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The truth about the first demon is uncovered and the identity of the next is discovered.

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This chapter is a little shorter than the rest but its because the next chapter has loads of stuff going on and won't be up for a few days. Your reviews honestly made my day and I can't thank you enough.

I hope you enjoy this chapter and if it's not too much trouble let me know what you think. Oh I almost forgot, the demons in this will vary between ones I made up for a comic I did and real ones I researched. The one talked about in this is my own creation.

Vikki xo

Book after book lay piled on the floor of the front room. They had searched for hours but not a single image struck with Frank's memory of the demon that attacked him, he feared they would never know. Gerard threw another book onto the pile and gritted his teeth in annoyance, running a hand into his hair.

All three men looked up when the front door slammed shut and Ray walked in with Mikey, grocery bags in each of their arms. They walked into the kitchen and dumped the bags on the counter, as Ray started putting things in the cupboards Mikey walked into the front room to see the men still frantically searching through the books.

"I assume you've had no luck then?" He leaned over the back of the chair to observe the book Father Bryar was looking through and was suddenly hit with an idea "Gerard! Draw what Frank saw, you can do it, like one of those police sketch artists"

"I'll get your book and a pencil..." Ray said as he hurried past the doorway. Frank looked at Gerard questioningly, he hadn't known Gerard was an artist. Then again, he thought, what did he actually know about him.

Gerard looked at Frank and shrugged before shoving a pile of books onto the floor, receiving a look of annoyance from the priest. He muttered an apology as he turned himself to face Frank

"Okay..." he took the sketch pad and pencil from Ray as he entered the room "tell me every single detail you remember..."

Frank closed his eyes and relayed the memory of the beast to Gerard who was scribbling furiously onto the paper, pausing every now and then to allow the artist to keep up. He told of the beasts eyes and its almost blade like teeth, he told him the colour of its skin and even the awful stench that came from it. Finally Gerard put down his pencil and held up the image in front of his face, he squinted his eyes slightly as he tried to think of what it could be.

Gerard shuffled along the sofa and placed the sketch pad on Frank's lap "Is this what you remember seeing?" Frank's eyes widened at the drawing. It was exactly how he remembered and he nodded slowly as he ran a finger down the page

"Do you know what it is?"

"No, I've never seen this before..." Father Bryar reached over and took the book from Frank. His eyes lit up and he scrambled to his feet leaving the pad on the floor. The priest exited the room and grabbed his jacket, removing a journal from the pocket

"I've seen this before..." he hurried back into the room and dropped onto the sofa between Frank and Gerard. "It's in here, in father parker's journal. I don't know why I didn't think of this before..." He flicked through the pages carefully, opening sheets of paper to scan the images before skipping to the next "Ah, here it is...Gerard you certainly inherited your fathers talent with a pencil..." Gerard blushed a little before waving his hand at the father as if to say 'We're waiting'

"Yes, sorry. The demon you were attacked by is called...oh dear..." Frank looked at the priest expectantly and he carried on "The thing that you fought is called a Baenkulus, I'm quite suprised it didn't kill you Frank"

Gerard took the book from the priest and read what father Parker had written about it aloud, everyone leaning in close to hear what he was saying

'The Baenkulus was one of the most truly terrifying things Donald and I had ever encountered. It's razor teeth dripping some awful black substance and its nails cutting through rock and steel like butter, but its eyes were something else.

Fear takes over, paralyzing you if you stare into them. I saw the darkest pits of hell in those eyes and its something I pray I shall never see again. Thankfully Donald was there to pull me out of it.

The Baenkulus is a warrior of Satan himself, a demon soldier of Satan himself. He is a murderer of angels and our heavenly lords forces. May god strike this beast down for its crimes against Heaven.

The men were silent for a while, nobody knowing what to say and Frank stunned. He had just managed to escape this beast with his life. His mind was buzzing with curious fear of what would come next...and if he would survive it. He quietly thanked god he wouldn't face it alone.

Gerard was the first to speak, he had thought of nothing but what he had read. He had always known his father was a hero, he had always thought of him that way, but knowing that his father had literally saved a man's life. And although the nobody realised it, he had saved millions more. His heart swelled with pride for a small moment before his mind brought him back to the present

"We need to get to work, Frank is safe here for now but we need to be ready, we have to work out what comes next...and what we'll need to fight it" The men said nothing after that. Frank began reading about the Djinn, about his father, and the legends written of him through time. The other men set to work in their studies, meticulously going through each piece of information they could find to prepare for their upcoming battle.


Mikey joined the other men who had gathered around the kitchen table, Frank had once again fallen asleep and Mikey. had watched him for a while with a deep sense of worry. He sat down and prepared to voice his concerns to everyone, struggling to find the right words. Inside he had realised what they were up against, but again he couldn't be sure. He just prayed he was right

"You okay Mikes?" Gerards voice pulled him from his thoughts, and he looked over his shoulder to the general direction of the front room before turning back to his brother.

"You remember the night we found out about dads work? He'd been sleeping a lot and we thought he was ill until Father Parker showed up and we found the real reason for his tiredness?"

"Yeah, I remember. What does that have to do with anything?" His brother probed, eying his younger sibling carefully

"Well think about it. What has Frank been doing a whole lot of? Gerard I know I'm right..."

"Shit! Shit, shit, fucking shit!" Gerard jumped from his chair as a loud thud came from the front room. He ran through the lower floor of the house and slammed into the front room. Frank was completely unconcious but suspended in the air. The other men came crashing into the room and gasped as they saw Frank, Father Bryar stepped forward and grabbed Gerard's arm

"What is happening to him?" Gerard walked toward Frank warily

"Dream demons"
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