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The beast is a harlot

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Frank is trapped in his nightmare, can anyone save him?

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Hey guys!
I just need to say a couple of things. I understand that I make a few mistakes but to save you guys from an obscene amount of spam I shall be saving edits until the story is over. Also I worked really hard on this chapter so if you could give me feedback thay would be awesome but its cool if you don't, I just hope you enjoy this :)

Vikki xo

"Be careful..."

"Help me here..."

"But Gerard...

"Mikey, please just fucking help me. We need to get him down"

Gerard ordered each man to place a hand under Frank and one on top to gently lower him to the sofa. Father Bryar hadn't seen anything like it before and was certain he hadn't heard of it, he was terrified by what he was witnessing. He kept his hands on top of Frank's still frame and Mikey sat beside him doing the same, Gerard had insisted they stay like that until he and Ray found out what to do.


Frank opened his eyes and immediately knew he was no longer in the house, he could feel something wasn't right. Slowly he lifted himself off the cold floor he was laying on, he prepared himself for the pain but it never came. He lifted his shirt to find his chest was clear of any marks and realised he must be sleeping, dreaming of this dark place. Suddenly a cold wind surrounded him, chilling him to his core, and he spun to see a woman standing before him.

Her hair was as black as the night and her lips were blood red, she was beautiful and yet Frank felt no attraction to her. She started to move toward Frank, licking her lips seductively and unbuttoning her gown. He watched as the red silk cascaded to the ground with wide eyes. Something is wrong here, he thought to himself, something is very wrong.


Gerard and Ray frantically scanned through book after book trying to find something, anything, that might give them a clue to what they were dealing with. Father Bryar called to Gerard telling him to grab the journal and read through it, perhaps there was something in there that could help.

He hurriedly flicked through the pages, his eyes flickering through the words until suddenly he stopped.

"Succubus or Incubus..." Ray grabbed the small book and quickly read the page, he looked at Gerard with worry

"Which one? We don't know if Frank is straight?" Mikey spun to look at the other men

"What does that have to do with anything?" Gerard looked at Frank's peaceful face and sighed

"One of them is going to seduce him, if he is straight it will be succubus...if he's gay incubus. Either way he's vulnerable making killing him easier"

"Well can't we just wake him up" Ray groaned in frustration

"NO!" The brothers yelled in unison, startling both Ray and Father Bryar. Mikey turned back to Frank and felt a pang of sadness

"If we wake him we could kill him. He has to fight his way out...someone needs to get in there with him..."


The woman walked behind Frank and ran her hands across his body before ripping his shirt, his chest fully exposed. He stiffened with fear and even though he tried to move, he felt as though he'd been glued to the spot. She ran her hands across his chest before pulling back to move around him, smiling as they came face to face, and placed a hand on his cheek and another on the small of his back.

She pressed their bodies together causing a wave of nausea to rip through Frank, he wasn't interested. He needed to wake up. The hand that rested on his face slid up into his hair and forcefully pulled his head back, revealing his throat to the woman who leaned in and ran her tongue up his neck. Frank squirmed uncomfortably, her hot breath making his skin crawl, as her tongue reached his face. She pulled back and swallowed before leaning in close to his ear

" taste good..."

"Get off me you fucking whore..." Frank suddenly found his strength and shoved the woman with all he had. She fell to the ground landing on her back, she laughed and ran her hand down her naked body. She held her right breast as she opened her legs and slipped her other hand between her thighs.

"I like it rough honey, come at me" Frank visibly gagged at the woman offering herself to him. He turned his head away from the sight of her on display and closed his eyes

"I'd rather die..." her eyes darkened and smirk widened

"That can be arranged..."


The men watched horrified as Frank's shirt tore open of it own accord, it had begun and they prayed he'd be able to resist

"I'll go in..." Mikey looked at his older brother disbelievingly. There was no way he was serious, it was too dangerous.

"Not a chance Gee, you are not going in there..."

"I have to and you know it. I have to do this, I promised I wouldn't leave him again...we gotta get Frank to the basement"


"We gotta pull that thing out with us, its our only chance" The men quickly and quietly carried Frank down the wooden stairs and lay him carefully in the centre of a pentagram painted on the floor. Gerard began arming himself and preparing for what lay ahead.

"Okay Gerard, how you gonna do this?" Ray asked quietly, he looked between the figure on the floor and his friend. Inside praying the plan would work

"Contact..." Mikey answered instead of his brother "They have to be touching, heads and hands, for Gerard to enter Frank's dream and..."The men all spun as they heard father Bryar gasp, he pointed to Frank and they watched as a line of blood appeared down his face. Then suddenly his head whipped to the side, a large handprint appearing on his cheek. Gerard ran to the sleeping man and grabbed his hands, placing their foreheads together and took a deep breath. He whispered softly to Frank before slipping something between his fingers and reconnecting their hands

"Ray, get the salts..." Ray walked to the table in the corner of the basememt and retrieved the small bottle, he opened it and began moving toward Gerard when Mikey stopped him

"I'll do it..." the younger brother crouched beside the elder and leaned down to kiss his head "Come back Gee, promise me..."

"I promise..." Mikey nodded and wafted the bottle under his brothers nose, watching as Gerard's breathing began to shallow and his eyes fluttered closed. All they could do now was wait...and pray.


Frank began to panic as the woman doubled over and her spine arched, each vertebrae poking out animalistically. Her skin began to stretch as she grew taller, her face morphing and twisting as she turned into some beast unknown to him. Suddenly a piercing scream filled the air as tattered wings burst from the shoulder blades of the creature, one slicing Frank's face, the demon then reached up and struck his cheek causing him to stumble backward into a wall.

"I'm coming Frankie, you're not alone..." It was barely a whisper but he heard it, Gerard was coming to help him through this. His fingers balled into a fist and he felt something hanging between them, he opened his fingers and smiled as he saw a small silver crucifix. He was gonna make it through this.

The beast began advancing but couldn't reach Frank, it was almost as if the lord had reached down causing a barrier between them. He couldn't help closing his eyes as he felt a warm breath on his face, his hands in an invisible embrace. For a moment he remained still, his eyes still firmly shut as the feeling surrounding him grew stronger. Slowly he opened them and was met with a pair of hazel ones, he smiled and embraced Gerard tightly while he had the chance

"I knew you'd come for me...thank you..." Gerard embraced him back.

"I told you I wasn't leaving you again, let's get you out of here..." he pulled himself back and lifted his shirt slightly, pulling a knife from his belt and handing it to Frank "We have to bring it out with us..." Frank looked horrified and shook his head, Gerard held his face and looked straight into his eyes "Say you trust me..."

"I trust you..."

"Let's do this..."


Father Bryar sat on his knees by the door, his head bowed and his fingers clasped together as he prayed for the two men tovreturn safely. Mikey watched him clutching a rosary, muttering the prayers along with him. Ray sat by the sleeping men, watching for any injuries thay might appear and waiting for them to awaken. A cut appeared across Gerard's upper arm and he quickly tended to it, being careful not to seperate the two men. He watched pained as he saw their faces contort in pain, hoping they had no internal injuries and carefully lifting their shirts to check for marks.

All three men lost track of the time the other men had been asleep,it felt as though they had slept for days and the waiting had begun to get tiring. Suddenly Frank began to stir, his eyes twitching as he pulled away from Gerard.

Mikey jumped to his feet and ran toward them just as Frank sucked in a deep breath, his eyes wide and blade in hand "They're coming....he's got her" Frank scrambled to his feet and shouted at the men to be ready. Out of nowhere Gerard yelled and gripped the air with both hands, the beast's arm appearing in his hands as it began to manifest in air. Father Bryar's jaw dropped as he gasped out "God help us..."

Gerard scrambled backwards as he let go of the creature, his brother rushing to help him to his feet, and called out for Frank. He spotted the younger and grinned before pulling out his knife and advancing on the succubus screeching on the other side of the basement.

The Demon had wounds to it's torso and chest, it's arms sliced dripping black liquid. Gerard twisted the knife between his fingers before lunging himself at the howling beast, he pushed the blade into it's gut and twisted it in a vain attempt at slicing it open. Fingers wrapped around his throat and he was raised from the ground, the other men rushed forward but the beast wrapped its wings around itself and Gerard. The men pulled at the wings and stabbed at the beast to no avail and its captive began to lose conciousness, taking himself and the succubus back into the nightmare.

In a flash of light they were gone, Mikey screamed his brothers name knowing inside it was no good. Frank stormed to the table in the corner of the room as the Father and Ray tried to calm Mikey

"Which one makes you sleep?..." he turned to the men and shouted as loud as he could "WHICH ONE FUCKING MAKES YOU SLEEP?!" Ray pointed at the table and shakily whispered the salts, Frank grabbed the bottle and the small axe resting against the table. Mikey grabbed his arm firmly

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Frank shook off his grip and walked to the centre of the floor, he picked up Gerard's knife coveted in the blood of the succubus and the piece of it's torn wing from the floor. He lay himself on the ground and clutched the objects tightly

"You fucking put me to sleep right now! Give me 15 minutes and then you wake me up got it? He said he wouldn't leave me and I'm sure as shit not leaving him...PUT ME TO SLEEP NOW MIKEY" Mikey picked up the salts and ran them under Frank's nose and his eyes fluttered closed, reopening right back in his nightmare.


Frank opened his eyed and took in his surroundings. He was certainly in the same room as before and he quietly got to his feet and turned to see the succubus laughing wildly with its back to him. He could see Gerard's legs thrashing in the air as he was pinned to the wall. Gerard's choked gasps for air had Frank moving forward quickly but silently, raising the axe as he walked.

"Go back to hell..." The beadt spun its head and shrieked, the sound piercing the air as Frank swung the axe and sliced off its head.

Gerard dropped to the floor gasping as the beast burst into flames and disappeared before the two men's eyes. Frank quickly dropped to his knees and cradled Gerard's face

"Are you okay?" Gerard nodded gently

"You came back for me..." he croaked and Frank laughed softly

"Yeah, you see Gerard promises go both ways. you said you'll never leave me so why would leave you?" the men embraced each other and both heard Mikey whispering to wake up. Frank positioned himself behind Gerard, one leg either side of him and holding his hands. He placed his head against the other mans and laughed softly again "You heard the man Gee, it's time to wake up..."

As the room began to disappear around them, both men closed their eyes...
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