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Chapter 9

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A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 9

Ranma sat back from the table with a satisfied sigh, and once again complemented the eldest Tendo daughter on a most excellent evening meal. His contentment, however, was fairly short-lived as he couldn't help but notice the suspicious glances that Ukyo would occasionally send in Sati's direction. Well, at least they were better than the openly hostile and jealous glares that Akane was giving her.

Still, the abundant amount of tasty food seemed to have temporarily taken the edge off of the tension that he had been feeling for most of the day, although it hadn't completely disappeared. And the wrestling/tickling match between himself, Sati and Ryoga had also seemed to help a great deal. He was still a bit on edge, and felt as if he needed to do something... anything... just to be doing something, but at the moment, the feeling wasn't as strong as it had been before.

Soun and Genma had immediately moved back to the shoji board as Kasumi cleared the table, and Ranma found himself watching her graceful movements with greater intensity than ever before. Kasumi really was a very attractive young woman, with a lithe and mature figure that exuded both grace and beauty without even trying. He found himself becoming fascinated with the gentle sway of her hips beneath her conservative dress as she walked and the subtle bounce of her ample bosom, before his eyes were drawn elsewhere.

‘How the hell did I ever mistake her for another boy?’ he wondered, his gaze zeroing in on Ukyo's shapely posterior, encased in her form-fitting tights, as she rose from the table to join Akane and Ryoga over near the television. He noted her long legs, the gentle flaring of her hips, her narrow waist and the subtle swelling of her surprisingly large breasts beneath the concealing thickness of her okonomiyaki seller's outfit. ‘Heck! Akane's built more like a boy than Ukyo!’

Speaking of Akane, Ranma's eyes drifted over to his most volatile fiancée. Even after all this time, he didn't know what to make of her. She could be unbearably cute one moment, and downright intimidating the next. Actually, when she wasn't smiling, she was really rather plain, now that he compared her looks with the others in the room. Sure, her face could be extremely cute in appearance, when she wanted to be that is, but... Okay, so she wasn't anywhere near as flat-chested as he often accused, but she wasn't nearly as well-endowed as any of the other girls in his life. And her waist was a bit broader than one would have expected, giving her a more masculine appearance from behind, when she wasn't wearing a skirt. And her rather short legs, in comparison to the others, were almost entirely densely packed muscle, even more so than Kodachi, a gymnast, whose legs had been thickened and shaped through long gymnastics practice. Overall, with the exception of the occasional bouts of excessive cuteness, Akane wasn't nearly as physically attractive as the others. And yet... there was something that still drew the eye...

"Well, I've got some reading to do," Nabiki announced, rising from her own place at the table. "I'll be in my room, if you need me."

Ranma's eyes darted from Akane to Nabiki as she rose, immediately noting the comparatively larger size of her breasts beneath her sheer white blouse, which he surprisingly noted weren't being restrained with a bra. He'd never really noticed before just how rounded and firm they appeared, despite their size. Almost against his will, Ranma found his gaze traveling down her body as she rose and turned towards the hallway, noting her tiny waist and slender hips, which seemed to sway with an unconscious and sensual movement. His gaze continued further south, noting her gently rounded thighs, long legs, well-formed calves and rather small feet, before rising once more to her bottom. Nabiki had always seemed to favor shorts, often very tight and extremely short ones, and today had been no exception. They seemed almost molded to her rather high, very firm, and well-rounded petite little bottom.

Ranma flushed, and squirmed in his seat, as his body began to react to the sight of Nabiki's swaying backside, but he couldn't seem to pull his gaze away until she was out of sight. Desperately, he prayed that no one had noticed his body's betrayal, or where his gaze had been riveted. Unfortunately, someone had noticed, but fortunately for Ranma it had been Sati, who had actually been watching him carefully and expecting this kind of reaction from him.

"Come on Cub," Sati announced, finally rising from the table herself and reaching out to pull him up to his feet, but also turning him to face away from the others, thus helping to conceal something that would have caused him no end of embarrassment... and possibly a considerable amount of physical pain. "You and I really need to talk about a few things."

"Hey!" Akane barked, and thus drawing the attention of the others. "Where are you two going?"

"Just up on the roof," Sati responded without looking back, pushing Ranma out onto the porch. "We need to talk about some things, and I won't have time for it later tonight."

"So? You can talk with the baka just as easily in here, as on the roof," Akane growled, starting to rise.

"Sit down, Cub!" Sati growled, baring her teeth in warning. "His fiancée you may be, but that doesn't give you the right to listen in on private conversations, or poke your nose where it doesn't belong. If Ranma chooses to tell you what we talk about, that is his decision to make, not yours! And I would strongly advise everyone else to mind their own business, as well!" Sati concluded with a hard look at all of the others, giving clear indication that she wouldn't tolerate eavesdroppers.

"Ran-chan's my fiancée, as well," Ukyo felt compelled to say, reluctantly deciding to back Akane this time. "Anything that affects my Ran-chan, I consider my business!"

"Fiancée?" Sati asked, now with a noticeable growl to her voice. "Or property? There is a difference, and I suggest the two of you think about that, as no one likes to think of themselves as being 'owned' with no right to any privacy of their own. And I find it rather disheartening that neither of you even seemed to consider Ranma's feelings on the matter. In any case, as I said, if Ranma chooses to tell you of what we discuss, that is his decision, but... it is my decision that our talk be held in private! And I don't take kindly to people sticking their noses in my affairs! They have the annoying habit of losing said appendage!"


"Was it really necessary to threaten 'em like that, Auntie?" Ranma asked as he leaped onto the roof after her.

"Hmpf! If they had their way, you wouldn't have any privacy at all Cub," Sati explained, walking over to a certain section of the roof before sitting down and motioning for Ranma to join her. "You've written to me often enough, about how they're all continually sticking their noses into your affairs. Just because they're your fiancées, doesn't grant them the right to take control of your life. Remember that! Everyone needs privacy, especially in any kind of serious relationship, such as an engagement!

"Granted, the kind of relationship you're involved in with all these girls implies a sharing of 'private' secrets, but..." Sati continued as Ranma sat down beside her, "it is the knowing and willing revealing of those same secrets that is one of the foundations to a truly loving relationship. It's a declaration of trust, if you choose to reveal something to one of them, and trust is the very cornerstone of any relationship. To forcibly impose themselves into one of your private conversations, to force you into revealing things you'd rather keep to yourself, is not a sign of trust, but of a desire to maintain their control over you and to use your secrets against you."

"Sounds a lot like Nabiki," Ranma snorted. "She's always sticking her nose into everyone else's business and then using what she learns to make money and control everybody."

"Smart girl!"

"Oh, she's that alright!" Ranma chuckled. "Not that I can really blame her for what she's been doing. After all, she's the one that keeps all the bills paid, and keeps food on the table. It's just so... embarrassing, at times!"

"Yes, you've written about a few of her more... embarrassing endeavors to earn money for her family," Sati chuckled. "And truly, she could have done so, in a less... callous way. Still, from your description of events, you were just as responsible for the resulting embarrassment, as she was. Really, Cub, you need to learn some restraint, patience, and social skills. Not to mention stop jumping at every so-called 'cure' for your Jusenkyo curse, without first learning all of the pros and cons involved."

"I can't help it!" Ranma snapped. "I hate turning into a girl!"

"Really?" Sati asked. "Do you really 'hate' turning into a girl? Or is it the fact that you can't control when it happens that you really hate?"

Ranma didn't immediately respond, thinking it over. He had to admit, there had been times when he had actually enjoyed being a girl, such as when his mother was visiting and they worked together in the kitchen. He'd never be able to do something like that if he hadn't had the curse, and while he always complained about it in front of others, the time he'd spent as 'Ranko' shopping with her 'Auntie Saotome' had also been enjoyable in its own way, and again it was something they couldn't have shared otherwise. Even so, if it hadn't been for the constant anxiety of his curse being revealed before his mother...

"You're right, Auntie," Ranma finally sighed. "It's the lack of control I hate. I could probably live with the curse, if I could control it, somehow."

"It's something to think about," Sati sighed. "But, your curse isn't why I needed to talk with you, in any case. What we need to discuss is far more serious and of more immediate concern."

Ranma simply raised an eyebrow in unconscious imitation of Nabiki.

"Ranma, I didn't come here just to visit, or to avoid some werewolf hunter," Sati began. "I had a very good reason for seeking you out, at this time."

"Don't tell me Pops really did engage me to you?" Ranma asked in a serious tone, but with a twinkle of amusement in his eyes.

"No, no. Nothing like that," she replied, laughing lightly. "Although the thought isn't without its appeal. You're quite handsome, strong and, judging from the bulge you developed in your pants while staring at Nabiki's backside, quite handsomely endowed, as well."

Ranma blushed scarlet, and adjusted his position a bit, to better conceal the remaining evidence of his earlier arousal.

"Auntie!" Ranma whined.

"Really, Cub! You haven't got anything to be embarrassed about," Sati chuckled, as she watched the boy squirm. "I'm sure Nabiki would be flattered to know that she was able to get such a response from you, whereas the other girls didn't. In any case, while I might go for a tumble or two with you, I'm not currently looking for another mate."

"Then, why did you come here?" Ranma asked, hoping to divert the conversation away from his present... condition.

"Well..." Sati paused, struggling to find the right words. "As a werewolf, you can probably guess that my sense of smell is a lot better than a human's, right? Werewolves have even better senses of smell than bloodhounds."

"Makes sense," Ranma agreed, wondering what she was getting at.

"In fact," she continued, "we can tell a great deal from a person's, or animal's, scent. Their overall health, where they've recently been, and so on. We can even tell who their parents are, just from their scent and the scent of their parents."

"And?" Ranma hesitantly asked, when Sati didn't continue, but suspecting what she was going to reveal. After all, he might not have been the smartest kid on the block, but even he wasn't oblivious to the fact that he looked nothing at all like his supposed father. And neither Genma, nor his mother, had his blue-grey eyes, which had to have come from one of his parents. "Let me guess, Genma's not my father, is he?"

"No... he's not," Sati agreed. "Not biologically, anyway. But, I'm guessing that you already knew that, or at least suspected, right?"

Ranma sighed.

"I'd always hoped that I wasn't related to him, especially whenever his stomach, or stupidity, got us into trouble, but... I never had any real reason to suspect that he wasn't my real father," Ranma explained. "Then, in Biology Class we learned about genetics and recessive genes and stuff. Neither Genma, nor Mom, have eyes like mine, which means that Genma isn't my real father."

"Think you might have been adopted?"

"It's possible, I suppose," Ranma sighed. "Although, everyone says my girl-form looks a lot like my Mom, only younger. I just have a real hard time thinking of Mom as having been with someone other than Pop, ya know?"

"She may have taken a lover before she married Genma," Sati stated, trying to salvage Ranma's opinion of his mother's apparent lack of faithfulness towards her legal husband. "Actually, judging by what I've seen of Genma, it would explain how that man could get someone to marry him!"

"So you think Mom was already pregnant with me, when she married Pops?" Ranma asked, thinking about it then chuckled. "Well, it certainly answers that question! I never could understand how someone like Mom could ever marry a deadbeat lowlife like Pop! If she didn't find someone to marry, she'd have been dishonored by havin' me! But then... who is my real father?"

"Only your mother would be able to answer that question," Sati sighed. "And she would be, understandably, reluctant to answer. Especially, if she has allowed Genma to believe himself to be your biological father."

"I'm not even sure if I should even ask her about it," Ranma admitted. "It wouldn't change anything, anyway. I'd still be Saotome Ranma legal son of Saotome 'Mr. Panda' Genma."

"I think you should, Ranma," Sati said softly, and prayed to the spirit of her first mate. ‘Seto, please let him take this well.’

"Why? It's not likely that I'd ever run across my real father, or that I'd even want anything to do with him, if he was the type to get Mom pregnant and then dishonor her by not marryin' her," Ranma stated.

"I think you should ask her about your real father, Ranma, because..." Sati paused, and sent up yet another prayer. "Because you're not fully human."

"What?" Ranma asked, after a long pause.

"You're a werewolf, Ranma," Sati explained. "But not a full-blooded one, a half-breed. One of your parents, most likely your mother, was human, but... your father was a werewolf. If it had been your mother, I find it extremely unlikely that she would have waited this long to tell you of your heritage. I could smell what you were all those years ago, when we first met, and it's why I'm here now. To help you through your first transformation and to answer as many of your questions as I can."

"A werewolf? Me?" Ranma said, more than a little stunned at the revelation. As if his life wasn't already a complete mess.

"You're not mad 'cause I've kept this from you, until now, are you?" Sati asked with some trepidation. "I would have told you, years ago, but you were too young to fully understand and I wasn't going to be around to answer your questions. Still, I've kept in touch, and sought you out to explain things when the time came."

"No. No, I'm not mad... not really. I mean, it's just another bit of weirdness to add to my crazy life," Ranma sighed, wondering how this was going to affect him... and the others.

For a time, they sat in companionable silence, watching the sun begin to set. Sati knew that Ranma needed some time to think about what she'd said, and was more than willing to grant him all the time he needed.



"You said... when the time came?" Ranma asked. "My first... transformation? It's... It's going to happen soon, isn't it? That's why I've been feeling... weird, all day, right?"

"Yes. Although, you won't transform this full moon; I can tell from your scent. It's normal for a half-breed, like yourself, to not come to their first transformation 'til their late teens. Even so, I almost didn't get her in time. Feeling like a live wire, a caged animal, is pretty normal for all of us Weres, just prior to a full moon. I'm nearly two thousand years old, and right now it's all I can do to sit still," Sati explained, getting to her feet and stretching.

"Why won't I... transform this full moon, if I'm feeling just like you?" Ranma asked, also getting to his feet.

"Ranma, did you feel like this at the last full moon?" Sati asked then continued when he shook his head. "It's sort of the body's way of telling you that's it about to change, that it's reaching maturity. At the next full moon, the feelings will be even stronger, as your body reacts to the moon's cycle. Believe me, Cub. I've had four kids of my own, the three youngest were males and half-breeds themselves, I know what I'm talking about.

"For now, though," Sati continued, looking to where the sun was disappearing beneath the horizon, "I think we should return to the others. The moon will be rising soon, and we need to get everyone together."

"Umm... A-Auntie?" Ranma hesitantly asked, uncertain about how to ask his next question. Or if he really even wanted to ask it.

"Yeah, Cub?" Sati asked, looking back over her shoulder at him.

"About... well... the way I, uh... reacted... earlier... to Nabiki... I mean," Ranma struggled to say, blushing profusely. "Is, uh... that part of the change? I mean, is it normal? I've never..."

"Never really noticed a girl sexually, you mean?" Sati asked with a broad grin, as Ranma became even redder in the face. "Don't worry about it, Cub. It's perfectly normal. Young males often don't even recognize females as members of the same species, until they begin to approach their first transformation. And then..."

"And then?" Ranma asked, not feeling all that comfortable.

"Let's just say that the girls had best watch out," Sati chuckled. "You're becoming an adult, and being young, you're beginning to feel the need for a mate. Perfectly normal, as I said. Of course, werewolves tend to be a bit more... aggressive, in their relationships, than mere humans."


"Like I said, don't worry about it," Sati chuckled, glancing in the direction of Nabiki's open bedroom window. "You won't force yourself on any of them, but... if they should tease you too much, they just might get more than they bargained for. Unless, of course, that was their intention from the beginning!"


Nabiki eased back from the window, trying to sort through what she had just overheard. Ranma was a werewolf? Like Sati? And he wasn't Genma's son?

Well, it would certainly explain a few things. Such as why Sati was here in the first place, rather than in hiding from the hunter that was certain to be coming after her. On one thing the report of Taeko Kuno had been explicit about... like his cousin, Tatewaki, Taeko just didn't know when to quit, and he would go to extraordinary lengths to accomplish his goals, be it chasing a girl, or a werewolf. Unless, of course, he were to become distracted with yet another pretty girl or another werewolf.

Still, the question remained, what to do with this new information? If anything? Oh sure, she could sell the information to various interested parties, but... would the profits outweigh the damages that would certainly result? Did she want to get on Ranma's bad side, let alone Sati's, by using the information as 'blackmail' material? Was there really any profit in it?

Of course, no matter what she decided to do with the information, if anything, with Ranma's near complete lack of privacy and his inability to lie with a straight face, it was only a matter of time before the whole of Nerima knew all about his secrets. She was rather surprised that a horde of Demon Hunters hadn't already appeared on their doorstep seeking to attack Sati, as Akane had made no attempts, whatsoever, to keep quiet about their houseguest's unusual heritage.

And then, there were Sati’s references to Ranma's maturing sexual interests, and his apparent complete lack of interest in that regard before now. She'd often wondered how Ranma had managed to avoid the traps laid out for him by such willing and physically attractive girls, like Shampoo and Kodachi. She never had been able to understand how he could be so sexually naive as he appeared. But now, it made a weird kind of sense.

And, if she'd heard correctly, Ranma had become aroused, for possibly the first time in his life... by her! Not by the sex-kitten, Shampoo. Not by the sultry, yet maniacal, Kodachi. Not by his 'best-buddy', Ukyo. And definitely not by her overly-tomboyish younger sister, Akane. But, by herself, Nabiki, the Ice-Queen of Furinkan High. The girl voted most likely to never have a date, unless she paid for an escort or blackmailed some poor schmuck into it!

‘Hmm... Sati all but said that Ranma would be becoming more [/'aggressive' in his dealings with the girls...’/] Nabiki pondered, mentally picturing a more assertive and masculine Ranma. More... wolfish. And, more sexually aware.

Nabiki's thoughts began to drift off into images of what Ranma might appear like in a hybrid werewolf form. And shortly a decidedly hentai smirk began to appear on her face as those images became ever more... explicit. Especially when she considered the fact that Ranma may not have been as enamored with her younger sister, as she had originally believed.


"All right, everybody, it's almost moonrise! I need all of you in the dojo, please!" Sati called out. "Ranma, could you go and tell Nabiki to come out to the dojo, as well?"

"Sure, Auntie," Ranma said, heading upstairs.

"Why do you want us all out in the dojo?" Akane asked, not really wanting to leave her position in front of the television, but nevertheless getting to her feet. Taking Ryoga by the hand, she began to lead him out to the dojo.

"I've something to show you," Sati responded, smirking at the way Ryoga was allowing Akane to lead him along, a somewhat giddy look on his face. "And there's more room in the dojo for everyone to see it!"

"I'm still not convinced that you're a werewolf," Ukyo stated, heading for the dojo as well. "And I didn't appreciate the way that you implied that I didn't take Ranma's feelings into consideration when you dragged him up on the roof to talk."

"Did you?" Sati asked, not expecting a reply, and not getting one.

Shortly, everyone was inside the dojo, save for Ranma and Nabiki, sitting along the wall. When Ranma and Nabiki finally appeared, Sati couldn't suppress a knowing smirk when she noted that Nabiki had changed clothes. She'd replaced her blouse with a form-fitting t-shirt and her previously tight shorts with a pair of cut-off jeans that bordered on indecent, being as tight and short as they were. Sati also noted that Nabiki was making a clear effort to remain directly within Ranma's field of view and seemed to be placing a bit more sway into her hip movement.

‘Poor boy!’ Sati silently chuckled, struggling to keep her laughter in upon seeing Ranma's expression. He was desperately trying to ignore Nabiki's antics, but his eyes kept darting in the direction of Nabiki's shapely derriere. ‘Oh well, he won't be that way for much longer! I just hope I've read that girl correctly, and that she can keep up with him, when his time comes upon him.’

Glancing outside, Sati noted that she still had a few minutes before moonrise, and she used the time to once again contemplate the girls in Ranma's life. She hadn't met Kodachi, yet, and she hadn't really spent any time around Shampoo or Ukyo, but Ranma had certainly written enough for her to get a fair idea of how they stood in his eyes.

Kasumi, being the eldest of Ranma's admirers, didn't really seem to have a 'romantic' interest in him, and Ranma had readily admitted in his writings to viewing her like an older sister, or substitute mother figure. Nabiki was a constant source of irritation, frustration, embarrassment, and... enticing mystery, and Ranma's writings on her had always been tinged with more than a little respect. As for Akane, Ranma's writings had been filled with attraction, frustration, sadness, and vexation. Sati wondered if the young girl even had a clue as to how deeply she had hurt Ranma when she had all but withdrew her initial offer of friendship and refused to extend him the slightest hint of trust.

Ukyo, had been his first and best friend but, whether the girl knew it or not, she had tarnished that friendship and continued to place a strain upon it, by insisting that Ranma was her fiancé, regardless of Ranma's own feelings on the matter. Shampoo was on even rockier ground, lacking the earlier friendship Ranma and Ukyo had shared, and like the others, ignoring Ranma's feelings. Ranma had left no doubts, whatsoever, as to his feelings in regards to the girl named Kodachi... she all but terrified him.

"Well?" Akane growled, interrupting Sati's thoughts, having grown impatient after only sitting beside Ryoga for all of five minutes. A whole two minutes after Ranma and Nabiki entered the dojo.

Sati sighed in frustration, as she glanced once more into the night sky, noting that the moon was beginning to rise about the horizon. That girl was really beginning to get on her nerves with her constant anger and sniping.

"I called all of you out here, 'cause I think it's important for you to see this," she stated, feeling the growing moonlight tugging at her senses, growing stronger by the moment. "Now watch."

Everyone watched raptly as Sati stood in the growing moonlight in the dojo entrance, even Genma, who had witnessed this all before. Then, several gasps were heard, as the moon fully rose above the horizon and dark-grey fur started to sprout all over Sati's body. She fell forward onto all fours as her legs and arms began to alter shape, and her ears seemed to flow upwards upon her head, becoming more triangular in form. Several faces within the dojo grimaced, as Sati's face and head became distorted, shifting into that of a wolf, her muzzle tipped with a black nose pad and adorned with a rather impressive amount of sharp teeth. Her dark-brown hair seemed to be absorbed into her new body, and her clothing simply vanished before a large bushy tail sprouted from her backside. Within the space of only a few seconds, Sati had been replaced with a very large grey-furred wolf.

"Wow..." Nabiki said after a few moments, pretty much conveying the sentiments of nearly all the others who'd never seen the transformation before. For her part, Akane was repulsed, and unconsciously moved a bit closer to Ryoga, although she'd vehemently deny that she was even the least bit unnerved by Sati's transformation. Jusenkyo curses were one thing, but this... it was 'unnatural', as far as Akane was concerned, an affront to, and perversion of, Nature itself.

"Oh my! What a lovely wolf!" Kasumi said, earning a disbelieving look from Ukyo, who was struggling to make sense of what she'd just witnessed. Sure, she'd witnessed several Jusenkyo curse transformations, but this... it was just too weird! At least the Jusenkyo curse transformations were nearly instantaneous and you didn't have to see the body actually shifting into another form.

Sati-wolf slowly walked back and forth in the entrance, allowing everyone a good look at her full-wolf form, which was nearly as large as a small horse, before casually strolling over to Nabiki and bumping against her with her now massive head, knocking the girl over. Nabiki shrieked and giggled, as Sati took advantage of the exposed skin of Nabiki's midriff, her too small t-shirt having ridden up when she fell over, to press her cold, wet nose against Nabiki's exposed belly, forcing Nabiki to roll away and onto her feet.

"What?" Nabiki asked, watching Sati-wolf carefully, as she laid down upon her belly before her and swing her massive head towards her back. "You want me to get on your back?"

Sati-wolf nodded, and looked at the other girls present, before repeating her gesture.

Nabiki shrugged her shoulders and carefully climbed onto Sati's back, surprised at the softness of the dense grey fur. Kasumi walked over and took up a side-saddle position behind Nabiki, who's slender waist she held onto. After a bit of thought, a quick glance in Ranma's direction, Ukyo took up a position behind Kasumi, lending the older girl further support. Akane merely sniffed and turned her face away. Sati looked to Ryoga, and indicated that he too was welcome to ride upon her back, but he just shook his head, smiling softly at the girl's now obvious delight at riding a wolf.

Moving carefully, Sati headed out of the dojo and gave the girls a short ride about the yard, even breaking into a short, but smooth, loping run at one point, which resulted in several squeals of girlish delight. She then elicited a shriek or two, when she jumped over the koi pond, before heading back inside the dojo. Both Kasumi and Ukyo were giggling as they climbed off of Sati's back, and Nabiki, equally in good spirits, climbed off of Sati's back with obvious reluctance.

Once she'd unloaded her passengers, not having missed Nabiki's reluctance to end her ride, Sati moved out into the center of the dojo and quickly shifted into her hybrid-form. To the surprise of several, her clothing reappeared, as well.

"Well, what do you think?" Sati asked, turning about with a wolfish grin.

"That was so cool!" Ukyo said, having enjoyed the ride immensely, to which Kasumi heartily agreed.

‘I could easily get used to riding wolf-back,’ Nabiki thought, smiling broadly, recalling the feel of Sati's soft fur and the play of her muscles as she moved. Casually, she sent a speculative look in Ranma's direction, before returning her attention to Sati. "Not bad, got any other tricks up your sleeves?"

"Not that I'm willing to reveal at this time, Cub." Sati responded with a grin, beginning to walk towards the entrance of the dojo. "Well, now you've seen what I can become on nights with a full moon, and I doubt that any of you have any further doubts as to my claims of being a werewolf."

"No..." Ukyo admitted, looking a bit sheepish. "No more doubts."

"Good," Sati said. "Now, if you'll all excuse me, I've got a dinner date with an old friend."

"But you just ate?" Akane stated.

"That's still no reason to be rude," Sati responded, stepping out into the yard. "Besides, I didn't eat that much, and I did accept Cologne's invitation. So, catch ya later!"

And with that, Sati bounded over the wall and headed off in the direction of the Nekohanten.


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