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Jex awakens to find himself in real trouble as he meets some old friends.

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-Jex clung to the force with his mind, using it as an anchor to keep him attached to the world. He fought hard to regain consciousness, knowing that at any moment the Sith could strike him down while he was helpless. He forced himself back to reality and felt the loose soil that his hands rested upon. He smelled the stagnant air and felt the pain coursing through his body.

-Jex slowly opened his eyes and was surprised to find that he was still alive. He looked around but found no trace of the Sith he had been fighting. He got to his feet while keeping his senses heightened in case of attack. He reached out with the force like probing fingers but sensed no one, he was alone.

-As he looked around Jex noticed the sarcophagus had been broken open. Apparently whatever the Sith had come for, she had found it. Jex walked up the ramp to the collapsed exit and saw that the Sith had opened and then resealed the passageway. Jex shook his head in bewilderment, not only had the Sith not killed him, she had made a pathetic attempt at trapping him. She must have known that he would have no trouble removing the obstacle.

-Jex held out his hand and reached out with the force. He felt the energy of the rocks and pulled them to him. The rocks were yanked out of the way and fell to the ground on the sides of the ramp. Jex took a deep breath, his body slightly drained from exerting himself. He made his way out of the ruins but found no trace of the slaves. No bodies, no cowering people, no sign that they had even been there. Jex was about to summon his ship to him when he sensed something. He pulled out both of his light sabers and took a defensive stance.

-Jex knew he was surrounded but he didn't know by whom. They had managed to mask their presence and Jex had no doubt that he only sensed them because they had allowed him to. That meant that they either wanted to talk, or that they wanted to intimidate him. In any even Jex wasn't happy about people sneaking up on him. He was even less happy when they revealed themselves.

-Three figures stepped out of hiding around Jex. Two of them wore tan robes and the third was in dark brown. Jex recognized them immediately and his face twisted into a bitter scowl. They hadn't drawn their weapons but Jex wasn't about to put his away. In his mind they were every bit as dangerous as a Sith, if not more so. They were Jedi.
-"Hello Breck," Jex said with disdain in his voice, "what are you doing way out here?"

-"I could ask you the same, Jexel," Breck answered. He stepped forward but Jex pointed his white light saber at the man threateningly.

-"Don't call me that!" Jex growled through gritted teeth, "no one calls me by that name anymore."

-"Very well, Jex," Breck said cautiously as he removed his brown hood and revealed his balding head. "why are you on Toba'an?"

-"I asked you first old man," Jex snapped back.

-Breck took another step forward, his patience clearly thinning but one of his companions raised a hand and he stopped in his tracks. Jex turned and the man remove his hood and Jex's demeanor changed instantly. He slightly lowered his weapons but did not deactivate them. Although the sight of the man calmed Jex down, he did not want to lower his guard completely.

-"...master Frell," Jex said, almost in reverence. The Weeguay looked at Jex with his small eyes that seemed to pierce Jex's heart. His grey, scaly face almost seemed as stone. The expression would have misled most as to the Jedi master's true, kind nature. He stood a full head taller than Jex which only enhanced the impression of power and respect he commanded, and yet the man calmly held his hands together in a neutral way that calmed the tension in the air.

-"Getting yourself into trouble again I see," Frell said, a slight smirk forming at the corner of his mouth. Jex smiled as well and finally deactivated his weapons, convinced that the master meant him no harm.

-"Are you here to get me out of it?" Jex asked.

-"We are here to deal with a grave threat to the Jedi, and even the republic."

-"You tell the rogue too much," Breck said in protest. "for all we know he could be in league with the Sith. And he is suspected of killing Jedi."

-Jex turned around, activated his white light saber and pointed it at the man again to silence him. "I have killed Jedi," Jex said, looking at Breck with a defiant eye, "and I'll kill more should they try to kill me. That goes for Jedi and Sith alike. I suggest you keep that in mind the next time you think about sneaking up on me."

-Breck looked ready to take Jex up on the challenge when Frell raised a hand to calm them both down. "peace, both of you. Jex is not our enemy." Jex let out a deep breath and deactivated his weapon. Despite how much he hated Breck he knew he was no math for three Jedi masters, especially not Frell.

-"There was a Sith woman here, "Jex said, turning back to master Frell, "she said she was collecting a piece to a powerful device for her master. She seemed to be commanding soldiers wearing armor that resembled that of Mandalorians. They used the local population as forced you know what happened to them?"

-The Jedi looked to each other, concerned by the news. Frell looked back at Jex and reassured him. "don't worry about them, the Sith were in such a hurry that they simply left them here unharmed. You did well."

-Jex nodded, relieved by the news. He looked back at Breck, to the other Jedi that had not yet been introduced and finally back to Frell. "so what now?"

-Frell regarded Jex carefully and then moved over to talk with master Breck. Jex didn't bother to listen in to their conversation. He simply waited impatiently for them to finish while keeping a watchful eye on the third Jedi. The discussion between master Breck and master Frell suddenly became heated as Breck raised his voice but Frell ultimately won whatever argument they were having. The two of them turned their attention back to Jex, having reached their decision.

-"Jex," master Frell said with a friendly smile. The kind of smile someone gives when they are about to ask a favor, "as I understand it your services are for hire are they not?"

-"Oh I get it," Jex said with a smirk, "why risk the lives of your precious Jedi when you can risk mine is that it?"

-Frell put his hand around Jex and walked with him in a fatherly gesture. "of coarse not, but at the moment there are no Jedi available strong enough to deal with this threat. Even master Breck and myself have other matters we must attend to. You are the only one with the skills required for this task my friend."

-Jex let out a defeated sigh, he had never been able to say no to master Frell and it seemed he still couldn't. "you're appealing to my pride and vanity. If you're offering me a job you should be appealing to my wallet."

-Frell smiled, pleased that his old friend had agreed. "name your price."

-"Ten thousand, plus expenses."

-"Done," Frell said as he led Jex back to the other two. "and this one will join you."

-The third Jedi stepped forward and removed her hood. She was a Zabrak female with intricate facial tattoos which were the trademark of her race. They curled up her cheeks and resembled waves, or perhaps clouds. Jex guessed they were meant to symbolize the flowing peace and harmony the Jedi claimed to stand for. He could tell by the way she carried herself that she was young, a newly knighted padawan.

-"I work alone," Jex said dismissively. He moved to walk away but Breck objected.

-"Without an escort to keep us informed of your movements how else will we know you're not an agent of the Sith?

-Jex shot the old Jedi an angry glare but master Frell quickly stepped in to ease the tension yet again.

-"Our former brother, though full of anger, has not been tainted by the dark side. Jex, take Alera with you, if you have a Jedi accompanying you it will make any encounters you may have with other Jedi go much more smoothly."

-Jex couldn't argue with that logic so, with another sigh, he agreed. Master Frell smiled as he led Jex to their ship, a small shuttle often used by Jedi. Jex warily got on board and sat down near the exit, just incase he needed to leave in a hurry. Master Breck moved into the cockpit while Alera and master Frell sat across from Jex.

-Jex felt a certain satisfaction at having master Breck taxi him around. The other two said nothing to him as they flew back to the capitol. Jex hadn't told them of his ships location so they probably wanted to speak with king Croaxis. That suited Jex just fine, he could discus his fee and get to his ship thanks to the Jedi, and they didn't even know it.

-The shuttle touched down in front of the main building and Jex departed with the others. All around the freed citizens cheered for the Jedi, though Jex still didn't understand why the Sith had simply let them all go instead of killing them. Master Frell and Breck made a good showing, walking tall with their heads held high in a dignified manner. Occasionally they waved to their fans, acting humble and basically keeping up the image of the Jedi.

-Alera seemed less interested in the crowd than she was in Jex. Every time he wasn't looking in her direction he could sense her staring at him. Jex could only imagine the stories she had heard about him. no doubt the masters had come up with some inspiring, though completely false tale to scare the younglings from breaking the rules. She more than likely wanted to see if they were true. Jex didn't care to indulge her curiosity, if she wanted to know something about him she would just have to ask.

-As the four of them entered the king's chambers all of the statesmen Jex had seen earlier rushed toward them, praising and thanking them. Jex was slightly annoyed that the Jedi were getting credit for his work, but as long as he got paid in the end it was all the same to him. king Croaxis stepped forward and shook Jex's hand.

-"Thank you master Jedi," Croaxis said, referring to Jex, "you saved my people and freed our planet. How can we ever repay you?"

-"A small monetary reward will do just fine," Jex answered.

-Master Frell and Breck both gave Jex the same incredulous look.

-"What?" Jex asked defensively, "you said so yourself, my services are for hire."
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