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Chapter 3: Camisado

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Knowing that Brendon would come to apologize. Kerri pretends to be her twin sister to see how Brendon truly feels about her.

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Brendon P.O.V

I watched her walk off and hop back onto the stage as she gathered her stuff. What was this chick's problem? I looked at the blank envelope in my hand. Why did she feel she needed to do this?

"You gonna open it?"

I came out of my contemplation as I heard Ryan's words reach my ears.

"Um... sure but should I open it now?"
"Nah. I was just suggesting but you can read it later if you want. It's your letter."
"I'll read it when I get back to our room I guess."

A few minutes later we finally got back to our rooms and I was actually curious to see what this oafish girl actually wrote to me. I flopped down onto my bed in our room and pulled out the folded envelope from my back pocket. I tore the top edge off of it and unfolded the letter. It was written in purple ink. Ryan noticed the letter in my hand.

"If you don't mind, read it out loud to all of us. I'm sure that Spencer and Jon want to hear about this too."

They both shook their heads

Dear Mr. Urie,

I am Genocide from the band Toxic Stereotype. I'd first like to say that if you're reading this then obviously you are a lot nicer than I assumed you were when you ran into me this morning. You read that right. You ran into me. I was trying to avoid you so I tried to move out of the way so I wouldn't hit you. You just weren't watching where you were going. You know, I really thought you were going to be the most awesome person in the world when I decided to enter my band into the auditions for the label. But apparently you are true to your natural Aries style. I don't even know if you're into that but I can tell you that you are arrogant, stubborn, ill tempered, and I believe you are a narcissist and horribly conceited. I truly feel like you don't care about anyone but yourself. I'm going to tell you something, not trying to be mean, but being truthful. You really need to check your outlook on life before you wind up doing something you'll regret. There's another New Found Glory song that says: I wont cast the stone, or leave the first, but I will leave a lasting impression. And I'm telling you that you definitely don't want to mess with me because I will not hesitate to use my superior intellect to fuck your celebrity status and world up. I expect an apology from you. That is if you are man enough to do it. I'll be waiting. My band and I will be staying in rooms 212 and 213 at the Cranes Inn on Greenland Boulevard. I should be there around four so come a little before or after then.



I looked up from the paper and realized that maybe this Genocide girl was right.

"Can I tell you something man?" Spencer asked.
"Yeah." I said out of shock.
"Promise you won't yell at me."

I turned and looked at him.

"Well, um, that girl is right."
"Am I really that mean?"
"I'm afraid you are. Sometimes." He told me.
"I think I might need to go apologize."
"Yeah, Bren. You should." Jon said.
"Okay." I said with a smile on my face. "I'll do it. What time is it?"

Ryan looked at his watch.

"It's two-thirty."
"Okay. Good. I have time to take a shower and change."


Kerri P.O.V

"Do you remember what I said?"
"Yeah, yeah." Kaci said as she rolled her eyes.
"Then what is it?"
"We'll tell Brendon that you went to get us something to eat and that he might want to check back in like an hour."
"Good Rachel. I think you deserve a cookie."
"Don't tempt me unless you really have a cookie." She joked.
"Will do." I laughed back.
"Now go on and get to your station in the lobby." Andrea scolded.
"Yes Mother." I said sarcastically.
"Well if you're going to go though with 'plan b' then you better get your ass down to the lobby." She said while quoting with her fingers.
"Ah. Don't worry. It's only two-thirty. I still have an hour and a half."
"Just change your clothes so he won't know it's you but it's your 'twin sister'." Jennifer suggested.
"Yeah. I should. That would mess everything up wouldn't it?"
"Yes it would."
"Once again." Thank you for your input Andrea.
"Shut up."
"Yes Ma'am." I saluted her.
"Just get out of here already."
"You want me gone already? That hurts." I wiped a fake tear from my eye.
"See this Kerri? It's the world's smallest violin and it's playing the saddest song just for you." She smirked turning around and walking to the bathroom.

I trotted over and give her a swift kick in the ass.
"Ow." She rubbed her sore butt. "Bitch." She joked.
"That's what you get for leaving yourself open."
She glared at me.

"I'll just go change in one of the bathrooms in the lobby. Later guys."

"Bye Kerri." Rachel and Jennifer said simultaneously.
"Bye Bitch. I mean Kerri."

"Later. Oh, and remember what I said." I turned while opening the door.
"We know. We know." Rachel groaned.
"Okay. Bye." I shut the door behind me.

Brendon P.O.V

An hour later

"Alrighty guys. Time to show this girl how much of a gentleman I can be."
"Oh yeah. Get 'em tiger." Ryan joked.
"You're just jealous that you don't look as good as me."
"You should wipe your mouth; I still see some bullshit on it." Ryan joked again with a grin.

I gave Ryan a noogie.

"Ow. Stop!" he laughed.
"How do I look gentlemen?"
"Very presentable." Jon told me.
"You look fine. Now go to the hotel and go apologize already." Spencer said.
"Alright. Is there anything you guys think I could say to make me sound a little less rough around the edges?"
"Just tell her that you're sorry for everything and that you hope you can make it up to her." Ryan suggested.
"Sounds good. Thanks Ry."
"Eh. It's no problem. I just try to help."

With that, I walked toward the front door and opened it.

"Later guys."
"Bye Brendon." They all said all at the same time.

Kerri P.O.V

The hotel was dead quiet. I sat at the front desk in the lobby wearing my hotel uniform and a girly, dainty hat that I borrowed out of my mom's closet. After all, I didn't want Brendon to know that it was me right off the bat. I had to hide my blue streaks in my hair. I have been right here waiting for almost an hour and a half. It was five 'til four and Brendon hadn't shown up yet. I bet he isn't even going to. That male chauvinist pig! I swung back around in the swivel chair and went back to the computer that we type all of our guest registration in. The only reason we have the internet on it is because of me. Whenever I get bored I write fan fictions and post them onto the internet. I nimbly work out my fingers before beginning to type in Microsoft Word when all of a sudden I hear the whirling sound that the rotating door makes. I turn around and see him. He approached me. I tried to sound calm.

"Hello, may I help you sir?" I tried not to laugh.
"Hey, listen I read your letter and I wanted to say that I'm sorry and I'll make it up to you somehow."

I cocked an eyebrow.

"I'm afraid that I don't know you sir." I said as I looked concerned.

He looked confused.

"It's me. Brendon Urie."

I shook my head no.

"Panic! At The Disco?"

I looked down for a second pretending to think.

"Oh. You must be looking for my sister Kerri. I'm Kami." I acted surprised. I was really surprised that I came up with a name that fast.

"Oh. Well, do you know where she's at?"
"You can check rooms 212 and 213. That's where she and her rock band reside." I pretended to cringe. I prefer classical music.

He eyed me.
"I see." He said.

It was so hard to contain myself from laughing.

"Yeah so she could be in one of those rooms."
"Alright. Thanks Kami."
"It's not a problem. What did you say your name was again?"
"Well, it's not a problem Brendon. Have a nice day."

He nodded and walked toward the elevators. I picked up the hotel phone's receiver and dialed room 212.

"Hello?" Andrea answered.
"Hey. It's me. Brendon is on his way up to the rooms right now. He just boarded the elevator. He'll more in likely come to where you are first so get ready."
"I'm on it Kerri."
'Thanks. Later." I hung up the phone.

Brendon P.O.V

I walked from the lobby desk toward the elevator. That Kami girl is a little creepy. Like too nice creepy. But Kerri. Wow, I finally know this girl's name. I sure as Hell don't want to call her Genocide. I reached the second floor and walked down the hall way. Okay. There's room 210, 211, 212. Here goes nothing. I knocked.

"Who is it?" came a voice.
"It's Brendon Urie."

I heard a lock being undone.

A short little dark headed girl popped her head out of the door that I assumed was the rhytmn guitarist judging by the height.

"What do you want?" she frowned at me.
"I came to apologize to Kerri. Is she in?"
"No, she isn't here." She almost yelled at me.

Someone else walked to door and opened it wider.

"Damn Kaci, chill out!" she walked back and sat one of the beds.
"I'm sorry that she did that. I'm Rachel but my friends call me Blade. You can call me either I guess."
"Well can you tell Kerri that I came to apologize to her and that I'd like to take her out tonight let's say around eight, eight-thirty?"
"Sure. I'll tell her for you."
"Thanks. Um... could you tell her to kinda dress up a little?"
"Kerri really doesn't dress up. She just has this casual side."
"It's cool. Oh and tell her that if she wouldn't mind that she can pick where we go because I'm not familiar with Atlanta."
"Will do. Later man."
"Okay. Thanks Rachel. Bye."

She shut the door and I began to walk back to the elevator.

Kerri P.O.V

The telephone in the lobby rang.

"Hello. Thank you for choosing the Cranes Inn. This is Kerri, may I help you?"
"Hey. It's Rachel. Brendon wants to take you out tonight."
"See. I told you it'd work. Oh shit! Hold on here he comes."
"Yes Ma'am. We have a special on Honeymoon suites at this moment. Yes Ma'am. Are you interested in booking a room?"

He looked at me and I smiled lightly and gave a little wave as he walked by. He did the same.

"Alright, I have an opening in room 420 starting August the second. Now all I need is your credit card information."

"You done blabbering now?" she asked from the other end.
"Yeah. He's gone now. Cut me some slack. I had to sound convincing."
"Well he told me to tell you to dress up a little."
"I don't dress up."
"I know, I told him that."
"Well, I'll be up in a minute. You can tell me the rest when I get up there." I said taking the hat off.
"Alright. The door is unlocked."
"K. Bye." I hung up the receiver.

I walked over to where the hotel employee Gwen was sitting in the t.v. area.

"Alright. You can go back to your post now."
"It's no problem. I needed the rest anyway." She smiled at me.

I walked over to the elevator as giddy as a kid with A.D.D. on sugar...
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