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Chapter 8

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Disclaimer: The characters of Ranma 1/2, of course, belong to Rumiko Takahashi (and lots of others). Sati Li, and any other strays that may appear, belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 8

Meanwhile, across town, a young man in his early-twenties walked down the street, pausing occasionally to ask individuals for directions, or to flirt with an attractive young lady that had caught his eye. He was about six-foot even, with wavy dark-brown hair and ebony eyes. From the way the young man was dressed, one would think he was a big fan of the movie character Indiana Jones. He wore a khaki shirt with a dusty brown leather jacket over it, a pair of brown slacks that looked well worn, and a pair of scruffy brown boots. But instead of a beat up old fedora, as Dr. Jones would wear, he had wrapped about his head a wide strip of white cloth, upon which a prayer of some kind had been written in red kanji. On his right hip he had an almost antique .45 Colt revolver holstered, which everyone assumed was a prop for his costume, while at his left hip and thrust through his belt, was a katana, which many would have been very surprised to learn had been inlayed with silver.

Eventually, he arrived at his apparent destination and after staring at the relatively immense estate, in comparison to the surrounding properties; he entered through the gates and made his way up to the large house itself. Arriving before the large doors of the house, he brusquely pounded upon them for a bit, somehow completely missing the little button and speaker mounted into the wall to one side and then waited for someone to respond from within. Finally, after three more repeated beatings upon the very solid doors, they opened in response.

"Ma-master Taeko?! What are you doing here?" Sasuke, the long-suffering, yet faithful, Kuno ninja retainer asked. To which the young man merely sneered down upon his cousin’s servant before responding.

"I am here to see my cousin. Now be quick, and inform him that I am here," Taeko stated, rudely shoving his way past the small ninja and entering the house uninvited. Sasuke muttered a quick, "Hai!", as he disappeared into the house to find his master. Shortly, Tatewaki Kuno arrived to greet his cousin.

"Taeko? What are you doing here?" Tatewaki asked, grimacing a bit at his cousin’s choice of apparel.

"Not even so much as a ‘Hello’? Really Cousin, I’m here on business, hunting down another of those demonic ‘werewolves’. This one has managed to keep herself from my grasp, but I have learned that she has made her way here," Taeko explained, as Tatewaki led him into the large living room of the Kuno mansion. "I felt that since it’s been a while since I have last been in the area, that you could help me and show me where everything is." Taeko flopped down in one of the couches and promptly propped his booted feet up in front of him upon a very expensive coffee table.

"Indeed, Cousin!" Tatewaki said, nodding. "One should know one’s hunting ground, thoroughly, before beginning the ‘Hunt’. And I would be remiss in not aiding you in your honorable pursuit of such demonic spawn. Verily, the Kuno Clan shall rid the world of such creatures, in time. And mayhap, we will also have the good fortune of ridding myself of the foul sorcerer Saotome and freeing my loves from his nefarious spells."

‘Am I the one sane member of this family?’ Taeko pondered, rolling his eyes at Tatewaki’s speech. Aloud he said, "But, not tonight! I’ve traveled quite a distance, in a short time, and I think I shall rest for a bit!"


Nabiki looked up from her computer screen as a tapping noise reached her ears. She raised an eyebrow when she noted Sasuke, hanging upside-down, outside her bedroom window and holding a folder in his hands. She took the folder and glanced at the contents, realizing that it was the information she had for on one ‘Taeko Kuno’.

"Took Kuno-baby long enough to get this for me," Nabiki muttered, as she took a small envelope from her purse and handed it to Sasuke, who promptly disappeared, intent upon returning to his master with the photos of Ranma-chan and Akane.

Tap tap tappity tap tap

"Yo, Nabiki! Supper’s ready!" Sati’s voice called from the other side of the middle Tendo daughter’s bedroom door.

"Hai!" Nabiki called back, putting the folder into her desk drawer. Locking the drawer, she hurried out of her room and headed downstairs to see what the werewolf had fixed for them this time. Sati, as it had turned out, was quite an accomplished cook.


The following day, which was a Sunday, Ukyo finally reopened her restaurant, having returned from visiting her sick relative the night before. As there was no school today, she knew that it would be a busy day, and she was proven right... if not exactly in the way she had anticipated. It was just as the lunch-rush was ending that Akane came stomping into her shop, which caused the last few hangers-on to rapidly finish their meals and leave, quickly. All of Nerima knew that it was hazardous to one’s health to remain in the vicinity of an irritated Akane Tendo. If it had been an irritated Nabiki Tendo, their health would have been one of their least worries, as their wallets and reputations would have been in jeopardy.

"What’s up with you, Sugar?" Ukyo asked her sometime rival/friend as Akane took a seat at the counter.

"That PERVERT is spending FAR too much time with that... HUSSY!" Akane growled.

"Ranma-honey’s spending time with Shampoo?" Ukyo asked, pulling out her battle spatula and preparing to go make some Amazon Okonomiyaki.

"Not that hussy. That demonic succubus, Sati!" Akane angrily snapped, causing Ukyo to blink in confusion and then groan in exasperation at the likely explanation of what Akane was implying.

"Don’t tell me another fiancée has appeared."

"No, but with that pervert, it doesn’t really matter! They’re probably making-out, like a couple of rabbits, since I’m not there to keep an eye on them!" Akane snarled as she stood from her stool and stomped her way back out of Ukyo’s shop.

‘It could just be Akane being her overly-jealous self. No need for me to worry about Ranchan!’ Ukyo thought to herself. ‘Heck! Akane even admitted that this [/‘Sati’ person wasn’t another fiancée!’/]
A few moments later, after leaving instructions with Konatsu to clean up the restaurant and get it ready for the dinner rush, Ukyo was rapidly making her way to the Tendo Dojo. She needed to check things out for herself.


Ranma had no idea what was about to happen, as he silently sat on the porch looking out over the garden. For some reason he couldn’t understand, he wasn’t feeling... right. In fact he felt kind of antsy and on edge, as if... as if he were holding a live electrical wire in his hands. He was tense, every muscle taut and ready, but... why?

He’d snapped at Akane that morning, after she’d awakened him in her customary manner with a bucket of ice-cold water. Then he, at the time [/she
, had managed to easily avoid Akane’s mallet, something he’d never really tried too hard to do in the past, and then she’d really laid into the other girl, verbally, even though she’d desperately been fighting off the urge to actually hit Akane.

Ranma had been rather disturbed by his violent reaction to what Akane had done, and while he’d managed to control the urge... it had still been present. Was he losing control? Was he becoming a danger to those around him? He’d avoided unnecessary contact with everyone since, but even now... he was tense, agitated. It was taking nearly all of his control just to remain seated and stop himself from pacing like a caged animal. Which is probably why he never detected the figure silently and skillfully creeping up behind him from the shadows.

"BANZAI!!!" Sati yelled, as she pounced from the shadows and roughly tackled the younger boy about the waist. Both of them sprawled out on ground as they fell off the porch, and while Ranma felt that he was nearly bursting with excess energy, his every muscle wound taut, Sati was still faster. Even as Ranma began to kick himself up onto his feet, Sati was upon him, attacking his exposed and unguarded ribs with strong, yet nimble, fingers.

"ACK! NO! Auntie! Stop!" Ranma yelped, trying desperately to get away from Sati and her tickle attack. To no avail, as he began laughing uncontrollably, wriggling about on the ground and still trying to get away. In the doorway to the dojo stood Ryoga, who just watched the two figures roll about in the yard. He wasn’t sure how he’d gotten inside the dojo, since he’d been looking for the kitchen, but right now that wasn’t on his mind. He just wished he’d had a camera right about now.

Meanwhile, Ranma had managed to finally get away from Sati, and her nimble fingers, and launched his own tickle attack in reprisal, which quickly degraded into a wrestling free-for-all. When the dust finally cleared, so to speak, Ryoga really began to laugh. Sati and Ranma were virtually nose-to-nose, with Sati on top, her legs entwined with Ranma’s, and with her holding his arms above his head, effectively pinning him in place.

Akane would have literally blown a gasket, if she’d been present to witness their positions. So would Ranma’s other fiancées, no doubt.

"This isn’t funny, P-chan!" Ranma growled from his position beneath Sati, still struggling a bit to free himself.

"Ye-yes it is! Bwahahahahaha!" Ryoga managed to get out as he held his stomach, his face beginning to turn red from his struggles to hold in his laughter.

Sati untangled herself from Ranma, and releasing her hold upon his arms, crawled off of him, allowing him to sit up. Giving him a conspiratorial look, a wink and a nod in Ryoga’s direction, she held up a hand and wiggled her fingers. Ranma just grinned and nodded. Then both of them leaped at the laughing teen, causing the fanged-boy to squawk in surprise, as he was subjected to a double-tickle-attack from two sides. In no time at all, there was a three-way free-for-all taking place all over the Tendo’s garden.

"Ahem!" someone said, clearing their throat, loudly.

The roughhousing trio came to a halt, in a rather undignified and embarrassing position... if one were to have a pervert’s mind-set, that is. Sati had Ryoga in an inverted headlock, which just happened to press his face into her bosom, while Ranma’s head was trapped between her strong thighs, facedown into her crotch. Not too surprisingly, her own children would be all too willing to attest, Sati had been winning their impromptu wrestling match against both boys.

"Heh heh heh. Uh... Hiya, Ucchan!" Ranma said, his face turning red now from embarrassment, rather than exertion, as Sati released her leg-lock on his head and he realized how things might have appeared. Especially with where his face had just been.


"So, let me get this straight, Sugar. She’s a werewolf, was the old woman who brought you out of your Neko-ken that first time, and helped raise you for a couple of years?" Ukyo asked pointing a finger at Sati as the other female sipped her tea. The four of them had moved into the main room of the house, sitting around the table, and where partaking of the tea Kasumi had thoughtfully provided, while Ranma tried to explain his Auntie to his friend and fiancée. Ukyo had heard, as had Ryouga, about the Neko-ken and the story behind it as well, even if neither had seen it for themselves, yet. Ranma could not keep the secret of the seemingly teenage girl beside him from his best buddy, so with the go ahead from Sati, he had told her about Sati’s being a werewolf. "That’s a pretty wild story, Ran-chan. Even for you!"

Sati chuckled from her spot at the table. "Well, seeing as the sun is going down in a couple of hours, I suggest you stick around and see for yourself."


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