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Chapter Two-No Show.

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"I walked into class that day.He wasn't there."

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Chapter Two-No Show.

The next morning,I walked into school.Gerard looked at me yesterday.Why? Why would anyone look at me,other than giving me a weird look because of how hideous I am?
That doesn't matter.The point is he looked at me.With brown eyes.

I walked into art,expecting to see him sat in his seat,looking lovely as ever.He wasn't there.
"Sadie!"Kellin called to me,and I made my way over to my seat.

"What are you looking at?"He asked,when I continued to look for Gerard during lesson.

"Gerard.He's not here."I say,looking back at him dumbfoundedly.

Kellin laughed."Well done,Sadie,you spotted the obvious."

I playfully punched his arm with a laugh.

"Why do you care that Gerard isn't here anyway?"

"I don't,I was just wondering where he was.."

"Ooh! You like him!"Kellin's eyes glinted with glee as he knew the obvious.

"Do not!"I protest.

"Do too!"He laughs,and we argue with eachother like a pair of 5 year olds.


Gerard wasn't there all day.
It felt weird,him not being there.
I missed him,I got a little worried of where he was.

"Sadie..? You still on Earth?"Andy laughed at lunch as I gazed at Gerard and Mikey's empty table.

"Huh? Oh,yeah."I snapped out of my daydream and started drinking my Pepsi.

"Is it true you have a crush on Gerard?"Vic laughed when Andy whispered it to him.I spat out my Pepsi,choking on it.


"Andy asked me to ask you."Vic said,and I glared at Andy.

"Because Kellin told me!"

"Kellin!"I shout,and the whole cafeteria turns to face us.I lower my voice to a whisper as everyone goes back to the usual lunchtime activity.

"I told you I never loved him!"I hissed.

"I could tell,Sadie.We know you're terrible at lying."Kellin smiled,and my face tinged red with embarrassment.

"Okay."I sigh."Maybe I do love Gerard.But why do you guys care anyway?"

"Gerard doesn't date any girls here."Vic said,and Andy nodded in agreement.

"Why?"I ask.

"How are we supposed to know?"

"You should be experts on boys,since you guys are boys."

"We are.But not supernatural boys."Andy muttered.


"Andy!"Kellin and Vic glared at Andy,who sheepishly smiled.

"It's just a theory."Vic told me.

They think Gerard is supernatural?
He could be.

As you may see,I'm spacing out my speech.So it is easier to read and whatnot.
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