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An uncovered lie from those who tell none

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Gerard and Frank talk of their childhood and what happened when they were torn apart...

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"I thought you were dead..."

"In a way I was, on the inside..."

Gerard had grabbed a bowl of warm water and some fresh wash cloths from the bathroom to tend to Frank's wounds. He had barely spoken a word to the other man, just glances of confusion, disbelief and hurt. For years he had believed the boy he had befriended, the boy who he shared the happiest time of his young live with, was dead. It was hard for him to get his head around.

The silence of the room grew heavier as Gerard cleaned and dressed Frank's injuries. The awkward tension seemingly suffocating each man, crushing their ability to vocalise the dozens of questions spinning wildly through their minds. Gerard couldn't stand it and spoke up

"The sisters told me you were gone, they said you were sick and had passed...what happened to you?"

Frank shook his head and winced as a shock of pain shot up his spine, he arched his back a little before flopping back onto the sofa, allowing his head to fall onto the cushion behind him. Frank tried to focus his eyes on something, anything, so he didn't have to look Gerard in the eye as he recalled his painful youth

"They never allowed me freedom, they said I was different, that I had 'the devil within'...I WAS A FUCKING CHILD! All I wanted was a god damn friend, someone to spend time with and they fucking ripped you away from me. They locked me away, I was told if I would taint you with the devil, what a crock of shit..."

Gerard nodded but didn't say a word. He simply watched as Frank's hand moved in the air, animating his words, and continued to bandage his wounds by shredding a clean shirt he found in Frank's laundry. It would have to do until Gerard could get Frank back to the house.

"Well.." Gerard said softly, placing a gentle hand on Frank's bruised shoulder "...I'm here now and no nun or any motherfucker is gonna change that, come on your coming with me."

Frank didn't even bother arguing, his body felt to weak to fuction and right now he had to much on his mind to car. As he attempted to stand Gerard reached a hand out to him. Frank shook his head but as he lifted himself from the sofa his legs gave way and he collapsed in a heap on his apartment floor. Gerard was quick to his side, slinging Frank's arm over his shoulder and pulling him up. They made their way to the door, Gerard picking up a hold all Frank hadn't noticed before

"What's in the bag?"

"Clothes for you. I got a no nudity policy in my house"

Frank smiled a little at Gerard and he reciprocated with a smirk. They continued out to the car in silence, neither feeling the need to speak anymore.

The car ride was quiet and Frank's mind drifted back to the images of his mother, each memory of what he saw under his fathers power flashing to the next as he gazed at the passing street lamps. Each image more painful than the last. He didn't even bother wiping the tears from his eyes, he barely even noticed them.
The car seemed to be moving for the longest time, only the quiet breathing of the occupants and the rumble of the engine breaking through the thick atmosphere. Frank was lost in his thoughts and didn't notice the older mans face twist as he thought of something to say.

Gerard glanced at the man in the passenger side and noticed the salty tears staining his cheeks. His mind cleared of finding words, inside knowing they weren't needed now, and instead reached his hand over and gripped Frank's shoulder causing the younger to glance at it before turning away once more. Gerard felt compelled to say something again but the words just wouldn't come and so he resigned to the silence. Inside he realised he would have to help him with more than defeating his father. This boy had been through so much, Gerard could see it in his eyes.


A short while later the car rumbled to a halt outside of a two storey house. Gerard switched off the engine and turned to his passenger, noticing a wary look on his face.

The lights were on downstairs, Frank observed, and in his mind it indicated there was another person inside. He barely had time to register his fear before Gerard was swinging his door open. Frank glanced at Gerard then back to the house with wide eyes so Gerard dropped down on his haunches and took Frank's hand in his

"Don't worry, its only Mikey, you remember Mikes right? And our buddy Ray..." Gerard gently turned Frank's face to his "Trust me Frankie, we're going to help you"

Frank thought for a moment before he nodded and Gerard stood up, gently pulling him from the vehicle and put the younger man's arm over his shoulder. The two men took a few steps forward before Frank's knees gave way and Gerard barely caught him. The younger man lost conciousness, the exhaustion of the night finally taking over his damaged body and Gerard called out for his brother to help him inside the house.

A tall thin boy and an equally tall companion ran from the house and together picked up Frank, gently yet hurriedly carrying his small frame into the house and placing him down on the sofa.

Mikey pushed his glasses back up on his nose as he turned to his brother, who had begun redressing Frank's wounds, and sighed feeling guilty

"We didn't get to him in time...who is he?"

"You know him Mikey, we were just kids but you know him..."

Gerard looked at the sleeping man on the sofa, noticing how small and thin he was suddenly, he looked like he hadn't eaten a proper meal in months!

"His name is Frank Iero"

"Holy shit...I..." Gerard stood and hushed his brother, pulling him by his arm from the room, Ray following close behind

"Go to bed guys, we'll talk in the morning when he's had a chance to rest..." Gerard looked at the sleeping figure in the room behind him, sadness building within him.

"And eat..." Ray spoke up suddenly. He wasn't blind, he knew a starving man when he saw one "...he's so fucking thin Gerard, its not right! How long is it since he's eaten anything?" Gerard shrugged and glanced over his shoulder again. He rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands before gently pushing the two men toward the stairs

"Go to bed guys, go" The two men walked up the stairs without so much as a word and Gerard turned back into the front room where Frank was sleeping soundly. He pulled a blanket, that was laying on the back of the sofa, over the sleeping figure and crouched down beside him. Gerard slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small silver crucifix before putting it in Frank's palm and closing his fingers around it. He gently pushed Frank's hair from his face before he moved to sit on a chair in the corner of the room, he watched Frank sleep for a while and muttered "what happened to you?" before he drifted into a quiet slumber himself.

Frank still on his resting on his weary mind.
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