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Father Bryar

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Frank meets the good Father and has his questions answered, and they're not exactly what he wants to hear.

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The blinding sun of the early morning woke Gerard from his sleep. The bright rays burning through his eyelids, causing him to shield them with his hand. He stretched a little before rubbing the back of his neck as he felt the stiffness from sleeping in an awkward position.

A pained groan from the other side of the room pulled him back to his senses. Gerard quickly got up and moved to Frank's side as he tried to get up.

"Hey, Hey...Don't try to move, wait until you feel ready. Don't rush it"

Frank looked up at the older man and lay back down on the soft sofa. He glanced around the room, unable to remember his arriving to be there. It wasn't familiar so he knew he hadn't been there before and immediately felt uncomfortable in his surroundings. He never felt comfortable in his apartment either, it was damp and dull, but at least it was home.

"Where am I?" He whispered, almost ashamed to ask. How could he have forgotten where he was? Gerard sat down on the floor beside Frank and lifted his shirt to inspect the bandages covering his wounds.

"Don't you remember? I brought you here last night...these are gonna need to be re-dressed..." Frank still had no clue where he was although he did remember being in the car but not much else after after leaving his apartment with Gerard

"Umm, where exactly is...umm...'here'?" He motioned with his hand around the room and Gerard chuckled softly.

"My house" Frank's cheeks burned with embarrassment and Gerard spotted the tell tale blush "Hey, its okay. If I had been through what you did last night, man my memory would be hazy too...your safe here, we can help you, everything you need is in this house"

Frank opened his mouth to speak but was interupted by the sound of people descending the stairs. He wasn't sure why but he gripped Gerard's arm in fear and Gerard patted his hands reassuringly "Don't worry, its just Mikey and Ray"

Mikey was the first to enter the room. He stood awkwardly beside the sofa glancing between the two men, and at one point the ceiling, unsure of what he should say.

Gerard and Frank shared a look of bewilderment and the older opened his mouth to speak but was stopped by a determined looking Ray walking into the room. He stopped in front of the sofa and pointed at Gerard

"Help our guest sit up Gerard..." Gerard didn't need to be told twice as Ray quirked an eyebrow at him and quickly helped Frank into a sitting position. Ray sat beside Frank and took his hand "Here..." he placed a couple of pills into Frank's palm and thrust a glass of water into his other hand "Take these, they'll help with the pain, then your having breakfast..."

Frank didn't even bother protesting and simply swallowed down the pills and the water. He looked to Gerard for an explanation to the strange man but was offered a mere look of confusion and a shoulder shrug. Frank handed back the glass and once again gripped Gerard's arm.


Ray had stared at Frank the entire time he ate, making the young man extremely uncomfortable. Nevertheless he swallowed every last piece of food that had been put before him, and it was quite a large meal. As Ray and Mikey gathered the breakfast dishes and took them into the kitchen Frank decided to ask Gerard about the phonecall at the police station. Gerard moved from his place on the corner chair and sat beside Frank

"That was Father Bryar, he'll be coming by soon. He was an understudy of a priest my dad knew, when my dad and the father were killed he took over the priest's place and Mikes and I took over my Father's" Frank nodded slowly, keeping his eyes on his hands, as the information sank in. Suddenly he realised that he hadn't met the priest before, how had he known about him?

"How did Father Bryar know where and who I was? I've never met the guy..."

"He...sees things, like premonitions, he knew you'd be arrested and he knew where you'd be...he didn't know you were gonna be attacked in there though. We didn't know when it would happen" Frank listened, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, they knew who he was and never even tried to warn him.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me! You knew, you fucking knew about me..." Frank cried out in pain as he forced himself from the sofa "It never occurred to your stupid ass that a heads up might be fucking nice?"

Gerard tried to reach out to Frank, he could clearly see he was in agony, and make him sit down again. Frank snatched his arm away causing another wave of pain to rip through his body

"DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING TOUCH ME! I don't need your help, I was fine on my own. I killed the damn scariest thing I have ever seen last night and you didn't help me, I can do this alone..." Gerard opened his mouth to answer but his attempt to talk was blocked by Ray, who had been casually watching the arguement between the two men from the doorway

"If a guy came to your apartment or came to you in the street and said 'Hey you're a demon child, the son of the Djinn' wouldn't you think they were insane?"

Frank sighed heavily and nodded before collapsing back onto the sofa "I'm sorry, I just...I don't know who I am anymore..." He covered his face with his hands, he just couldn't face things right now "I'm tired...I'm so tired..."

"Then sleep Frankie, just sleep..." Gerard helped him lift his legs onto the sofa before walking from the room with Ray, leaving the younger man alone with his thoughts.


"Ah Gerard! How good it is to see you? Is he here? I must speak with him"

Gerard guided the priest into the house and took his jacket, he placed a finger to his lips to hush the man as he pointed to the sofa where Frank lay breathing heavily in his sleeping state. The two men walked into the kitchen and Father Bryar sat as Gerard set about putting on the kettle

"We didn't get to him in time father, he fought the first alone. We can't workout what comes next until we know for sure what attacked him the first time" The priest nodded and tapped a finger against his chin as he fell deep into his thoughts.

"My books!" He exclaimed suddenly "I have my books in the car, when he awakens we can use his description to find the beast and perhaps we'll have a clue of whats to come"

Gerard smiled and nodded as he placed a cup of coffee in front of the father. They had begun debating what the creature could have been judging by Frank's injuries when they heard him stirring in the front room. Gerard got up and approached Frank first, the father hovering by the doorway.

"Frank, there's someone here to talk to you..."

"The father I'm guessing..." Frank turned his head to the doorway as he sat himself up and swung his legs off the sofa "Well dont just stand there, I have some questions myself" Bryar hurriedly entered the room and sat opposite Frank. He pulled a notebook from his pocket with a pen and leaned forward in his chair

"Okay Frank, shoot..." Frank took a deep breath before asking his question, unsure of if he really wanted an answer

"Who...what exactly am I? I mean, I'm not...human?" Father Bryar sighed and sat back in his chair, he rubbed his temples for a moment as if willing the words to come.

"You...your what we call 'The Living Sin' Your mother made a deal with a demon, albeit unknowingly, which essentially meant she was handing over her soul...and yours to have you. That demon fathered you and your mother had you out of wedlock. For the mostpart you are still human, but its that humanity you have to fight for" Frank just stared for a moment, he knew it was true but it was still hard to understand

"Why now? Why wait until now? Why not just kill me and have done with it?"

"Because you didn't make the deal and hand over your own soul you can fight for it, your father wasn't allowed to come to you until now, until you were of age but he could influence you. That's where your need to attend your mothers old apartment building comes into it, he was sending you there. Your father can't kill you...yet, he has to have you fight others until he knows the fight will be fair. This is the only part the lord can play, he protects you" Frank shook his head, and sucked in a deep breath.

"Okay, so how do I arm myself if I dont know whats coming?" the priest stood and excused himself from the room, Frank heard the door open at the front of the house and the father walk down the drive. "Where did he go?"

"To get the books from his car Frankie, we got some research to do."
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