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Chapter 4: I'll Take My Chances

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Brendon and Kerri finally hit it off in a night that they'll never forget.

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Kerri POV

The rest of the day came without a hitch.

"What am I gonna wear? It's twenty minutes until eight and I don't have anything that's considered dressy."
"Here, take my black and striped skirt and my jean jacket." Andrea offered.
"Wear your Chuck's and those white socks that go up to your knees." Jennifer told me.
"Yeah, but what shirt?"
"Wear the white one with the star on the front."
"Okay. Thanks."
"No problem." Andrea said.
"I'm gonna take a shower now and make myself Zest fully clean." I laughed.
"You're such a dork Kerri."
"You're just jealous." I said walking to the bathroom.
"You wish." Andrea yelled back to me.
"You wish." I said while closing the door.

Brendon POV

"And you're sure that you want to do this?" Ryan asked questioningly.
"Yeah. I'm sure she didn't mean it as bad as it sounded."
"You think?" Spencer asked.
"Yeah. I think she was just mad because I couldn't see how much of an asshole I appeared to be. I mean, I do have a bad temper."
"Hey, you said it yourself, not us." Ryan said putting his hands up slightly.
"This tie look alright?" I asked adjusting it while looking at my reflection in the mirror.
"Yeah man. I think she'll think it's hot." Spencer said giving a thumbs up.

I smirked.

"You really think so?"
"Totally." He told me.
"Cool. How do I look all together?"
"You look good." Ryan smiled.
"I just hope that I don't mess it up."
"You won't."
"Thanks. Later guys." I said walking toward the door.
"Oh and Brendon...?" Ryan said as I turned around.
"Knock 'er dead." He smiled and waved goodbye.
I nodded and walked out the door.

Kerri POV

I was all set. I had everything ready. My hair was done in cute curls and I had this girly look goin' on. I looked like a pansy and preppy but you gotta dress up sometime in your life right? I looked to my friends.

"How do I look?"
"You look mah-va-lous da-ling." Kaci said in a fake accent.
"Thanks. I hate dressing up. Makes me feel like I'm weak. I'd rather look like a bad ass than this." I said pulling on the hem of my skirt.
"Don't worry about it. Maybe Brendon will like you like this." Jennifer said thoughtfully
"Yeah. Like he's so in love with me right now." I rolled my eyes.
"Hey. I'm just trying to help."
"Yeah. I know. I just like my way of dressing better."
"We know and we all love you for being you. We wouldn't be Toxic Stereotype if you weren't here." Kaci said as she stood up and motioned for a group hug.
"I love you guys. I really do. I don't know what I'd do without any of you." I said as we all ended our embrace.
"We love you too and I speak for all of us when I say that we feel the same way."

[[knock knock]]

"That must be him." I said as I walked over to the bathroom mirror to see if I looked alright; I fluffed my hair with my hand briefly.
"Don't let him take advantage of you." Rachel said sternly
"Think of who you're talking to." I grinned
"Oh, right. Don't take advantage of him." She laughed
"That's better. I might a little though."
"You're horrible."
"I know. Later girls."

I open and closed the door behind me.

I looked at him and he had his hands behind his back like he was hiding something. He looked cute like I always thought he was. He was wearing black slacks and a white button-up shirt buttoned over a white wife beater and a pair of black, shiny, pattened shoes. His hair was slicked over to one side. I held my messenger bag over my shoulder and removed my keys from my key ring.

"You look nice." He said kind of quietly.
"Thanks. So do you." I replied back as I looked back at him.
"What's that behind your back?"
"Oh, here. These are for you."
"White roses."
"Yeah. I told the florist that I was going on a first date with someone and I asked what he recommended. I also told him that I don't know you that well. He said that these would work because they meant friendship."
"That they do." I smirked at him. "And pink means affections. Like dating affections and red means love and passion." I said as I took them from him.
"They do?" He looked at the roses.
"So should we take your car?"
"Yeah. That's why I just grabbed my keys." I giggled a little.
"Oh. Well I wasn't paying attention."
"That seems to happen to you a lot."
"Yeah. I can be an ass sometimes."
"Wow. You aren't arguing with me."
"Trust me. It's hard."
"I assume you mean not being argumentive. I'm sorry. I'm a pervert most of the time."

"Yeah. I can be like that too." He said rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand. "Well, I guess we better get going. Where are we going anyway?"
"You'll see." I said as I took a couple of steps forward and turned around. "Well don't just stand there. C'mon." I outstretched my left hand. He took me hand and we headed toward the elevator.

Brendon POV

She opened the door and she looked really cute. She looked hodgepodged but it was still cute none the less. I just stood there. She seemed to entrance me. I didn't want to look awkward so I spoke. She spoke and I couldn't believe how sweet she sounded. Maybe this girl isn't as bad as I assumed and maybe this date would actually go well. She spoke more and I was surprised that I was still making sense. I heard everything she was saying but I couldn't help thinking that her southern charm was going to make me melt into a puddle.

"Well don't just stand there. C'mon." She turned and put her hand out for me to take it.

I took her hand and we began walking to the elevator. She looked straight ahead and I just looked at her. She didn't notice that I was staring.

Kerri POV

"Nice car you got here."
"Oh, you're just saying that."
"No, I mean it. What model is it?"
"It's a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire. It's actually funny that I got it because the color matches the name. You can't see it but it's red-orange." I said as I unlocked the doors.
"That is funny."
"Yeah. I like to scare people with my panic alarm. So I guess for tonight that you can start going "beep beep beep" and I can call you my Panic! alarm." I said as I unlocked the doors.
"You know I didn't know how goofy you were." Brendon said pulling on the door handle.
"You like it?"
"Yeah. You seem like a lot of fun."
"Thank you. You don't seem so bad yourself Mr. Urie." I said climbing into the car.
"Now where we going?"
"Well actually, I have to play at Joe's later tonight." I fastened my seatbelt and started the car.
"Who's Joe?"
"Put your seatbelt on and I'll tell you." He rolled his eyes and clicked his seatbelt on. "Thank you. Joe owns the Coffee Hut. I play sets there. You'll have to excuse my windows. If you roll one side down, the other won't go so I just turn the a.c. on."
"We're going to a coffee house?"
"What like you don't like coffee?"
"I'm a Mormon. I can't drink that."
"Correction. You were a Mormon but you aren't now because you didn't want to feel so confined and you agreed to say the word fuck in Lying is the most fun..."
"You're pretty quick witted."
"Thank you. I try."
"So where are we going first?"
"So glad you asked because it's right around the corner." I pointed to the right as we came across a small brick building.
"It's Italian. You like Italian?" he nodded his head.
"Great." I said as I pulled into a parking spot close to the entrance.
"Looks cheap."
"You would know coming from Vegas and all right?"
"No, but I like things extravagant."
"Except for your clothes apparently."
"Hey! I happen to like my clothing choices."
"I think you always look cute." I seemed to blurt out without thinking.

He looked at me and smiled.
I turned red a little.

"Just get out of the car already. Geez."
"As you wish."

He undid his seatbelt, unlocked the passenger side door, and got out.

Not only did he have amazing eyes and lips but he had a perfect rear end to go with it.

I got out of my car and locked it.

"You ready?"
"As ready as I'll ever be."

We walked side by side up toward the entrance door and walked inside.

"Hello. How many?"

Damn. For someone aggressive, he sure isn't doing it now.

"Thank you ma'am. Follow me." We walked over to where the hostess seated us.

I pulled out my chair and Brendon did the same.

"Here are your menus. Have a nice night."

"Thank you." I spoke softly

A long amount of silence came between us as we looked though our menus.

"Kerri." I heard a French accented voice from behind me.

"Jean-Luc!" I said getting up to hug him. Brendon just looked at him funny.

Brendon POV

I can't believe that she knows me this well already. I love Italian and she knew that I wasn't a Mormon anymore but who is this guy? They are speaking French in an Italian restaurant. They continued to talk for a couple more minutes. He pointed to me and I was about to get offended but I decided to play in cool in front of a crowd of people. I heard her mention my name and also Panic! They embraced then he left and she sat back down at the table.

"Who was that?"
"That was Jean-Luc." She spoke with a French accent.
"Yeah. I realized that when he first started talking to you."
"Well two years ago I went to France on vacation and I met him there. Why do you want to know? Are you jealous?"
"No." I crossed my arms.
"I think you are." She laughed at me. "But you don't have to worry about him."
"Why was he pointing at me? What were you two talking about?"
"He asked if you were my boyfriend and I told him no. But I did tell him that you were in a band and that you offered to take me out."
"Well, I figured that but why did he point to me after you said I was from Panic!?"
"Oh that!" she giggled "He thinks you're hot." She giggled again. "Then I told him that he can't have you for two reasons. I said: A. Brendon is straight and B. He's mine."
"I'm not exactly yours."
"A girl can dream can't she?" he grinned.
"I guess so."

Just then our waiter approached our table.

"What can I get for you this evening Ms. Cranes?"
"You know him too?" I whispered to her.
"Yes. My parents own the hotel where you picked me up from." She whispered back.

He tapped his pen.

"Sorry. I'll have the ravioli and a small salad with ranch dressing."
"And to drink?"
"Sweet tea. No lemon."
"And for you Sir?"
"Um... I guess I'll have the same."
"Good choice." He grabbed our menus and walked away.
"You know Brendon..." I looked over to her.
"I thought you'd be more aggressive than this. You seem all shy and reserved now."
"Well, we're in public."
"That didn't stop you from your input this morning and afternoon."
"Don't bring that up again. It's over now. In the past."

She smiled then looked down at the table. The waiter approached us.

"Here is your food and your drinks. Have a nice night."
"Thank you."

A couple of minutes went by as we ate.

"I'm actually surprised that you came." She said as she looked down and played with a pieced of ravioli with her fork.
"Look at me." She looked up and locked eyes with me.
I hesitantly placed my hand on hers.
"I may be an asshole but I keep my promises." I smiled gingerly at her.
"Yeah I know you are." I noted her sarcasm and laughed. She laughed too.

A few minutes went by and I already felt like I knew her all of my life. We were cutting up and laughing as we told various jokes.

"Okay. I got another one." She laughed "Knock, Knock."
"Who's there?"
"Little boy blue."
"Little boy blue who?"
"Michael Jackson." She burst out in laughter as people were staring at her. She didn't seem to care though.
"That's God awful." I chuckled.
"Yeah, I know but you laughed too so you're just as bad as me."
"Okay. I got one." "What has three legs, two heads, and green all over?"
"I don't know."
"I don't know either but it's right behind you."
"That was lame." She laughed.
"Yeah. I know but you laughed."
"Yeah." She looked down at her watch. "Damn Brendon. We gotta go. I gotta be at Joe's in twenty minutes."
"Let's go pay for the food and go then." She nodded her head and we got up and walked to the cashier. I noticed that she pulled a change purse out of her bag.
"No. Let me pay for it. I asked you out. I'll pay." She smiled as we walked up to the cashier.
"Was everything alright for you tonight?"
"Great." I replied as I gave him the money.
"Here's is your change."
"Thank you." I pocketed it and we walked out toward the parking lot.

Kerri POV

I was starting to see what made Audrey like him so much. He really was as nice as I had seen him in the pictures with her. Though I do have to admit that something inside of me made me cry when I saw the pictures of them kissing. Like it was meant to be me in the pictures. Like I was supposed to spend forever with him.

We exited the building and got half way back to my car when slyly he slid his hand into mine. Part of me told myself to let go. This isn't right if he's dating Audrey. I don't want to come between them but for reasons unknown, I let go of our hand-holding and placed my arm around his waist and laid my head close to his under arm. He draped his arm over my shoulder as we walked back to the car.
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