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Open With A Gun Fight

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The explosive Act 1.

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Ariel and Eric, servants of the Dukes, walk down the cold crowded streets of London.
Eric huffed, "Ariel, mark my words: we won't suffer any more humilation from those damned Hargreaves!"
Ariel nodded, "God damn right."
"And if we see them, we'll shoot them," Eric said and pulls out his gun to emphaize the point.
"Yeah. But for now, let's stay away from death," said Ariel.
But Eric continues, "I'll shoot quickly, if I'm provoked just right."
"But you're not easily provoked," Ariel pointed out. "What provokes you?"
Eric averts his gaze at Ariel, "Anyone from the Hargreaves family."
Ariel shakes his head, "Eric, this feud is between our masters and their families."
"And we are servants of the Duke family," Eric retorted.
Ariel didn't answer him. He saw Riff and Cassian, servants of the Hargreaves, walking down the street.
Eric also sees them, "There they are now."
Ariel nodded, "We'll frown and glare at them when they pass by us."
"Right. Real brave there Ariel," Eric mocked and then decided, "I'll bite my thumb at them in defiance. They won't take it."
Right where Riff and Cassian went past them, Eric bites his thumb behind their heads. However, Riff whipped his head around to the boys, "Did you bite your thumb at us, children?"
Eric hurrumphed, "I bit my thumb, what's it to you?"
"Did you bite your thumb at us, boy?" Riff reinstated in a polite-but-icy tone.
Eric leans over to Ariel, "Is the law on our side if I say yes?"
"No" answered Ariel.
Eric looks at Riff, "'Course I didn't bite my thumb at you, but I bite my thumb."
Ariel spots a gun holster on Riff's hip and asks, "Do you fight?"
"Me? Fight?" Riff asked in a surprised tone. "Of course not."
Eric cuts in, "But if you do, I'm your man. I work for a man as good as your."
Riff raised his eyebrows, "I sincerely doubt that."
Ariel steps closer, "Well, sir...admit the truth."
"Yeah, admit it," Eric demanded, hand on his gun.
"Such pitiable liars," tsked Cassian.
Eric reaches out and points his gun at Riff, "Come on then, if you got the balls."
He starts shooting but misses. Riff pulls out his gun and uses a stone alcove as a barrier. Ariel gets his gun and shoots, breaking glass off a street lamp. People hearing the bullets either run and hide or stay in a safe place and watch.
Just then, a fire goes off in the air. All four stop and turn to the fifth. He's none other than Jezebel Disraeli, Alexis Hargreaves' nephew.
He lowers his gun, "Stop it, you idiots! Throw down your guns. You don't know what you're doing."
"Really," a voice chuckles behind him. He turns and sees Cassandra Gladstone, Burgess Duke's nephew, smirking devilishly at him, "Are you fighting with scared servants?" He points his gun at him, "Look, Jezebel, and see your death."
Jezebel points at Cassandra, "I'm trying to keep this peaceful. Put down your gun or use it to part this fight."
"Peace?" Cassandra laughs for a moment then glares, "I despise the word. As I do Hell, your family, and you. Shoot, you coward!"
He fires but misses. Jezebel shoots at Cassandra but hits a glass window of the florist shop. Riff and Cassian rush over to Jezebel's side while Eric and Ariel shoot with Cassandra.
The covering crowds shout and scream through the noisy bullets, "DOWN WITH THE DUKES! DOWN WITH THE HARGREAVES!"
Soon enough, Burgess and Alegra Duke strodded down the street and sees this scene. Burgess raises his fist, "What is this?! Give me my rifle!"
Alegra turns to her husband, "But why?"
Just then Alexis and Augusta Hargreaves comes from the other side of the street and sees this. Burgess sees Alexis and forgets about the servants fighting, "My rifle, damn you! Hargreaves is here to defy us! The obvioius ruling family!"
Alexis hears him and glares, "You bastard Duke!" He tries to lunge for him, but Augusta holds him back. "Unhand me! Let me go!"
He tries to struggle out of her grasp but she held on tight, "Don't move any closer to fight. That's just what they want."
"ENOUGH." boomed a powerful voice. All turn and there was Lady Grace, Duchess of London, standing there. Watching them.
"Both familes gather here," she commanded.

They were in trouble now.
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