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My Sim Life.

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I'm telling you about my save file on Sims 3 Pets,and what has happened so far.

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So,today I decided to tell ya about my save file on The Sims 3:Pets,a very enjoyable game.

I have 7 save files in total on my game (which is a ps3 version btw)

My newest one is Me and Danger Days Era Gerard.

Sorry,Christy for taking Danger Days Gee,but the Ps3 Version of Sims 3 Pets has NO REVENGE ERA STUFF.

Anyway,you don't mind,do ya?

So I built the most awesome family home on there.All pics are on my twitter,but I can email them if you wanna see 'em.

My e-mail (new one) is


So,now to the life bit.

So on the first day of our life in Sugar Maple Coast (the town in Ps3 pets.) Gerard decided to make waffles.He set fire to the STOVE OH MY GOD.
Never trusting him with an oven again.
Then,my sims had WooHoo.(if you play sims,you know what the term means ^.^)
They haven't even be there ONE DAY.
My sim (used my real name btw.Sadie Way I am called on Sims 3 Pets.MMHMM.) got preggers with twins.
We also adopted a dog,which my cousins decided on the name Mary.But,I changed it to Revenge later on.Told you I was gonna get a dog called Revenge.
I gave birth to twin girls Destroya and Helena on the wednesday of the first week.I named their teddies Kobra Kid and Fun Ghoul.Best mum EVER.

That's it so far.
I'll keep ya updated as I go along.

Also,I saw my Grandad today.It was fun.Me and my cousins played a game where we were all friends in high school and we met up like 10 or 20 years later with husbands (the mcr boys) and kids and dogs.It got way outta and Courtney (my cousin,I briefed you guys on this remember?) ended up working as slaves for Amelia,and she stole both our husbands.We escaped,and the husbands ended up both falling for Courtney.Nice,Gerard.

I'm seeing my Dad again for the first time since,I think,last Christmas Eve.He isn't going out with that bitch Lucy anymore


But,Molly,the dog Dad and Lucy had,isn't with Dad no more.I loved Molly.Fuck you Lucy.
Dad has a new job,he works Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Monday.I'm seeing him on Wednesday.
Gonna be cool I think.I'm seeing him with my sister and (probably) her kids.

Did you guys have an awesome day?

xx Cupcake
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