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Chapter Three:Return.

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"Hi.I'm Gerard,and you are?"

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Chapter Three:Return

The next day,I walked into Art.I saw Gerard sat in his usual place again.
He was back.
I noticed everyone out of place.

"Umm..Sir..why is everyone out of place?"I ask Granger,as I called him now.In my head,not in reality.

"Oh,Sadie! I let the class sit wherever they want today."Granger said,looking up at me from his work,before his eyes returned to the screen.

"Oh,okay."I smile a bit,before making my way to an empty table at the back of the class.I then got engrossed in my drawing to notice Gerard walking towards me.

"Hi."His velvet voice mumbled."I'm Gerard."

I looked up at him from my sketchbook,to see his pale white skin and ruby red eyes.

"Sadie."I say my name,before looking back down at my drawing.

"Mind if I sit here?"He asked,and I nodded.He quickly sat in the chair at lightning speed.

"Why weren't you in yesterday?"I ask,looking at him,deep in his eyes.

"I was out with my family.A trip up into the mountains."He said,and I noticed he had sharp white teeth that glinted in the sun.

"Right.."I trail off,going back to my sunset drawing.I felt him looking at it from over my shoulder.

He held the outside of my hand,and placed the pencil between my thumb and first finger."Better toning."Was all he said,before moving his ice cold hand away.

"I think I got it."I say,moving my pencil back in my original position and drawing again.

"Fine."He muttered,and got out his own sketchpad and pencil to draw.


"Sadie!"I heard Gerard call from over the parking lot.I couldn't hear him,as I had my headphones in.
I never saw a truck swerve around the coner,right near me.

"Sadie!"Gerard called again,and with his lightning speed,caught me and pushed the 100lbs truck back against the wall.
I layed on the floor,as he held me,gaping.

"Oh my god! Sadie are you okay?!"I heard Kellin scream from over the courtyard,before running over to us.Gerard got up and dusted himself off.

"I got it now,Vampire Boy."Kellin snarled at Gerard,who hissed,before standing next to his brother Mikey in lightning spped.

"I'm okay,Kellin!"I all but shout as I get up.Turns out I wasn't okay,as I collapsed on the ground again.I blacked out,but I heard Gerard's voice again,nearer.

"Push off,Vampire Boy!"I heard Kellin shout as Gerard tried to lift me up.Gerard hissed at him.

"I'm trying to help!"

"She doesn't need your help!"I heard someone else this time.Andy?

"I was the one who got to her in the first place!"Gerard snapped,I was still in his arms.It felt comfortable,warm.

"Yeah,well,we got it!"Andy shouted,and tried taking me from Gerard.I was still in control of my arms,it seemed,as I clung onto Gerard as if I was slipping.

"See? She doesn't want you crowded around her."Gerard noticed my movement,before making a speed to the hospital.

Chapter Three done.
I took the car bit,where I nearly got hit with the truck,from Twilight.
PS:Team Guy-Who-Almost-Hit-Bella-With-A-Car lol.
So,Rate and Review and I shall post the next chapter sometime tomorrow,cuz I'm gonna go see my dad tomorrow at 9-ish (my time).

Love yous!
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