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Sims-Episode II of Save File 7 (me + Gerard)

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The next installment of me and my life in other things.

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Welcome,girlies,to the next part of my sim life.

Revenge had her birthday on Friday,week one of sims.She is now able to walk upstairs which is epic so I don't have to carry her upstairs.Happy B-Day Revenge.

Also,the twins Helena and Destroya (awesome names chosen by me!) had their birthday the day after Revenge's birthday.They are now toddlers.I changed their hair too.Destroya has black hair,worn down,with bright red highlights,and Helena has dark red hair and black highlights.Destroya wears a long sleeved black dress and a dark red waistcoat everyday,while Helena wears a short sleeved black dress with a red ribbon and collar.Cute.

Still,Gerard and Sadie don't have a job.We have loads of money (cheats enabled.) but,I still want a job so I get out the house each day.No job for artists though.But,there is a musician opening.Gerard will have that and I'll be the house wife.Good plan.

So,that's it for sims.

Now,for my other topic.

I've started a new fic called My Heart Attack In Black Hair Dye.
Abbreaviation - MHAIBHD (M-Hi-B-Hud is how you pronounce it.)
It's a vampire Serard.
I'm making it like the Twilight Saga,just no sparkly gay vampires.
Just Gerard and Mikey,plus Kellin Quinn,Andy Biersack and Vic Fuentes.Plus others if I need any.
I've written the intro to everything and Chapter one,so if you could review it and/or rate it,that'd be epic.

I use epic alot,don't I?
Really should stop.

So,have a good day doing..whatever it is you do.

xx Cupcake
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