon disappeared though when a rock came through the window. Reed stretched to grab the note that was attached to it. He read it to himself, and frowning handed it to Ben.

"'The Fantastic Four aren't so fantastic without their flameboy and bodyguard are they?'" he read aloud. Johnny put his popcorn down and looked at the note.

"I wonder what they mean? I mean... sure, Ben I can understand, I mean look at him! But if they're going to include me, why not mention the whole team?" he asked. He looked seriously confused and although Reed and Sue understood it a little more then him, they didn't enlighten him by explaining.

"They mean that you and Ben have to keep a low profile for awhile. This could just be a joke, but I don't trust it. Better safe then sorry. Besides, I want you both here tomorrow anyways. A journalist is coming to do a story on us, and the only reason we agreed to it was because frankly these rumors are becoming too much." Sue turned off the TV and went to the table, grabbing her plate and leaving the room. So much for their 'Fantastic' dinner, Reed thought. Johnny, noticing there was better food, put down his popcorn and grabbed a plate.

Sue woke up screaming, and sat up in her bed, gasping for air. 'Why do I keep having that dream?' She asked herself. Ever since she had gotten her... powers... she had been having the same dream often, but now that Doom was gone, she was actually having the dream every night, sometimes more then once. She got up out of her bed and left her room, trying to keep quiet so she wouldn't wake anybody up. She saw Ben having trouble fitting on his bed, as was his usual problem, but Reed and Johnny weren't in their rooms at all. Walking down the hall, she saw Johnny on the couch clutching the Jiffy Pop from earlier, and walked over to Reed's "office" and saw he had fallen asleep researching. She took a peek at the computer screen and saw that he was no longer trying to figure out how the cloud would give them powers instead of killing them, but looking at the tabloids websites and trying to track down the person that had frozen the flames from the fire. So far he had found no pictures of a person leaving... 'Did she... die? In the fire...?' Sue thought to herself, and for a moment, she thought she should wake Johnny and see if he saw anyone leave. Deciding against it, she went into the kitchen and heated up some of the coffee that was left over from earlier in the morning.


"I still can't believe you saved that kid, Ice." a deep, booming voice replied. The girl, who the man called 'Ice', shrugged.

"I couldn't just let a little girl die, especially that young. You know that's not my style," she added, seeing the look of disgust on her bosses face. He nodded, but he was still suspicious. Something about that kid just isn't right... whether she wants to admit it or not, I don't think she's as evil as she's trying to let on, he thought. He brushed these thoughts aside, and 'Ice' took his silence as permission to speak again. "When will I be allowed to start, sir?" she asked. As she was about to be answered, a red light began flashing and sirens going off. She looked around, and was pushed outside. As she was about to ask what was going on, it was as if her 'boss' had read her mind.

"The police have found us! We don't have much time!" he replied. 'Ice' nodded and grabbed their plans before running out of the building. She had some cops to fight, and it was only a matter of time before she would meet up with one of them. They made it outside, but were separated when the police started shooting at them.

"GO! GO NOW! I WILL CONTACT YOU!" he shouted through the crowd. 'Ice' nodded and ran. She had a job to do, and she wasn't about to let the police stop her... not now. She ran as fast as she could, then decided to jump into the water. She froze it and skated off, allowing the ice behind her to melt so she could not be followed.


Reed woke up, startled. Oh no, he thought, I must have fallen asleep while I was working... I hope Sue isn't already aw-

"Reed, are you awake?" Sue called from the doorway. Reed turned around and smiled. So much for her not already being awake, he thought. He got up and hugged her, but she pulled away.

"Reed... do I have to set you a bedtime just so you won't fall asleep working again?" Sue asked. Reed was about to laugh, but he saw the serious look on her face and decided not to. He went over to his desk and went to shut off his computer but found it was already off.

"I turned it off, at 4 in the morning, Reed. No wonder your electric bill is always so high! What else do you leave running all night like that? Reed, you said you wanted a relationship, but... I still get the feeling that Science is more important to you, even more then your own well being!" Reed walked up to her, but she walked out of his office, and when he went out into the hall, she couldn't be seen. She had gone invisible, as she often did when she was emotional. Sighing, he sat back down at his computer. He couldn't exactly just go after her, she was invisible after all. He turned his computer back on and began his research again.

Sue, meanwhile, was running outside as fast as she could. She didn't want this to be a problem for them again, she couldn't handle it! Other then the fact that before he hadn't wanted to share an apartment with her, they had argued about various things, and his addiction to working was one of the main ones. Please don't let this be a problem again... I won't let it happen, I won't! She shouted in her head. And she wouldn't. No matter what happened, she wouldn't. Right now, she just wanted to be alone, not only to stay away from Reed for awhile, but to be alone with her thoughts about her dream. After all, scientists believe that all dreams have a meaning, and that we should consider them warnings, but if you have the same dream more then once, it is even more dangerous. The hard part was just figuring out what her dream meant.

"Kid, pass the maple syrup will ya?" Ben asked Johnny. Johnny glared at him.

"Why don't you just slam on your side of the table and make it slide to you?" he asked. Ben, already growing impatient, stood up.

"Because, I don't want to. Now could you please pass the maple syrup?" Ben asked again, and Johnny grinned mischievously.

"Sure, Benny, no problem..." he replied, and Ben looked at him suspiciously... Johnny had agreed to pass the syrup a little too easily... Johnny reached for the Maple Syrup and Ben jumped.

"That's okay I can get it," he replied hastily, and reached for it, but Johnny got to it first.

"No, no, allow me..." Johnny replied, and he grabbed it and past it to Ben. Ben looked at it suspiciously, but thinking there was nothing wrong, grabbed it. At that exact moment Johnny 'flamed on' and melted the plastic container that the syrup was in. Ben groaned as his hand was covered in sticky syrup. He began to yell and ran after Johnny, who ran out to the balcony in the living room, flamed on, and flew off. Ben growled and vowed to wait until Johnny returned to get him back. In the meantime, he had to get the extra syrup and eat Johnny's share of pancakes. He walked back into the kitchen and grabbed the maple syrup, and he saw Reed getting coffee while reading the newspaper.

"Anything interesting?" Ben asked. Reed, for a moment, didn't answer. It was as though he hadn't heard him. Ben was about to repeat himself when Reed sat down and sighed.

"Nothing much, there's a story about last night though," Reed replied. Ben saw that something was on his mind but let it go and focused on the paper.

"About last night? Why, what did the Human WART do this time?" Ben asked, laughing at his own 'creative' joke. Reed smiled and shook his head.

"It wasn't about Johnny... or you, or me, or even Sue. Just a regular story that sounds... interesting, I guess you could say. Apparently, the police have been looking for this man who calls himself... well, I can't pronounce it, but they've been looking for him for 5 years and just found him in an abandoned apartment building last night. There was a woman with him, and guess what? It was that 'Ice cool' woman that Johnny was talking about last night. Whether she was trying to stop him or is working with him, I don't know. Apparently the man is in custody and will have a trial before it is decided just WHAT is done with him. It hasn't been released what he did that got the police after him, but it'll be in it soon you can guarantee." Reed put the paper down, finished his coffee, and went to grab his coat.

"What are you doing?" Ben asked, entering the hallway.

"I'm going to do a little more research... I'll be back as soon as I can. If Sue comes back and asks where I've been, tell her I was... getting the reporter! I forgot all about that!" Reed shouted. He grabbed the phone and quickly dialed Johnny's cell. Johnny answered.

"Hello, if this is that sexy waitress, I'm sorry, I already have pl- " Johnny began but Reed cut him off.

"Johnny, listen, you have to come back, I forgot that the reporter was coming today. I'm going to call your sister, but look for her anyways alright?" Reed asked. He heard Johnny laugh on the other end, and if he could see him, he probably would be smirking.

"Oh yeah, genius? And just how exactly am I supposed to find her, if I remember correctly, she turned invisible and ran out of the building. I may be handsome, no, not handsome, drop dead gorgeous, but that doesn't work to find my sister, and- "

"Got it, just... try to find her before the reporter gets here, please?" Reed asked. Johnny said okay and they hung up. Reed quickly looked at Sue's list she had made to do before the reporter arrived. One, bake cookies... great... two, make muffins... buy ingredients for both. Great, I don't even know the ingredients! Reed thought to himself. He ran to the phone and called Sue, but she didn't answer. Either she couldn't hear her phone, or she wasn't picking up.

"Ben... do you know how to make cookies?" Reed asked. Ben looked surprised but nodded. This was going to be an interesting day...

Sue, who had for the past two hours been hiding out by the water, stood up, panicking. OH NO! I forgot all about the reporter! I still have to bake cookies and muffins, and I have to buy the ingredients! I can't believe I forgot! Sue thought, and she turned herself invisible. The last thing she needed right now was more publicity, and people stopping her in the streets. She grabbed her clothes and ran as fast as she could, hoping nobody would notice the floating clothes.

Johnny however, after trying to find Sue for an hour, decided to head back home and see if she had gone back yet. When he got there, he heard what sounded like an explosion coming from the kitchen, and ran inside. He coughed as he was covered in flour.

"What exactly is going on here?" Johnny asked. He started laughing uncontrollably when he saw Reed, every inch of him covered in flour and occasionally s chocolate chip, and Ben had a container of butter on his head. Ben walked up to Johnny and pushed him against the wall as 'gently' as possible for him.

"Say anything, /anything/, and you won't be pretty no more, got it?" Ben said. Johnny stopped laughing but rose to the challenge.

"Sorry, your highness. Glad to see you got around to buttering your... crown," Johnny said, and started to continue when Ben started running after him, bouncing things off of where they had been originally. Reed ran out into the hallway calling after them.

"GUYS! Come on guys, I don't know how to make cookies!" Reed shouted.

"Then I guess it's a good thing I came home in time, huh?" Sue replied. Reed turned around and nodded. Sue went into the kitchen and shook her head, looking at the ingredients that Reed and Ben had set out. "Um, Reed?" Sue asked. Reed looked at her and replied, "What?".

"I appreciate you trying to bake the cookies and muffins, but... why do you have baking soda out? And... is that a pickle in the cookie dough?" she asked, looking at the green thing that was sticking out of the sticky dough. Reed nodded, and Sue shook her head.

"Reed, I think it be better if you stuck with what you can do, because baking is just not your thing." she replied. Reed nodded and went to leave the room, but Sue stopped him. "How about you, Ben and Johnny clean up this flour okay? I'll bake the cookies," she added.

Finally, everything was done. The cookies (chocolate chip and oatmeal) were freshly baked, just out of the oven, the muffins (blueberry, carrot, and strawberry) were reheated and already sliced, and there was not only coffee, but tea and juice made. Sue wanted the interview to go perfectly, to set her mind a little more at ease when it came to the publicity. Maybe some truth would set her mind at ease, that's what she hoped anyways. Johnny was just setting the cookies (one of which was of course stuffed in his mouth) on the coffee table in the living room when he heard a knock at the door. Grabbing a muffin along the way, Johnny went and answered the door. There stood, in Johnny's opinion, one of the most gorgeous women he had seen. She had long blonde hair (natural, not dyed) and was wearing very little makeup. She was wearing a white shirt, with a simple long blue skirt that at the ends was flared out. Definitely casual wear.

"Ah, so my mail-order Angel finally arrived," Johnny flirted. The woman glared at him.

"Not quite, Mr Storm. Although I think even an Angel would run away from you," she replied, smiling sweetly. He looked at her, slightly amused. Not my biggest fan, I see, he thought. Sue came up behind him and saw the woman.

"I'm sorry if my brother was rude, Miss Winters," Sue replied apologetically, pushing her brother into the other room. She motioned for the woman, Miss Winters, to follow.

"THERE WAS A DOOR THERE YOU KNOW!" Johnny replied angrily. Sue merely shrugged and led the reporter into the living room.

"Sorry, Johnny, my mistake. Now, Miss- "

"Just call me Alexandra, its easier and formalities make me nervous," the reporter admitted. Sue nodded. "I understand. Well, there are some cookies and muffins, there, if you would like, and- Johnny for heaven's sake can you at least try to act like your not some kind of animal?" Sue asked. Johnny was in the middle of stuffing his mouth with a whole muffin at once, and nodded, swallowing quickly. "Sorry," he added. Alexandra looked disgusted, but said nothing. It was not her place to do so.

"Okay, well, I'm Sue Storm, the 'Invisible Girl', that's Reed Richards, or as everyone else calls him, 'Mr Fantastic', Ben Grimm, also known as 'The Thing' I believe, and my... brother... Johnny Storm, who is known as The Human- " Ben finished her sentence, "Wart."

"Hey now that's so not cool!" Johnny replied, "You KNOW that its torch not wart," Johnny stood up but Sue pushed him back into his chair and gave both Ben and Johnny a glare that was so piercing that they both looked at the ground.

Sighing, Sue replied, "Well, shall we start?"

A/N: Well there's the next chapter posted up, and even though this is completed, any constructive criticism is welcome, but keep in mind I went through this once already so I've probably heard a few things--- but still, you can never hear something too much and I live to get better at writing, so help me out. I'll post the next chapter soon.
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