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Frank loses his cool and ends up caged by the cops, unable to escape when he's attacked...

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Here's chapter two my prettys. I swear this story will get all exciting and shiznit but if you are reading this then thank you my mighty dudes of awesomeness. I typed this chapter after returning from hospital after I blacked out and smashed my head times. I have 8 stitches in my forehead now but at least my brain didn't fall out so it's all good. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter and please, I beg of you Rate and Review. I will seriously love you forever xoxo

Frank stumbled through the streets of Jersey, clumsily bumping into people as he passed. His head was spinning as if he'd just spent the entirety of his day on a roundabout. Thoughts whizzing around his mind, hoping to God what had just happened was a figment of his overtired imagination. The bruises already forming on his pale neck proved otherwise.

His mothers face stuck in the front of his brain and it made his stomach twist in anger and hurt. She was so young, so beautiful and desperate. All she wanted was a child and that bastard had ripped it away from her as soon as she got her wish. A sudden burst of anger began to surge through his veins as he slammed his fist into a wall beside him, ignoring the blood pouring from his knuckles he swang again and again before lashing out at a strangers car.

Frank began screaming, shouting into the night air as a lifetime of grief washed over him. He couldn't control himself, all this emotion that he never felt before ran through his body like a surge of adrenalaine until finally sadness took over and he dropped to his knee's in the street and cried into his hands. He barely even noticed when two policeman hauled him from the pavement and into their car.

The emotion seemed to drain as he watched the city lights flash by on their way to the station. The only feeling he was left with was grief and even that had begun to numb. He heard the policeman asking him what had happened and he couldn't control the burst of laughter escaping his chest, what was he supposed to say? 'Oh I spent my life as a bastard child until my father, who is a demon by the way, came and told me he murdered my mother' they'd lock him up in an institution for sure and that was something Frank definatley didn't want.

The officers helped Frank out of the vehicle and into the station, after taking his details and informing the desk sergeant of the 'incident' they took him into a room that held a large holding cell. Almost like a cage, where they kept the criminals for the night. Just as he was about to be taken into the cell the man from the desk came through and told them there was a phoncall for him. He was guided to a phone hung on the wall and Frank lifted the reciever, confused as to who it could possibly be "Hello?"

"Frank, my son, I cannot tell you who I am but I must tell you that you must be prepared to fight. A friend will be waiting for you when you leave..." then the caller hung up. Frank stared blinking at the phone dumbfounded. An officer asked if he was alright but all Frank could do was nod gently and replace the reciever. He was taken back to the cell and locked inside, the officers left the room and left Frank to fight the thoughts inside his mind.

All was silent in the room, he could hear the cops outside but didn't pay much attention to them. If he had he would of heard the shouts of "What the fuck is that thing?" and the slams of their bodies being thrown across the station. He only looked up when the power went out leaving just a single red flashing light to illuminate the room. Frank tried calling out to the cops but recieved no answer so just slumped back onto the bench and sighed to himself.

The door of the room creaked open and Frank stood to see who had entered. He tried to squint in the dim light to figure out who it was and screamed at what he was faced with. Something, a monster, he wasn't sure what was glared at him through the bars of the cell. He could have sworn it was smirking at him. He stumbled backward into the cage, eyes widening as the thing ran a long claw along the steel bars and then doing the same higher up. Frank gulped as each bar dropped from the cell, rattling as it hit the floor.

The beast stepped inside the cell as Frank's eyes darted around looking for an exit, It felt as though his heart was going to beat right out of his chest. That is if this thing doesn't rip it out and devour it first. Before he had time to even move he was being hoisted into the air and launced through the gap in the cage and slammed against a wall. He screamed out as his back made contact with it and he fell to the hard ground.

Frank didn't even have time to stand up before the creature was upon him again running it's claws down his chest, slicing in to his tender flesh. Frank reached across the floor and grabbed at one of the poles that had fallen from the cell, dragging together every ounce he could of energy Frank slammed it against its head startling the beast.

Frank saw this as an opportunity to escape with his life and maybe all off his limbs and pushed it backwards with his feet before quickly clambering to a standing position. Pushing the beast with everything he had it fell backwards and let out an almighty screech as it landed on the bars sliced bars that still protruded from the floor. They burst through its chest and Frank shuffled over to where it was flinging its head around, He raised the bar he still clung to and shouted in its face "Tell my Father I'll see that motherfucker in hell!" then sla,mmed the bar through its right eye and dropped to his knees.


Frank had stayed there for a few moments trying to gather up energy to leave. He could feel the blood seeping through his shirt as he left the station and made his way home. People had gasped as he passed them but nobody stopped to help which pissed Frank off even more than he already was.

About half an hour later Frank finally reached his apartment building. He took the elevator, to weak to use the staris and stumbled along the corridor on his floor. The young man started fumbling around in his pocket searching for his keys and cursing himself as he remembered that the cops had took them in the station. He slumped against his door for a minute fearing he would collapse if he didn't then reached on top of the doorframe to grasp at his spare.

The door slammed open as Frank fell inside, he was tempted to just lay on the hallway floor all night but decided against it and crawled through to his front room where he was met with a man smoking a cigarette on his couch "Well, well, well I thought you'd never come back..." Frank clawed up the wall to stand up and slammed on the light.

There on his couch was one of the most attractive people Frank had ever layed eyes on. The mans skin was almost like porcelain and contrasted well against his jet black hair which hung shabbily in his eyes. He was wearing a leather jacket with a plain black tee and some tight trousers. Frank would have thought 'Damn' if this guy hadn't been a total stranger in his house.

The man jumped up suddenly and hurried over to Frank who hadn't realised he was sliding down the wall "Shit dude! The first one got you already didn't it? Fuck...I'm suprised your'e still breathing..."

"Who are you?..." The man helped Frank to the sofa before sitting beside him and helping remove his shirt.

"The names Gerard...Gerard way, fuck this thing has really done a number on you huh?" Frank stared at Gerard unblinking. There was no way that this was the same guy he met as kids, it was all too weird but tonight had been a weird night so maybe it was "Whats your name then? All I was told was a dude who lived at this address needed my help because, As I'm assuming you probably already know, his father is the Djinn..."

"F..Frank Iero..." The man stopped fussing over Frank and stared back at him. He looked completley awestruck and his gaze was almost burning into Frank...
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