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Our Sweet Miscorde Love

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The play Romeo & Juliet, Godchild-style. Mary Weather and Cain are not related in this one. 21th century.

Category: Count Cain - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Cain,Merryweather - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2013-02-13 - Updated: 2013-02-14 - 144 words


Two houses, both very rich and powerful
In light-filled London, where this takes place,
From a age-old grudge made them enemies,
their hands are forever covered with bruises and blood.
From each war-parring father,
a pair of ill-fated lovers take their lives,
Whose unlucky love proved all and with their deaths, their
families buried their rage.
Only in death, could they stop their families from destroying each other.
It is now this tomb that we will strive to understand.

The Hargreaves:
Alexis Hargreaves-Father
Augusta Hargreaves-Mother
Cain Hargreaves-Son
Jezebel Disrali-Cousin
Riffael Raffit-Cain's servant
Cassian-Hargreaves' servant

The Dukes:
Burgess Duke-Father
Alegra Duke-Mother
Mary Weather Duke-Daughter
Madame Flemming-Mary Weather's governess
Cassandra Gladstone-Cousin
Stien-Dukes' servant
Father Robbins-Priest
Oscar Gabriel-Mary Weather's suitor
Dominic Creador-Cain's friend
Lady Grace-Duchess of London

Well, here's the prologue for the story. Hope you like it and hope you'll read th upcoming chapters. :)
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