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The Living Sin

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What happens when you find out your'e a demon? Frank is gonna discover the answer to that question... Frerard.

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Hey my prettys! This is the first chapter of my 'new' fic. I actually wrote this fic for a friend on facebook a while back but decided to rewrite it and put it on here. Its a weird story but I love it because who doesn't love demons and all that jazz? Anyway I genuinly hope you enjoy it and if you could please rate and review that would be super awesome. Also it would let me know if I should continue.

The Living Sin...

In Muslim legend, a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over people.

The young man exhaled the smoke he had been holding in his lungs as he made his way across the town. Night had fallen and the sky was blanketed in deep purples and blues, a starless evening surrounding his hunched up frame. The air was bitter, just like his heart, and nipped at his skin as he made his way to his destination. The man didn't even bother to raise his eyes from the ground as he walked. He knew were he was going, he came here every night.

He stopped abruptly and lifted his head to gaze at the dilapitated building across the street from him. Something, he wasn't sure what, always brought him back here, ever since he turned the tender age of 16. He couldn't put his finger on it, the building hadn't been lived in for years and was virtually at the point of collapse. Graffiti marked the ancient brickwork and non of the windows appeared to be in tact, many with wood planks nailed messily across them. Nobody cared about this building anymore but he seemed drawn to it, Almost as if he needed to be there which is why Frank stood, just like he did every night, staring at the old tower block. Tonight had been different though, the need was stronger. It was calling to him.

Frank flicked his cigarette to the ground and sighed heavily, his breath lingering in a pale mist through the cold air. This was no way a guy should be spending his twenty first birthday, he should be hanging out with friends or family. He huffed to himself at that thought. He didn't have anyone so he was spending this year like he had every other, alone. He dug his hand in his pocket and pulled out his cell to check the time before stuffing it back into his jeans and rubbing his eyes with his thumbs mumbling "Happy birthday Frank" to himself. The cold october wind grew slightly more rapid as he began watching the building again, his eyes always ended up resting on the centre window of the fourth floor. Something in his mind triggered as he began looking through his past, dragging up forgotten memories.

His earliest memories are being brought up by the Sisters in the orphanage on the edge of town, they always treat Frank like he was descended from Satan himself. Never allowing him to make friends and often locking the boy away from the other children. Frank never knew his mother, she had apparently committed suicide on the evening she brought him home from the hospital after his birth and it was as if he was blamed for it. He didn't even have a picture of her because the sisters never allowed him one like the other children had of their deceased loved ones and his father was unknown to anyone.

Frank smiled to himself slightly as he remembered having one friend as a child, Gerard Way. They had met one afternoon when he was eight after Frank had snuck out of the orphanage to sit in the park across the street. The sisters never noticed due to the fact they spent most of their time avoiding him, probably assuming he was locked away in his chamber. Frank had been sat by the lake watching the ducks when this boy had plonked himself next to him and began chatting away, they soon became firm friends spending each day together for a little over a year until the sisters found out and locked Frank away again. He never understood why they did that, he was only trying to be like all the other children.

The young man shook his head as if shaking the memories from his skull and leaned back against the wall of the store he was behind. His stare returned to the building across the street for a moment before he turned to walk down the alley that would guide him towards his small shitty apartment a few blocks away. As he entered the darkness between the two buildings a strong sense of unease washed over him, he visibly gulped before hanging his head low and hurrying onward. Suddenly a laugh erupted from the darkness and seemed to surround him, sending a chill to his core and a shiver of fear down his spine. He took a step forward before being slammed into a wall beside him, groaning in pain he shakily got to his feet in hope that he could attempt to run. The idea was short-lived as he felt fingers close around his throat and hold him in the air against the brickwork, his feet kicking out in an attempt to defend himself.

"Going so soon Frankie?" Frank closed his eyes to clear his vision which had begun to blur as his oxygen supply was cut off, before opening them to reveal a man of about forty five staring up at him, a terrifying smile across his lips

"Who...Who are you?" He managed to choke out as he clawed at the fingers clasped tightly around his neck and attempted to kick his legs out even harder. The man pulled a mock pout at Frank before grinning evily again

"Aww, Frankie, you don't recognize your old man? I'm hurt, Truly I am..." Frank stopped all movement and hung there choking for air, staring at the man in front of him. The man looked at him for a moment before dropping him to the ground and leaning forward "What's the matter Frankie? Cat got your tongue?" He began laughing loudly and pulled Frank to his feet, holding him firmly in place.

"'re not my father, my father doesn't exist..." The man chuckled and leaned in close to Frank. His throat felt as though it closed up as the mans eyes changed from an icy blue into black in a second before flashing back again "What are you?"

"I'm the Djinn baby, your mother should have known better son...." Frank groaned softly and placed his hand on his head. This had to be a nightmare, a sick fantasy his brain had conjoured up

"You're lying..." The Djinn pushed Frank to his knees and slammed his hand across his eyes. A deep burning pain shot through Frank causing him to arch his back and scream out into the night air. It was as if the whole world had stopped around him as silence filled his ears. A sudden blinding light filled his mind, brighter than anything he had seen before. In a flash it was gone and replaced with something new, images flashing across mind and he tried to focus on what they were.

There was a girl, about the same age as Frank and she was so beautiful. Porcelain skin and deep olive eyes with flecks of gold glistening. She was crying, mumbling about losing her baby and how she couldn't have another. Suddenly the man is there telling her to wish for it, promising iher deepest desire will come true.

The images begin flashing again before landing on the girl carrying a bundle into her apartment, a stunning smile on her lips, and laying it down inside a crib. He recognizes the building and his stomach ties into knots, a feeling of sickness filling his insides as he realizes that the girl is his mother.

There's a knock on the door and she answers it. The man strides in and glances at Frank in the crib before walking to the girl. She's crying, begging him and he laughs. He says something about granting her wish and now taking whats his. The mans fingers clasp around her throat as he carries her across the room, her legs kicking out in the same way Franks had. He throws her through the window and there's a sickening crack.

The man is laughing, then everything goes black....

Frank didn't even realize he had stopped breathing until he felt his lungs ache and he sucked in as much air as he could, coughing as he choked on it. The man had let go of his head and was now crouched in front of him

"I gotta go now Frankie, but you'll be seeing me real soon..." Frank looked up at the man and attempted to speak but his throat burned too much. The Djinn spun around and stared at Frank, smirking at his hunched over, quivering figure "Tell your friend I said hello..." Frank looked up at the man confused and he laughed "You'll see my boy..." then he turned away and disappeared into the darkness.

Frank stumbled to his feet, his legs quaking. Tears streamed down his face as he thought of what he had seen, of who he was. He had just about regained some composure when he heard that voice break throught the silence of the night one more time

"Happy Birthday...Son"
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