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Chapter 10

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Disclaimer: The characters of Ranma 1/2, of course, belong to Rumiko Takahashi (and lots of others). Sati Li, and any other strays that may appear, belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 10

Sati bounded across the rooftops toward the Nekohanten, making good time, and soon sighted her destination. Noting the closed sign in the front window, she made her way around to the side alley delivery entrance and rapped brusquely upon the door, quickly ducking inside when the door opened.

~Good evening, old friend!~ Sati said cheerfully, bowing respectfully to the Amazon Elder as she turned about from re-locking the door. ~Thank you for inviting me to dinner. I'd have come to the front door, but...~

~I'm just happy to see that you could make it. Although, I also see that my timing was a bit off on the moon's cycle,~ Cologne responded, chuckling, as she took note of Sati's rather furry condition. Returning a respectful nod, Cologne then motioned for Sati to follow and led her through the kitchen into the living area at the back of the restaurant. ~Well, at any rate, it's long past time for my Great-Granddaughter to see her first true Werewolf, and to learn that her Elders are not just making up tall tales in an attempt to frighten irresponsible young warriors.~

~She has never seen a werewolf before? The last I heard, there were at least three full packs in continuous operation throughout that region of China! And that's not even taking into consideration lycanthropes of other types,~ Sati commented.

~Oh, she has met a few before, unknowingly, and only while they were in human form. Until now, of course, there wasn't any real reason for her to learn the truth of your kind's existence,~ Cologne pointed out.

~Ah, that is a good point.~

The two friends sat down at the table where the food had already been set out, and Cologne called out for Shampoo to join her at the dinner table. A moment later, the bubbly teen Amazon came bounding the stairs.

~Great-Grandmother, is your friend here... AIYAH! A Wolf-Demon!~ Shampoo cried as she caught sight of Sati. Instantly, she produced her bonbori from sub-space, assuming a ready stance and prepared to attack the 'demon' when Cologne stopped her.

~Shampoo, stop! This is Sati. She is not a 'Wolf-Demon' as you put it,~ Cologne informed her heir, causing Shampoo to freeze in place and glance questioningly at her, while keeping Sati within her sight. ~Sati is a Werewolf. And yes, they do exist. You've met a few of her kind before, even if you didn't realize it at the time. So put your weapons away and sit down. Our dinner is getting cold.~

Shampoo cautiously returned her bonbori to storage within her sub-space pocket, before making her away around Sati to her own customary seat at the table, looking over Sati's hybrid form with intense interest the whole time. Unlike the hideously deformed and ugly werewolves in those weird gaijin movies that Shampoo had snuck into occasionally, she found that the densely furred female seated at the table, and returning her appraisal calmly, was actually rather attractive, in an odd sort of way. Her feline instincts, which she'd acquired with her Jusenkyo curse, however, were screaming 'PREDATOR' and advising extreme caution. Still, her great-grandmother had invited this... 'woman' to dinner, and seemed totally unconcerned of any potential threat from her, so Shampoo offered a tentative and nervous "Nihao" in greeting.

‘I didn't realize that the nickname I ended up giving her would be so true,’ Shampoo thought to herself, finding her gaze drawn almost hypnotically to the woman's slowly swishing bushy tail, as her great-grandmother and Sati began talking of the past and catching up on each other's many adventures since they'd last met.


"What in the--" Sati began, reverting back to Japanese, startled as much as the others at the sudden loud noises coming from the kitchen area. Then she had no further time for any words, as she found herself dodging numerous chains, many of which were tipped with spear-points, that suddenly emerged from the kitchen doorway.

"Don't worry Shampoo! I'll save you from that evil creature!" Mousse yelled, emerging from the kitchen with a sauce pan upon his head, as he continued to hurl weapons at said creature. Sati, who had by now guessed the identity of her attacker, simply continued to dodge everything Mousse was throwing at her, waiting for her host to deal with the interloper.

~MOUSSE! STOP THIS NONSENSE AT ONCE!~ Cologne ordered, dodging herself as several daggers flew in her own direction. The only thing preventing her from killing the boy, for attempted murder of an Amazon Elder, was the fact that Mousse wasn't presently wearing his glasses and was now sending various bladed weapons and chains throughout the entire room in an attempt to injure Sati.

"STUPID DUCK-BOY! SHAMPOO NO NEED SAVING!" Shampoo yelled at her unwanted and highly annoying suitor as she advanced on him, fully intending to vent some of her frustrations upon him. Unfortunately, Mousse suddenly retracted some of his chains, the ends of which had become embedded in the dinner table, and ended up flipping the table over and pulling it into the air. Normally, this would have simply resulted in Mousse catching said table full in the face, but... for whatever reason, Cologne had decided upon iced-tea to accompany dinner, and the large pitcher, naturally, emptied its contents unerringly upon the only two Jusenkyo victims in the room.

~You've overstepped your boundaries, once again, Mousse!~ Cologne growled, digging through the remains of the destroyed dinner, the overturned table, and Mousse's robes, to yank out an angrily quacking white duck by the neck. ~Perhaps a few days in your cage will teach you better manners than to attack one of my guests?~

"My word, Shampoo, don't you make a cute little kitty-cat," Sati chuckled as she helped the nekofied Shampoo out of her wet clothing. Lifting the white and lavender cat to her chest, Sati began scratching her head and about the ears, which quickly elicited contented purrs of pleasure from the nekofied young Amazon.

~I am sorry about that, Sati! Mousse gets rath--~ Cologne said as she returned from the kitchen, only to stop speaking upon catching sight of what was occurring. Like any other cat, Shampoo was taking full advantage of the opportunity for a good scratching and had twisted around in Sati's arms so that Sati was now scratching her chest and tummy, and she was purring a mile-a-minute in blatant pleasure. Lifting an eyebrow at the scene, and suppressing a chuckle, ~Enjoying yourself, Great-Granddaughter?~

If cats had been able to blush, Shampoo would have turned a bright red at the moment.


Ranma had returned to the roof of the Tendo residence after Sati had left for her dinner with the Old Ghoul, and was now lying on his back staring up at the full moon. He was thinking about the stuff she'd told him, about Genma not being his biological father, that he wasn't entirely human and that he would soon be changing, becoming a werewolf like her.

In a weird way, it kind of made sense, and helped to explain a few things about himself that he'd noted were different from other people, such as his unusually fast rate of healing injuries. Oh sure, Genma had often attributed that ability to Ranma's advanced chi-manipulation techniques. However, Genma had never instructed Ranma is any such techniques, at least none that actually pertained to healing, and Ranma had possessed the ability for as long as he could remember. Granted, the more mastery over his chi that he acquired, the faster he would heal, but even as a young child Ranma had noted that he healed faster than other kids, with scratches and bruises healing completely in only a few hours, whereas other kids with similar injuries would take days to heal.

He really wished that he could talk to his mother, as himself. If Genma wasn't his real father, then who was? Why hadn't she married him, instead of Genma? Had she known that his father was a werewolf? Too many questions, and no way of getting any answers, because of that damned Seppuku pledge.

‘Stupid Pops... Can I even really call him 'Pops' anymore?’

Legally, Genma Saotome was still his father, but now that he knew for a fact that the panda wasn't his sire, it felt weird to call him 'Pops'. Granted, Sati could have been mistaken, or feeding him a line of bull, but... why would she? And besides, he'd already had his own doubts about his true parentage. But... a Werewolf? Him? And yet, he couldn't deny that something was happening to him and no other explanation for his... anxiety... had presented itself. Looking to the moon once more, he concluded that he'd just have to wait for the next full moon, before making any kind of decisions concerning his parents.

Shelving those thoughts, Ranma's mind turned to another, more pressing and more imminently disastrous problem... the girls. And his sudden interest in them, as something other than distractions from the Art.

Ranma knew that he wasn't the most knowledgeable of young men when it came to sexual matters. Far from it. On the other hand, he wasn't as utterly clueless as many believed him to be, either. Sure, he'd experienced the legendary 'morning woody', lots of times, and he knew, intellectually, generally what sexual intercourse would entail, including the likely results... namely, babies. And yet, until just recently, he had felt no desire whatsoever to act on his limited knowledge with any of the girls in his life. Heck, he'd never even masturbated, in either form. Now, that was changing, as evidenced by the erection he'd attained earlier.

‘And somehow... Nabiki knows!’ Ranma silently cursed, recalling all too vividly the way she had sashayed before him, down the stairs, through the house, and out into the dojo. He'd seen those shorts of hers before, and they sure as hell hadn't been that short previously, all but leaving her bottom fully exposed. He didn't have a clue as to where she'd gotten the T-shirt though, and it had fit her torso like a second skin, leaving no doubt in his mind that she was fully aware of his gaze upon her. He'd just been amazed that no one in the dojo had commented on what she'd been wearing... or the large bulge in his own pants that he'd been desperately attempting to conceal.

While Ranma had never actually made any comparisons to other boys his age, he was by no means a stranger to seeing an erect penis. Far more often than he cared to think about, he'd been splashed with cold water in the locker room at school, and quite a few of the lustful boys about had become erect while looking over his naked female form. And while he'd never really given it any thought at the time, he was now somewhat concerned to realize that his own erection was considerably larger than most of the ones he'd seen, as this raised the question... was he too large?

‘There's sure as hell no way to hide it when it gets hard, that's for sure,’ Ranma mused, which was precisely the problem. Now that he was beginning to notice girls, sexually, and considering his fiancées normal behavior around him, especially Akane's... ‘Yep! I'm gonna be dead before the next full moon! That, or married, or married and hauled off to China, or raped, or... Oh, I am so dead!’


~Crap, crap, crap!~ Sati muttered, in English, under her breath as another silver bullet whizzed past her head, impacting the corner of the building she raced around.

Sati had left the Nekohanten not long after Mousse had ruined the dinner, although they'd nearly finished by then, and had an open invitation to return at any time, which she fully intended to use. She wanted to see how well Cologne had trained her great-granddaughter, as Ranma had been quite willing to state that, of all the girls, Shampoo was the closest to him in skill. Unfortunately, on her way back to the Dojo, Taeko had managed to catch her by surprise, since she had decided to walk at street-level rather than roof-hop, as there hadn't appeared to be too many people out and about to notice her.

‘Shit! I thought I would have more time before he showed up!’ Sati silently fumed, jumping to a rooftop once she was certain that she was out of his sight. Peering cautiously back over the edge, she quickly noted that Taeko wasn't alone when he rounded the corner of the building. Going by the descriptions of the local hazards that Ranma had provided her, Sati guessed that the tall boy beside Taeko was the infamous Tatewaki Kuno, samurai-wannabe and all-around pain in the ass. And after listening to him begin a speech about helping his 'cousin' to rid Nerima of the foul sorcerer Saotome's demon, she added 'lousy poet' to the overall description, along with 'tacky dresser'.

‘Ranma isn't anywhere near ready to go up against any Hunters, not even a second-rater like Taeko who could get lucky! Ranma's skilled, but not experienced enough to deal with those using firearms!’

~Hmm, what I need is something to keep those idiots busy,~ Sati mused after watching the two run off down the street. Staying to the rooftops, Sati continued her journey back to the Tendo Dojo, mulling over this new problem. Her amber eyes seemed to light up from within though, as an idea occurred to her and elicited a chuckle. ~Something... or someone! Heh! Looks like I need to make a phone call.~


Somewhere in New York, in the United States...

A cell phone started to ring to the tune of Click-Click-Boom while sitting on the end table beside a couch. Shortly a slender feminine hand, adorned with a silver ring engraved with a small yin-yang symbol, reached over to pick up the little black cell phone.

~Yeah?~ A female voice spoke into the phone. ~Oh, hey Sati, whas up?... Huh? Why would ya want me ta come ta Japan fer?... SAY WHAT!?~ With a sudden lurch, a teenage girl comes into view from where she'd been lying upon the couch, the cell phone pressed to her ear, and immediately tumbles off of the couch to land on the floor with a thump.

~You okay in there?~ a male voice called from another room.

~Yeah, Dad! I'm fine!~ the girl responded, before returning her attention to the phone. ~Yer telling me dat fuckin' bastard is over where you are?... Hell yeah, I'll come! Payback is a bitch!~


~So, I should see you in the next few days then?... Okay, bai bai.~ Sati hung up the phone in the Tendo's hallway, a smug look on her face.

"Who was that, Auntie?" Ranma asked as he entered the hallway, on his way up to his room, preparing to call it a night.

"Oh, just a friend from New York. Let's just say that you can expect a rather unusual visitor pretty soon," Sati responded, before heading towards her own little room.

Kasumi stuck her head out of the kitchen, curiously. "Oh, will we be having another houseguest?"

"Nah. If I know Jasper, she'll make her own living arrangements." Sati responded over her shoulder, grinning in anticipation of things to come.


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