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Chapter One:Meetings.

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"Hi.I'm Sadie.And welcome to my hell."

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Chapter One:Meetings.

My alarm beeped to life on that rainy Monday morning.My eyes flickered open,and my hand darted out from under the warm,soft covers so I could switch off the ringing tune.I then layed in silence,staring up at my pale ceiling.
Today was the start of my new school,my new hell.I moved here,from England.I was originally British,but I caught the old 'American Accent'.Mum said not to use it in England,but I did anyway.I don't anymore though.
The reason I moved here was because Mum and Dad divorced.Three weeks ago in fact.Dad moved out here,and I went with him.Mum got Daniel,my brother,and I see them regularly.

"Sadie."My dad said,with his original british accent coming through."Time to get up."
I sighed,then replied.
"I'm coming Dad."I heard his footsteps decend down the stairs from outside my bedroom door,and I rose slowly from the bed.
I went to my oak dresser and got out some skinny jeans,a long black vest and deep red waistcoat and placed them on my bed.
From under my bed,I collected my black boots and put them on the bed aswell,before going to have a shower.

After I'd had my shower,I returned to my room to dry off and slip on my clothes.I then stood in front of my bedroom mirror,brushing through my shoulder length brown hair that had a large frizz to it.After what seemed like hours,my hair was finally ready to straighten.
After straightening my hair,I carefully applied my black eyeliner and blood red eyeshadow around my eyes.Then I grabbed my A4 sketchbook and art kit,and trundled downstairs and out the door,grabbing my bag.

I arrived at school at nearly 8am,and darted through the wooden doors of Belleview high.I followed the deep blue signs to the office.I was warmly greeted by a middle aged woman,smiling behind her desk.
"Hello,newbie.Welcome to Belleview High.Name?"She asked,poised with a pen to scribble down my name.
"Sadie."I say,looking at the ground below me."Sadie Hobbs."
"Well,Sadie."The woman smiled,trying to lighten up the mood."Here is your schedule."The woman passed me the laminated sheet with my name on,and I slipped it into my bag.
"Thanks."I say,and leave to go off to my first lesson,which was Art.

"Hi,I'm Sadie.I'm new here and -"
"Oh! Hi,Sadie.I'm Mr.Granger,your Art teacher."The middle aged man with greying hair greeted with a smile.
"Where do I sit,Sir?"I ask nervously,staring at the marble beneath my feet.
"Right."He said,looking around the class at all the kids,as I did too.All sluts and jocks here,nothing new.
My eyes landed on a raven haired boy,with the palest skin known to man.
"Sadie?"Mr.Granger asked,waving a hand in front of my face.
"Sorry,what was that?"I blink,turning my attention back to the teacher.
"I said,you may sit next to Kellin Quinn."He then pointed at the brown haired boy waving at me.
"Right,okay."I say quickly,shifting my bag up further on my shoulder and walking to my set place.
I kept looking at that other boy.

"Hey,I'm Kellin.And you are?"
"Sadie.."I trail off,sitting in my seat and getting out my sketchpad and pencil.
"Cool."He smiled,before looking over my shoulder at the drawings."You draw that?"
"Well,obviously."I say,and he laughs.
"You'd be great friends with Gerard then.Gerard Way,you know him?"
"Kellin,I don't know anybody here."I look at him with a serious like look and he laughs again.
"Well.He was the guy you were staring at."He pointed over in the other boys direction.
"Okay then."I say,and the lesson continues.

"Sadie! Come sit with us!"Kellin calls from across the cafeteria.I look over to see him sat with a tanned boy with hair like him,and a pale boy with black clothes.
I transend over to the seat at the table,and sit down.
"Sadie,this is Andy Biersack and Vic Fuentes."Kellin introduces the other boys in turn.
Gerard then swept into the cafeteria,with a boy with a beanie and glasses following close behind.
Andy and Vic noticed me staring.
"So,Sadie.You're not from here are you?"Andy asked,taking a bite of his pizza.
"No,I'm from England.The rainy city of Portsmouth to be exact."I say,slowly turning my attention back to Gerard and the unknown boy.
"Well,at least you weren't around when the infamous Vampire murders came up."Vic mumbled.
"Vampire murders?"
"Yeah."Kellin nodded."A vampire,who looked much like the boy you were gaping at,Gerard.He and his brother,who looked like Gerard's brother Mikey,that guy with the beanie and glasses,killed 6 strippers.Prostitutes,to be exact."
"Oh."I say,and start to eat my food.

Gerard's POV.

"Mikey,who is that girl?"I ask my brother as we walk out of Belleview and walk to our home.I spotted that girl from my Art class again.
"I don't know,Gerard.But I know one thing.She's human."
I scoffed.I knew that,I could smell her scent from a mile away.
"And Humans aren't safe,Gerard."My brother warned.I swear,sometimes he acts like he's the older one,not me.
"How do you know?"I ask,staring at him and all his vampireness.
"The TV."He simply said,before stalking off down the road.
I stood there,looking at the girl,who looked right back at me,before looking down with a cute smile.

Okay,so I am gonna be British in this fic.It just seems more natural.Also,with the Vampire murders,I got the idea from the famous Jack The Ripper murders.He did actually kill 6 prostitutes,we learned about it in history.Rate and Review guys.Next update shall be later on today.

xx Cupcake
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